Turtle Island

The ultimate exclusivity by Turtle Island

If you feel like you’re on the set of a movie upon setting foot on Turtle Island, you are. Used as the island setting of The Blue Lagoon, this 500-acre dot in the Pacific has Wi-Fi in one small spot, giving guests just enough access to make their friends at home jealous all with a simple #NoFilter tag. Once unplugged, nature lovers can take advantage of swimming with rarely seen sea turtles (hence, the island’s name), snorkeling in azure waters, hiking in lush mountains, or participating in catch & cook for the day. With only 14 beaches, the isle only allows 14 couples on-island at a time, giving everyone their own tiny piece of paradise for the feel of ultimate exclusivity.

At $2,500 (Euro 2.270,00) a night with a five-night minimum, Turtle Island is a standout in the ecoluxe category, but it doesn’t give off the pretentiousness that many high-end vacations lean toward. No need to bring your Louboutins here. There are no sidewalks, just sand and a few walkways, so sandals and flip-flops are the shoe of choice. Transport to and from private beaches is limited to bikes and ATVs, but you always have the luxury of hanging out in the lagoon that is only steps from your bure if you’re not up for the ocean.

The island is a seafood lover’s dream, because it’s always fresh, local and cooked to perfection daily. Expect lobster, octopus and snapper on every menu, pair it with the freely-poured Moët and you’re in gastronomic heaven. The island even brings in celebrity chefs on the regular like Top Chef alum, New York restaurateur Sam Talbot. The 11-hour flight from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji is not for the faint of heart, but made much easier when you’re flying Business Class on Fiji Airways. The recently-revamped airline has some of the best airplane food around. The planes are immaculate and clean, a must on international flights. The crew is so perfect, from their helpfulness to their super cute uniforms, making you think they were the inspiration for Drake and The Weekend’s song Crew Love.

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to this adults-only place of solitude (minus Family Week over the Christmas holidays and exceptions made for friends of the island), make sure you book in advance and be prepared for one of the most beautiful places you may ever see.

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