The magic of Christmas in Merano

The magic of Christmas takes on countless forms, based on the traditions and cultures of each place. In New York City, Macy’s turns on the loudspeakers and snowmobiles. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai lights up to the top. Wandering around Rovaniemi you could even meet Santa Claus in person. In Italy, since the last days of November, just look to the far north to be able to see lights and colors of the absolute protagonists of this magical moment of the year: the Christmas Markets of Trentino Alto Adige.

The Christmas atmosphere is able to give magic in any city. But Merano, an elegant city in South Tyrol, during the months of November and December turns into a real “Christmas village”, it is no coincidence that its market is one of the most famous and most visited in Italy. The city dresses up and here Christmas smells like cinnamon and mulled wine, spices and Zelten with candied fruit.

Even the architecture with which the markets was created is aimed at enhancing the evocative images of the event, with a project that has completely restored the area that hosts them using forms and styles deeply linked to the Südtirol: the roofs of the wooden houses with different inclinations, the walls repainted with different color gradations, all to give greater movement and originality to the scene.

Among sheep’s wool products, wooden toys, handmade decorations, the Merano market rediscovers the custom of the past, when during the long winter evenings people gathered in front of the fireplace to prepare useful items such as felt slippers and wool socks. And while adults will find a wide choice of specialties among the gastronomic stalls, children can try to prepare their Christmas cookies, accompanied by Christmas Music during all the time of event. The appointment with the Christmas Markets is from 30 November 2018 to 6 January 2019 and this year the “market motto” is “Pleasure and well-being”.

But its Christmas market is just the excuse for a one-day visit to this city that has so much to offer. A city that has always been a place of encounter and exchange between Italian and German culture, a visit to the city that we recommend adding to any type of holiday in Trentino Alto Adige. In this regard, considering having to include a one-day visit to enjoy the charming Christmas markets of Merano, for your trip in Trentino you can choose as hotel where to stay the Tenne Lodges in Racines, a charming tourist destination, about an hour’s drive from Merano.

Tenne Lodges

The elegant five-star Tenne Lodges stands proudly in the Racines Valley, enveloped between breathtaking views and snowy Alpine mountains. The landscape is that of a real winter wonderland. However the Racines Valley is a hub of activity year-round. Whether hiking through town in your ski boots to hit the slopes in winter or gearing up for a hiking trip during the summer, there is always something to do in the mountains. A place where you want to relax with a mug of hot chocolate and your slippers on. The interior is decorated with a mixture of modern-design furniture and colorful fabrics, cushions and fluffy stools. It offers a traditional mountain ambience, a luxury ambience carved in wood, thought in each detail, never intrusive, all perfectly combined to offer a great place where to stay in the Dolomites. Tenne Lodges provides 35 lodges, each with an exquisite chalet feeling, lavish furnishings, lovely pieces as well as balconies with a lovely view. Bathrooms are lavish as well in design with deep soaking tub or spacious showers and bespoke amenities. The end result is newly-created rooms that provide the perfect synergy between grand hotel style and modern Alpine living. It’s incredibly peaceful, almost silent, and the still mountains and ever changing colors of the sky create a multitude of photo-worthy moments. The dining experience is perfectly suited for the stay at the hotel. The spa is a state of the art wellness and fitness dream. The facilities are exceptional: sauna, pool, treatments and plenty of lounge beds to relax on.

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