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Stunning World Secret Islands

Do you think you have been in every strip of sand of the world? We bet that these nine secret islands will surprise even the most experienced adventurers. So read on to find out our list of the top 9 secret islands in the world and tell us what your favorite is.

Skopelos, Greece

Santorini. Mykonos. Crete. Greece hosts 227 islands between the Aegean and the Ionian Seas, but these three are always in the spotlight. But Skopelos, just an hour’s ferry ride from Skiathos, is an equally beautiful and less crowded with a pristine coastline, charming blue-roofed taverns and monasteries from the Byzantine era. Rent a private villa with a terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea at the Adrina Resort & Spa. The terracotta-tiled buildings of the town of Skopelos host restaurants with gardens such as Perivoli and Antolia, where locals come to listen to live rebetika music. On the northwestern tip of the island, the picturesque village of Glossa offers the best sea views, especially in Agnanti, whose rocky bridge is the perfect place for classic Greek dishes such as kleftiko (leg of lamb) and stifado (beef stew).

Lummi Island, USA

In the Pacific Northwest in a remote archipelago there’s Lummi Island, home for  whales and seals than for people. On the shores of the island is Willows Inn, a group of seven intimate suites and eight cottages and the island jewel, the James Beard Award-winning restaurant run by chef Blaine Wetzel. To create the 20-course tasting menu, the chefs turn the island, looking for algae on the shore, picking berries from the bushes and fishing for the Puget Sound for Dungeness crab and Sockeye salmon, which they then roast in the smokehouse and serve in a sizzling cedar box. Delights for the palate!

Desroches Island, Seychelles

If your idea of paradise is to have an island all for yourself, then you have to look at Desroches, a 40-minute flight from Mahé, the capital of the Seychelles. Here you won’t find any restaurants, shops or so many people  except the only 5-star resort, of course. Enjoy your luxury villa, which overlooks nine kilometers of white sand beach and has its own tropical garden and a fabulous swimming pool. Not exactly a tavern for everyone, if it’s your question.

Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands

Do not be fooled by the name: this little cove near Tortola is lush and beautiful like almost all the islands. Until a few years ago, it was uninhabited and relatively unknown. But everything changed when the Scrub Island Resort opened its doors. With three private beaches, a dive shop, a marina and an award-winning spa, the property has all the features to enjoy an exceptional tropical escape. Enjoy a massage in an open-air pavilion overlooking the Caribbean, gorgeous!

Côn So’n, Vietnam

The largest within an archipelago of 16 islands, Côn So’n remains absolutely under radar, despite being only an hour’s flight from Ho Chi Minh City. In this island is all about unspoiled nature like steep granite cliffs, windswept sand, turquoise waters. And if there are no shops or bars, the luxurious Six Senses offers exceptional benefits to keep you busy. We are talking about personal butlers, relaxing spa and even private guides who will take you on a tour of the lighthouse and the crystal clear lagoons.

Holbox Island, Mexico

Off the north coast of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, this secluded stretch of sand is about a three-hour ferry ride from the crowded shores of Cancún, but when you get here you will immediately feel in a distant world. The car-free island is based on a low-profile concept with a relaxed atmosphere. Where to stay: CasaSandra Boutique Hotel, which has casitas with palapa roofs with hammocks and a Mexican-Caribbean restaurant.

Jicaro Island, Nicaragua

If you are looking for a place to unwind, relax and get off the beaten track every day, Jicaro, a small island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, 10 minutes from Grenada, is the ideal place. There is not just one TV on the entire island and you will hardly be able to find a WiFi signal, but there are so many attractions that you will always be busy. Go boating to the freshwater lake to spot howler monkeys, sea turtles and many of the 87 species of birds in the area, ah important tip, do not forget the binoculars! Or, for a more adrenaline hike, speed through the jungle about 30 meters above the forest. When you’re ready for a break, retreat to the Jicaro Island Ecolodge, which has sustainability tours, yoga classes on the lake and an organic restaurant with ingredients from its own garden.

Desert Islands, UAE

For travelers who want something different for their escape on an island, consider the Desert Islands in the United Arab Emirates. Located 240 km east of Abu Dhabi, these islands of the Arabian Gulf can easily compete with those of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Turn the Anantara on Sir Bani Yas into your personal base, with its 64 rooms in Arab-chic style, and explore the wadi (dry river beds) and the mangroves that surround the ground. You will soon discover that the area is full of surprises, from the coral reef where you can snorkel to the wild animals that reside and that can be seen during a safari in a nearby natural park. Make sure you do not go in the summer when temperatures often reach almost 40° C, really hot.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

If the sister island, Vieques, captures all the attention, Culebra is to be loved thanks to its relaxed atmosphere, 10 pristine beaches, lush nature reserves and its small central town of Dewey. The canary yellow cottages of Club Seabourne are the ideal choice on the island. From there, you can reach the crescent shaped beach of Playa Flamenco where you can snorkel with sea turtles and tropical fish, before having lunch in one of the shacks on the beach serving typical Puerto Rican food such as pinchos, chicken skewers and alcapurrias, fried plantain filled with crab or beef.

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