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Is Sicily in your travel bucket list? If yes, join us for the Tour of Sicily 2019 by The Hotel Specialist in partnership with

Nowhere of comparative size in the Mediterranean can compare with the historic treasure house that is Sicily. After all, not only did Greeks and Romans occupy it but they, together with the Normans, Phoenicians and Saracens, bequeathed to the island splendid examples of their civilisation which can still be seen today. Physically, the island is a continuation of the chain of the Apennines with the rugged countryside dominated by Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. The Mediterranean vegetation has consequently been influenced by the volcanic eruptions, climate and lava to create a unique environment.

Syracuse, founded in 733 BC by Corinthian settlers was once ranked amongst Greek cities only after Athens in importance. Here Archimedes enjoyed his ‘Eureka’ moment and invented his scientific innovations. Picturesque Ortigia peninsula is the historic centre with a fine Baroque cathedral (once the Temple of Minerva) and palazzos, the Temple of Apollo and Aretusa fountain.

In Agrigento, originally Greek Akragas and then Roman Agrigentum, the Valley of the Temples dramatically reveals the ancient city and the museum displays remarkable Greek vases, the enormous ‘Telamon’ and the young athlete, Ephebus. Villa Casale is a Roman villa of the late Imperial period with wonderful mosaics and coastal Selinunte was once a major city of Magna Graecia. Palermo reveals Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Norman influences, alongside the Gothic of Monreale Cathedral with its Byzantine frescoes.

The itinerary offers a unique, carefully tailored insight into the extraordinary sights and character of the island. It is a complicated one to organise, so we have teamed up with Proud of Sicily, which has put this tour together exclusively for The Hotel Specialist readers, at an inclusive price and with the opportunity to add any extra requirements or refinements.

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