Road Atlanterhavsveien Norway

Which road for your trip?

The road is the purest symbol of the journey so much so that, not coincidentally, the title of the famous novel by Jack Kerouac. They come in all types, but some, for one reason or the other, are truly spectacular. Today we would like to offer some of the most special road in the world, because a car trip can be enjoyable if the good company combines a journey to remember.

Hana Highway – Hawaii

This road, which runs along the north-east coast of Maui, is considered one of the most scenic in the world, with over 600 curves and 54 bridges. The absence of galleries and the many curves make this particularly way go slowly.

Trollstigen – Norway

Perhaps the most spectacular road of the gallery due to its extreme curves and Stigfossen waterfall that intersects it in its descent down the mountainside.

Atlanterhavsveien – Norway

In this case we are facing a road which owes its spectacular bridges that space out (pictured above). This strip of concrete fact through an archipelago of eight islands.

Passo dello Stelvio – Italy

Even the “Belpaese” has one of the most spectacular roads in the world. It is access to the famous Passo Stelvio, which, with its 48 hairpin bends, was one of the most iconic routes of the Giro d’Italia.

Yungas Road – Bolivia

Also known by the nickname “Road of Death” for the many incidents that have occurred, this road once traveled by donkey, does not have a guardrail to protect the cliffs that flank.

Dalton Highway – Alaska

In some cases to make a spectacular road is not what surrounds it, but the very fact that there is nothing around. It is a perfect example of the Dalton Highway with its almost total absence of human traces for more than 600 km.

Avenida 9 Julio – Buenos Aires

The Argentina’s capital is home to a real concrete mastodon. Suffice it to say that pedestrians who want to cross it must travel more than 140 meters. All this can take several minutes.

Lombard Street – San Francisco

One of the most popular attractions in San Francisco with its tight curves annually attracts hundreds of tourists ready to take on this extreme downhill.

Baldwin Street – New Zealand

This street is located in a quiet residential neighborhood of the city of Dunedin, and is considered the world’s steepest. Its slope reaches 35%, which means that for every 2.86 meters horizontally making an ascent paths of a meter.

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