Castles in Ireland

The 10 most Instagram-Castles in Ireland

If I think to a country that always surprised me I cannot hide that Ireland is at the first positions because every time I visit it I am always more enchanted by its medieval, naturalistic and wild beauty. And when we talk about Ireland, in addition to thinking of St. Patrick, beer, pubs, the vast green expanses of meadows and pastures, it is impossible to forget the wonderful castles that are scattered everywhere throughout the island and today I thought to find the most Instagram-Castles of Ireland and the following 10 are the best for me but I am always open to hear your suggestions and different point of views. Let’s begin:

Ashford Castle

Here it seems to be literally out of the world. It is one of Ireland’s most famous castles, as well as five-star hotels. Asford Castle offers extraordinary photo opportunities all year round. The two dogs of the prestigious Irish Wolfhound breed, residing in the castle, could offer the perfect subject for a perfect viral shot for Instagram.

Dunluce Castle

Unmissable, a real icon. This medieval ruin is located in a beautiful defensive position right on the edge of a cliff. It is one of the most scenic points of the coast (picture on top). Stop not to be missed when traveling along the Causeaway Coast.

Crom Castle

Romantic and incredibly beautiful. A magnificent building of the neo-Tudor era not to be missed, located in the heart of the Irish lake region. The towers, walks on the lake, the magnificent wildlife and the forest offer opportunities for exceptional shots throughout the year.

Kylemore Abbey

Quiet, romantic, incredibly picturesque. Incredible architecture, breathtaking views, a walled Victorian garden and a Gothic church that’s like a miniature cathedral are the perfect setting for the perfect shot. An unmissable stop along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Rock of Cashel

Home of the kings, it is a highly suggestive site that has had a threatening weight on the history of Ireland. A fine example of medieval architecture, it contains a Gothic cathedral, a castle, a circular tower and a big cross. A perfect example of Celtic Ireland.

Ballynahinch Castle

A fairytale castle, beautiful to photograph and where you want to sleep all year, since it has been transformed into a luxury hotel. The backdrop of Connemara’s Twelve Bens mountain range, the Owenmore River and the colors of the surrounding landscapes will make the SLR cameras work overtime.

Hillsborough Castle

The official residence of the Queen in Northern Ireland. There are plenty of photo opportunities in the elegant boardrooms, in the majestic throne room and in the gracious living room. Alternatively, you can let yourself be transported through the amazing gardens, the fountain or the exteriors.

Castle Ward

It is the Winterfell of the Games of Thrones. Its medieval courtyard and settings along the shores of the lake are among the many movie sets of the famous TV series. Castle Ward is a splendid architectural mix of Gothic and Classical.

Trim Castle

Here it seems to be in a movie. In fact, this 800-year-old giant appeared in Braveheart. It is the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland. Here you can take amazing panoramic photographs of the River Boyne, from the top of the keep or take it back at night, when its image stands out against the sky.

Blarney Castle

The Blarney Stone House. For some elements, the castle will look warlike, for other magical, but the stunning image it returns is incredible at any time. Legend says that if you kiss the stone you will get the gift of eloquence. Here the picture is a must.


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