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What to do not miss in a road trip in the North East of USA

Often, when someone talks about the United States, the mind immediately flies to California, New York or perhaps Florida. Almost no one thinks immediately of the North East of the United States, in Washington or Boston. They are beautiful cities, also ideal as a starting and finishing point for a road trip in the north. Today I take the opportunity to share with you 5 experiences to do during an on the road trip in the north-east of the USA.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are, without a doubt, among the main and best known attractions in the area. It is true that around us have built a world for tourists but the falls remain a splendid example of the power of nature. And, once you get on board one of the two boats (the Maid of the Mist, if you take it from the American side, the Hornblower, if you take it from the Canadian one) that will take you under the falls, you will not be able to think about other: under that continuous roar of water, with sketches that, despite the raincoat they will give you, could reach you anyway, especially if you choose to stay on board the ship where there is the best view, you will be incredibly surprised.

Go then to see them from what is the best side: the Canadian, which offers you a complete view of the falls. To do this you will have to cross the border between the United States and Canada. My advice is to do it on foot through the Rainbow Bridge (picture on top). The tail is never a lot and you can slowly admire nature in all its splendor. If you have time, then, go back to the waterfalls at night; seeing them all lit up is a fantastic sight.

Meet the Amish

In the northeastern United States there are the two largest Amish counties in the country: Ohio and Pennsylvania. Just drive through the country roads of these counties, for other very beautiful and green, to end up crossing the world of Amish, from the shops, where to find cheeses, fudge, soap, candles, quilt, all made strictly to hand, to carriages to banquets of fruit and vegetables grown by them.

Covered Bridges

The covered bridges are one of the symbols that is immediately associated with New England thanks to movies and TV series. Made of wood with a sloping roof, they immediately give a more romantic atmosphere to the street. Crossing at least one is an inevitable stop on a trip to the northeastern United States.

Buffalo Spicy Wings

Lovers of meat, once visiting Niagara Falls, you cannot miss a dinner at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, about twenty minutes by car, where in the ’60s were born the legendary Buffalo Wings, fried chicken wings and spicy. The restaurant is very characteristic and you can choose different type of spiciness, so as to please all palates.

Dinner in Style

Philadelphia exudes American history so if you want to go back in time for a night you can dine at the City Tavern and try the fantastic experience of an evocative dinner as in the eighteenth century American. Here, in fact, the waiters, the food and the place are all in the style of the time and, of course, have a candlelight dinner.

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