Romantic Experieces in Italy

The best romantic experiences to do in Italy

With its dreamily poetic landscapes, awe-inspiring art, and gloriously ancient cities that have captured the hearts and imagination of visitors worldwide, Italy seems tailored made for romance. Lovers from around the world are drawn to this beautiful, fabled country for its fascinating old-world charm, spellbinding scenery, and arguably the best and most flavorful cuisine in the world. And then there’s la dolce vita, that sweet and carefree Italian way of life that gets under your skin, whether you’re browsing the chic boutiques of Positano, wine tasting in Tuscany, or gliding across the Venetian Lagoon.

Glide through History and Canals in Venice

A city of meandering canals and grandiose marble palazzi, Venice can turn anyone into a hopeless romantic. Sure, it’s the ultimate cliché, but floating along with your significant one in a vintage gondola while being serenaded is simply magical. And so is kissing under its storied bridges, getting lost through its mysterious, labyrinthine alleyways, or partying incognito at the flamboyant Carnevale.

Soak Up the Charms of Tuscany from a Vintage Fiat 500

With fabulous art, soul-soaring food, and breathtaking panoramas at every turn, Tuscany will make your heart sing. Suspended in time, its charming medieval hilltop villages serve as the perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls through idyllic cobblestone streets, while the dreamy countryside makes for blissfully romantic picnics and wonderful hikes amidst picturesque vineyards, ancient olive groves, and quiet, never-ending cypress alleys.

Wine, Dine, Love in Rome

Food and love are inexorably linked, and nowhere else is this more apparent than in Italy, where recipes are passed down through generations and life revolves around big homemade family meals prepared with simple local ingredients. Rome is no exception. The city’s passion for food knows no bounds and is exhilaratingly contagious.

Sail into the Sunset along the Amalfi Coast

A string of pastel-colored fishing villages that jut out into the Mediterranean Sea, Italy’s Amalfi Coast is therapy for the eyes and the soul. With romantically secluded pebbled beaches, imposing aristocratic villas, and spellbinding gardens perfect to get lost in, it’d be hard not to fall in love here. Culture and nature blend seemingly along this delightfully rugged stretch of coastline, where old-school Italian glamour reigns supreme.

Follow in the Footsteps of Romeo and Juliet in Verona

As the setting of the world’s greatest love story, it’s easy to see why the romantically inclined flock to Verona each year. From its fairytale-like courtyards to its gorgeous piazzas and basilicas, the city is bursting with Renaissance romance. Nevertheless, not all come here to marvel at Juliet’s legendary balcony and stuff notes into the brickwork of her house; many of them come for the history, the opera, or simply to fall in love. And they will, eventually, whether with the moment, a handsome stranger, or the city itself.


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