Taking inspiration for an exciting autumn trip

If summer is ideal for relaxing days on the beach, and winter for the mountains and skiing, autumn is perfect for everything else, and with an ever-increasing popularity of trips in the fall, obviously everyone has understood that traveling in autumn is unmissable. Not sure yet where to go this fall? Well, take inspiration from these 5 autumn travel ideas and enjoy everything!

Agrotourism Style

Very similar to ecotourism and rural tourism, the concept of agritourism refers to the cultural background of rural life, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about agricultural areas and activities, to observe and participate in field work together with real farmer, to stay in traditional farms and discover the authentic character of each region. Eastern Europe, with its splendid variety, nature and pristine rural areas, offers some excellent opportunities for a farm holiday. Countries like Poland, Romania or Greece are the ideal destinations for this alternative way of traveling. Moreover, if you think that you could enjoy the harvest season firsthand, this could be a stunning and unbelievable experience.

Beach in Fall

The summer is leaving the temperate zones but there are still places all over the world where you can indulge your desire for sunshine. Whether you opt for a seaside destination for the whole year or for a comfortable late-summer deal, there is always something for you. So, if you are not yet ready to come across the dull days of autumn, pack your slippers and head to the Tropics. Go to Boracay where there is always summer, live the wonderful Arab beaches like Egypt or Oman, relax on a Thai island, seek adventure in Queensland in Australia, choose an idyllic Caribbean place or take advantage of occasions in the warmest parts of Europe. Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, the beautiful Canary Islands or the picturesque Andalusian coast of Spain are perfect for a last glow of the sun, as is Florida, the sunniest state of America.

Mountain Beauties

Autumn is a wonderful time to explore the mountains, to enjoy the spectacular display of the colors of nature, to relax, take a breath of fresh air or venture out in the open air before the winter comes. Moreover, mountain destinations are within everyone’s reach, which means that wherever you are, you usually do not have to travel thousands of kms to find a mountain place. A natural park or a small mountain village near your home can be as beautiful as the Colorado Rocky Mountains or an exclusive resort in the Alps, so do not hesitate to experience the mountains during this wonderful season. It will certainly be a pleasure for all the senses.

Focus on Culture

There is no better time of year to immerse yourself in the art and culture of a place, that during the autumn season, when the beaches do not attract us anymore, the sparkling sun does not kiss us anymore, the cold is not yet present, the crowds have disappeared and the different travel offers on the market are so difficult to refuse. Whether you want to explore Europe’s historic cities and its fabulous museums and art galleries, the amazing Indian collection of spiritual sites, or the cultural gems of any other country, enjoy your passion with an excellent cultural holiday. Another reason why autumn is the best season to satisfy your desire for culture is that most destinations embrace a myriad of festivals and local traditions that will give you the opportunity to discover them as you’ve never done before.

On the Road

Maybe it’s the sparkling air or the view of the autumn leaves, but there’s definitely something in the fall that drives us to travel. It does not matter if you choose a famous scenic route or an exciting path off the beaten track because being on the road is all about the journey, the adventure, the pleasure and the excitement of living the road. It’s convenient, economical, fun, family-friendly and is one of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of autumn. Just jump in the car, put some music and go aimlessly! With the right mood and the right companions, this could be an incredible adventure.

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