The own haven in Cross-Country at Lech

No speedy descents, no desire for infinite altitude records. Cross-country skiers find their very own haven in wintry Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Kilometre after kilometre the trails are winding through the snow-covered landscape of Zürs, Oberlech and the Zugertal, inviting them to indulge in their sport, to glide rhythmically through the wintry scenery, to enjoy this most natural of winter sports at the foot of impressive mountain summits. Cross-country skiing on the Arlberg is much more than a mere alternative. The high plateau has everything to offer that aficionados of the narrow skis are looking for, and much more. Be it serious endurance sport or a laid-back experience of nature they are after.

Where to stay

The Aurelio Lech is an unique 5-star-superior-hotel which offers every imaginable service and comfort you can expect from a distinguished hotel, combined with the atmosphere and elegance of a private retreat. Built in 2008 the Aurelio Lech is a luxury boutique Hotel, directly located in the center of the Lech am Arlberg, on the Schlegelkopf ski-run, offering ski-in / ski-out. Each of the 18 individual rooms has access to a spacious balcony with stunning mountain views. Kick off the boots, dine on traditional and modern Austrian cuisine at the elegant Aurelio’s restaurant. For harried alpine muscles, the Aurelio Spa is heaven: sauna cabins, aroma salt steam rooms, herbal baths or just relax in the tranquil meditation centre. For an after-spa treat, indulge yourself further: sip a 100-year-old Armagnac as you get lost in the deep cushions around the open fire in the Licca Lounge.

The trails

A network of more than thirty kilometres of trails awaits the cross-country community in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Perfectly groomed and covering all degrees of difficulty these trails promise pure crosscountry skiing bliss. The jewel in the crown no doubt is the Zuger trail which leads from Lech through the Zugertal all the way to the Tannlägeralpe. In Zürs, too, cross-country skiers need not go far to indulge in their favourite sport amidst a spectacular scenery.

For pleasure seekers

The great advantage of cross-country skiing, also high up on the Arlberg, is the free choice of speed. It is not nature nor the mountains or trails that determine the speed; it is the athletes themselves who decide. This is probably what turns this sport into one of the most contemplative of all winter pastimes and makes it so very interesting, so unique. The equipment you need is simple, and fairly inexpensive to obtain. Before you know it you are off to enjoy the winter in its purest form. Be it Zürs or the Zugertal, the trails around Lech Zürs am Arlberg lend completely new perspectives on the cold season in the Alps. Surrounded by the enchanting calm of the snow-covered meadows, nature here displays itself as the perfect stage for members of the cross-country community. One aspect that plays a key role for the pleasure seekers among them is that there is hardly another winter or endurance sport that combines physical exercise and meditative serenity in such a perfect manner. Once you start gliding, you will cover kilometre after kilometre of trails, gaining fascinating insights into the Alpine winter along the way. It is not just the exertion that counts here, it is the overall experience of a sporting exercise amid an overwhelming scenery.

For the ambitious

Yet the sport of cross-country skiing by no means should be reduced to the mere enjoyment of the winter magic. The snowy landscape, yesterday providing peaceful pleasure, may today be the setting for one of the most challenging winter sports of all. This is the case not least at all because the area around Lech Zürs am Arlberg boasts perfect trails both for those adhering to the classical style and for those preferring the skating technique. All those looking for cross-country bliss will, in any case, find what they need. And as it is up to the athletes themselves to determine their speed, the switch from laid-back winter hiking to a serious endurance workout is no problem at all.

For beginners

However, this great winter sport is not reserved just for professionals and experts. Cross-country skiing is also perfectly suited for winter sport beginners of all ages. A few pointers from the Lech Zürs cross-country experts will suffice, and first-timers too are free to enjoy the trails in all their variety and beauty. Even more so as there is one particular option besides the classical style and the skating technique that is especially suited for cross-country novices. Ski hiking, that is cross-country skiing on special, more comfortable skis, must be the ideal way of covering the first kilometres on snow, not just for beginners. This most relaxed form of cross-country fun is equally suited for stamina training at the start of the season as well as for the true pleasure seekers.

Every time you step out on the snowy trails, all these options and characteristics are experienced, making crosscountry skiing a very special winter pastime. What matters here, be it for professionals or beginners, ambitious or laid-back athletes, is the combination of nature experience, exercise and peace. It is a unique source of energy for body and mind.

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