Koh Lanta

Welcome to the unspoiled Thailand

Thailand, quite literally, has something for everyone, metropolitan cities, wonderful food, jungle, sapphire blue seas and miles and miles of white sand beaches. One thing that can be elusive amidst all of the travellers and travelling, is peace and quiet. If your idea of Thailand is simply a touristic place, Koh Lanta will prove you wrong. A few hours away from Krabi & Phuket, this place has nothing to envy to its neighbours. Welcome to the unspoiled beautiful Thailand, a place full of authenticity, culture and breathtaking nature.

Paradise for diving

Koh Haa Diving

Let’s start with the most well known activity in Koh Lanta, diving. Koh Lanta is a paradise for divers. Diving spots around offers an excellent underwater visibility and are suitable for all levels. Lanta’s local spot Koh Haa (meaning “Five islands” in Thai) offers spectacular snorkeling and terrific diving through caverns, coral walls, chambers, underwater pinnacles. You may spot along your dive some turtles, octopus, barracuda, clown fish, and even giant morays, just to quote a few. Marine life in Koh Lanta is so colourful, rich and accessible to all. If you are new to diving, this is the ideal place for your christening or even for a  snorkeling excursion in some of the most spectacular spots Thailand.

Plenty of other sportive activities

Muay Thai Class

Diving is not your thing? Not a problem! How about a scenic bike tour up and down the hills heading towards the Koh Lanta National Park which is located at the southern tip of the island? You can just rent a bicycle in the old town, and ride along the scenic roads. You can then park your bike or bicycle at the entrance of the park, and walk in the jungle, where you’ll probably make some new monkey friends. If the cycling did not tire you enough, we suggest you to experience some of the Thai culture by trying their national sport, the Muay Thai, commonly known as Thai boxing. A gym has been opened in the center of the island by some well known Thai champion and his classes are well conducted. Book your Muay Thai Class here. But if boxing is not your thing, you can rent a Stand up paddle board at the beautiful Khlong Dao. Best to do it in late afternoon as you will get to watch a stunning sunset from the top of your board.

Quietness & Relaxation

Oasis Yoga

If quietness is what you’ve been looking for, we can assure you that you will find plenty in Koh Lanta. The busiest time of the year is between December & March, but even at this moment of the year you can come for some relaxation. Beaches on the west side of the coast or where most tourists go, and even those beaches are considered relatively quiet if you compare them to Phuket or Krabi. If you head further south, you might find unexplored beaches perfectly hidden between two cliffs. On the other south side of the island, you will find the Old Town. While you might be tempted by the inviting water you cannot actually swim there. However, this is still a very beautiful spot chill by the sea and meet the island friendly fishermen. It is quiet, charming, you can enjoy a morning yoga or a massage anytime. Indeed, the island is perfect for a healthy retreat or just some well deserved laziness.


Sunset at Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is the perfect destination for love birds. Its beautiful nature offers a perfect setting for a honeymooners pearly white sand, crystal clear water, unforgettable sunset. The large island is littered with high cliffs and lush jungles that will also make you and your special feel lost together in a beautiful tropical paradise.


Klong Dao Beach

They are probably the main reason of your visit to Koh Lanta. The island is made of 9 splendid beaches, all located on the West side of the island. A 30 kilometers drive down from North to South will take you an approximate hour to reach the last beach in the south. The further south you go, the lesser people you will encounter and the more monkeys you will meet on the roads. If you are planning to stay with your family in Koh Lanta, Klong Dao beach is the place to be. Long beach is best for sunset drinks and fire shows by the beach.

Nature, Flora & Fauna

Koh Lanta National Park

The island’s landscape is big and diverse with lush tropical rainforests, white sand beaches and cliffs, you will also get the access to protected sites such as the Koh Lanta National Park or Koh Haa marine park if you head towards the islands of the Andaman sea. You can enjoy an elephant trekking in the jungle, where elephants are relatively better treated as compared to other places of Thailand. Another option to make the most of Lanta’s stunning nature would be to go on a longtail boat or kayak trip,where you would be able to spot along your way mangroves, spectaculars limestones and a rich marine life.

The Old Town

Old Town

How to miss the Old Town if you are in Lanta? Ok, there is no beach there but probably the chillest atmosphere you will find on the island. This fishermen village kept his authenticity for hundred years and locals still live in charming wooden houses, literally feet in the waters in waterfront houses on stilts. The town is just the size of a street, but you’ll find there a local market every Sunday, fresh fishes and seafood in the restaurants. There is also a Chinese temple and a little museum, the place is ideal to buy some gifts and souvenirs and it worths staying one or two nights to enjoy its serenity and authenticity.

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