Casa Batlló Barcelona Instagram Building

The 5 most Instagram-Buildings in Europe

Among the many reasons why we travel always more, there is one that is not often taken into consideration, but that arouses interest every time we talk about it: architecture. In particular, what most strikes the eye of the tourist is the unusual architecture, which therefore makes the buildings special and perfect to be posted on Instagram, the social that most of all enhances the photographs, especially those with unusual subjects. From this point of view, Europe represents a very rich basin of particular buildings and that is why I wanted to list the best in this article. So said that, here you are the 5 most Instagram-Buildings in Europe.

Tančící dům – Prague

There is no doubt that one of the things to see in Prague is undoubtedly it: the Dancing House (Tančící dům). This building, together with the famous Charles Bridge, is the symbol of the Czech capital and one of the best instagram-buildings in Europe. This building was inaugurated in 1996 and takes the name of “Dancing House” because the two architects, originally, were inspired by the two dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to build it. In fact, the architecture of the building reminds the two dancers in the act of dance.

Casa Batlló – Barcelona

The second of the most instagram-buildings in Europe can only have been designed by the most famous Spanish architect of all time: Antoni Gaudì. Among his many works that adorn Barcelona, there is one in particular that is really amazing: Casa Batlló. If the exterior façade (picture on top) strikes at first glance for the unusual balconies and ceramic and sandstone claddings, the interior of Casa Battló is pure magic. Especially the sinuous shapes, which dominate unchallenged in every room; but also spiral ceilings; the mezzanine formed by arches; the walls of the inner courtyard covered in blue ceramic; the finely decorated doors and the roof, on which it is possible to walk and which Gaudì embellished with different mosaics. In short, if you enter Casa Batlló you risk consuming all the memory of your smarthphone or digital SLR camera.

Bosco Verticale – Milan

Even Italy has its workhorse when talking about the best instagram-buildings in Europe. This is the famous “Bosco Verticale”, a complex of two residential buildings, located in Milan and inaugurated in 2014. Despite being so recent, Bosco Verticale has already won the award in 2015 as “the most beautiful and innovative skyscraper in the world” and honestly, it could only be otherwise. These two buildings are composed of over 15 thousand plants, 5.000 thousand large shrubs and more than 700 trees, for a total of about 20.000 sqm of forest. Furthermore, the Vertical Forest has a strong impact also from the point of view of the environment. This is because the different species of plants attract birds and insects, constituting a real ecosystem. Another great peculiarity of these buildings derives also from the various looks that the Bosco Verticale has at each change of season. Depending on the climate and the seasons, therefore, the colors of the forest will change, making sure that some facades of the building present different colors and make two buildings rather beautiful to pic.

Markthal – Rotterdam

Same year of inauguration of the Bosco Verticale, but completely different style, the Market Hall (Markthal) in Rotterdam is certainly one of the 5 most instagram-buildings in Europe. With its arched shape (about 40 meters high and 120 meters long) it is not only the first covered food market in the Netherlands, with almost 100 stands of all kinds of food, but also has many other features. Among these: 228 apartments, located at the sides of the arch; 20 restaurants and bars; a supermarket; car parks and a center for food education and information, called “The World of Taste”. In the evening, the Market Hall offers the best of itself. You can capture the building as best as possible, illuminated inside by a giant mural (“Cornucopia”) that covers the vaulted interior and which shines when the sun goes down, making the Market Hall a real blaze of colors.

Metro – Stockholm

Finally, among the most instagram-buildings in Europe, I have included one that is not just that building, but that is one of the most photographed and posted on social media. I am talking about the subway in Stockholm. The reason why this subway attracts so many tourists lies in its architecture, but above all in its colors. In fact, since the 1950s, artists of various caliber have used their skills to decorate the metro stations with paintings, sculptures, mosaics and graffiti of all kinds. Surely a picturesque way to encourage tourism in Stockholm, as many tourists choose the Swedish capital to see this form of art. It should be taken as a model for all those European cities with metro where the latter is a bit unkempt.


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