Theaters located inside your hotel

Sure, when you’re on vacation, going to see a movie may not sound like your ideal activity. But when the theaters are located inside your hotel, that’s a whole different story. Across the globe, luxury properties are offering guests some pretty unique amenities, and among them are private screening rooms. Whether for leisure or business-related purposes, these in-house cinemas are more than just your average theaters, providing reclining seats, cocktail service and weekly film clubs. Here are seven of our favorite screening rooms found inside luxury hotels:

Mondrian London at Sea Containers, London

Decked out with 56 royal blue velvet seats (picture on top) and furnished by British designer Tom Dixon, Mondrian London’s Curzon theater offers everything from new releases to film festival favorites and family-friend flicks. The cinema boasts Dolby 7.1 surround sound, 4K digital projection, and a selection of food and beverage offerings. Make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to allow time to order from hot food and cocktails from the menu offering.

Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg

The fact that Wythe Hotel is located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn means that it is already considered a hotspot by default. Celebrating their artistic community, the property has their own private screening room in its cellar that is open to the public. The space has a full HD digital projector, a separate streetside entrance, dedicated bar area (guests can drink in their seats) and a vaulted ceiling. It seats 70 guests and is not only used for screenings and presentations but hosts regular events such as the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival and the 2nd Annual NYCCFF.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle’s cinema room feels more like a full-blown theater than just a private screening room. With 32 plush red-velvet armchairs and iconic movie posters on its walls, the venue hosts daily flicks that also change weekly. Guests can enjoy fresh popcorn, snacks, beverages and drinks in the Billiards room. The castle is also no stranger to the silver screen, in the 1950s it was featured in John Wayne’s The Quiet Man.

The Soho Hotel, London

Not only does The Soho Hotel in London have its own screening room, but it actually boasts two theaters with 100 and 45 seats, respectively. The venues are decked out in unique red leather and cowhide chairs with small tables connected to each seat. The space can be used for press launches and corporate presentations as well but one of their coolest functions are as the host of weekly film clubs. The Sunday Afternoon Film Club is open to all ages and offers pre-movie packages that come with either a three-course meal at Refuel Restaurant or Afternoon Tea. Saturdays, it’s all about the kids with a Children’s Film Club complete with a buffet lunch, popcorn for and of course, Prosecco for parents.

The Roxy Hotel, Tribeca (New York City)

In 2015, the iconic Tribeca Grand Hotel reopened as the Roxy, an eclectic property for film, art and music lovers. Luckily for guests and locals, the hotel decided to keep its screening room and revamped it into a luxury cinema experience. The 99-seat theater screens curated new independent and foreign films, classic movies and movies created by local directors. Screenings and Q&A sessions are held on a rotating schedule throughout the week, and Saturday and Sunday offerings begin at 4:30 p.m.

Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Although it may be hard to pull yourself away from the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea during your stay at Carlisle Bay, you should at least save one night to check out the property’s screening room. With 45 with Italian leather seats, 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and an adjustable screen for cinemascope or widescreen, the theater is a great space to curl up and enjoy a flick with your significant other. Check their daily list of films or request a private showing for an even more romantic evening.

The Island House, The Bahamas

Opened in the spring of 2015, The Island House in Nassau is one of the island’s newest properties. Inside its 48-seat cinema, guests can enjoy blockbuster hits, art house films and even in-theaters-now selections. The venue features a comfy armchairs with pillows, a 24 foot screen, state-of-the-art Meyer sound system and a 2K Barco Projector with multiple audio and visual capabilities. When not being used for films, the space can be booked for seminars, speaking events or live music shows. All movies begin at 6:30 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. daily.

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