Super Surf in 9 stages

The summer is here and there are people who dream the ocean where to relax on the beach under the sun or those who want to swim in a crystal sea or even people who love beach parties. However there are also those people who prefer to ride the ocean and today we want to bring you to discover the best destinations for surfing. So come on, get the surfboard and enjoy a “Surf Tour” in 9 stages and then tell us what waves you prefer. Have fun!

Oahu – Hawaii

When we talk about surfing, the first place that comes to mind it is certainly Hawaii and Oahu (picture on top), is considered the best US destinations for it. The surfing was invented here and it is possible to find some of the biggest waves in the world. Obviously it is recommended only to professionals of this sport.

Fuerteventura – Spain

Part of the Canary archipelago, Fuerteventura is one of the preferred destinations for surfers on the African coast, especially thanks to the perfect climate, which ranges between 18 and 24 degrees.

Gold Coast – Australia

In this case we are talking of Surfers Paradise! 70 km of beaches with 4 break points for waves including Superbank, considered the best in the world for the waves created. The Gold Coast is also famous for their hospitality and the entertainment offered to surfers and beyond.

Bundoran Beach – Eire

In this case the cold water could deter the beginners surfers but the more experienced won’t miss one of the best beaches in Europe. In case you will be tired of waves, you can always reach Dublin by car and spend a few days in the Irish capital.

Jeffreys Bay – South Africa

Known among surfers with the nickname “J Bay”, this beach is another iconic place for all those who love to ride the waves. The waves break points are several but the most famous is certainly the Supertube, which offers the highest walls of water in the area.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a legendary place for surfers from around the world. The best time to visit is from April to October and among the popular beaches we can’t to talk of Tamarindo Beach. The only problem could be the streets, which do not offer the best practicability but it is a small drawback if compared to the spectacular waves that you will have the chance to ride.

Tofino – Canada

This is the surfing capital of Canada. The Vancouver Island ambience is spectacular, with the sea dotted with small rocky islands topped by trees. In terms of waves, there are areas suitable for all levels, making Tofino an ideal destination for every kind of surfer.

Watergate Bay – United Kingdom

This beach is not too known but attracts surfers who look for a quiet place but with good waves. After surfing you can also relax in a restaurant on the beach, eating delicious local fish.

Rincon – Puerto Rico

Imagine to walking on the green hills close to the sea in search of your perfect wave. This is what happens in Rincon, an unknown and quiet Puerto Rico village in the past but today a place of worship among surfers.

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