Whales Safari Experience

The new Whale Safari Experience

This February, Cabo’s Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort will debut its new Whale Safari Experience. The two-day adventure offers travelers an opportunity to see whales in their natural breeding ground off the coast of Mexico. The journey begins with a private jet to Loreto followed by a short helicopter ride to San Ignacio, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Here nature lovers will have the opportunity to spend the day with blue and gray wales that surround the coastline. Guests will then enjoy a short picnic at Honeymoon Cove before flying back to Las Ventanas. The next morning, adventurers will spend the day in local waters searching for the humpback whale, before returning to the resort in the evening.

Whale watching excursions are common along the Southern California and Baja California coastlines due to their migratory patterns, but this new experience takes it to the next level. Guests will have the rare opportunity to see the “Big Three”, blue, gray and humpback whales. Priced at $21.500 (Euro 19.013,00) with a maximum of four people, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is something you can check off your bucket list come February.

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