Amalfi Coast

The unforgettable destinations of Amalfi Coast

All travelers are dreamers and if your secret fantasy is driving fast down a winding European road, the wind in your hair and the roof down on a brand new sports car, then driving Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Campania, should certainly be on your bucket list. Experience the Amalfi Coast by car and you’ll be treated to one of Europe‘s most beautiful ocean side highways. Known as the glamorous coastline of Italy, this storied locale is the perfect spot to test your dream car on hairpin turns and experience the vacation of a lifetime. Famous for its delicious seafood, glorious villas and cliff-top villages and towns, the Amalfi Coast is the ideal Italian getaway for those in the know.

Start your journey in the city of Naples, where you can experience the unforgettable tragic ruins of Pompeii. Inspired, turn south and follow the Amalfi Coast, a 50 km trip replete with stunning views of Italy’s coast. Renting a car isn’t about rules and that’s why we recommend this trip to luxury travelers. When driving in Italy you can pause and linger anywhere you want and for as long as you want. Stop off to explore the quaint fishing villages and historic towns in the region, sunbathe beside the turquoise sea or treat yourself to an afternoon of fresh-caught seafood, prepared with love in a quaint open-air café. Upgrade the drive itself by renting a fantasy-car like a Ferrari Italia Spyder, a Porsche convertible or another dream car.

Here are a few of the unforgettable destinations you shouldn’t skip on your drive:


Less of a tourist hot-spot than Naples, Sorrento is a cliff-top resort that is every bit as classy as its reputation. Most of the shops are owned by local people, and shoppers can expect to browse a vast selection of the finest Italian ceramics and lacework. The town offers sweeping views of the region’s green countryside and blue seas, and visitors will enjoy excellent food and drink with their view. If you fall in love, you can linger here and fill a day with an inexpensive trip by boat to the nearby island of Capri from the town’s port. Where to stay: Laqua Charme & Boutique. Located in Meta di Sorrento, this contemporary boutique hotel is intimate, serene and satisfying. It offers stunning ocean views and reflects the relaxed Italian atmosphere of Italy with a focus on the Chinese art of Feng Shui in concept and style. Boasting just six comfortably proportioned rooms, Guests of Laqua enjoy all the amenities of a five-star boutique hotel and the personalized concierge-style attention of a lavish private getaway.


One of the coastline’s most romantic locations, Positano is an Amalfi treasure. You cannot visit the Amalfi Coast without pulling up here. A favourite destination for a number of celebrities (including Julia Roberts and George Clooney), the peaceful white-sandy beaches and sea caves of Positano offer enough beauty and opportunities to explore for any traveler. Positano’s bars, restaurants and historic sites are also worth your time, visitors can choose from some of the finest boutique cafes in Italy.


One of the smaller towns along the coast, the town of Amalfi was once a mighty city with a large population and powerful port. Today a reserved population of 5.000 welcome visitors. Quaint and picturesque, Amalfi offers tourists a sprinkling of historic buildings, a charming small beach and stunning piazzas. Located at the bottom of steep cliffs in a remarkable and perilous setting, the town is a World Heritage Site and has a stunning cathedral at its center, a structure which dates back to the 11th century.


Visit majestic old villas and discover the town’s historic connection with Wagner, in what is one of the coastline’s most impressive stop-offs. The polished town has some of the Amalfi Coast’s most delicious seafood alongside incomparable views. To reach the town you have to take the Valle del Dragone, a winding road through up the valley that is a true gem and a great way to test your dream car.


For an authentic Italian experience, be sure to stop at the untouched fishing village of Cetara. The town is famous for catching and preserving anchovies, which are readily sold at many of the small delis in the village. A number of restaurants in the village also serve up a variety of anchovy dishes, offering visitors an authentic Southern Italian culinary experience. Take some with you in the form of anchovy pesto!

Villa Rufolo

The coastline has a number of impressive villas to be adored, but one of the most important historic homes is Villa Rufolo. Built in 1853, this stunning old villa and picturesque gardens overlook the coastline and offer incredible views of the Amalfi Coast to savvy travellers who stop for a tour. Try to catch an opera concert in the gardens during the summer months, a ritual that was inspired by Wagner’s use of the gardens in his work.

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