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Starting A Small Hotel, BNB or a Resort? Here are the Décor and Furnishings that you Must Keep in Mind.

Assessing the quality of a hotel is tricky. There are several examples of hotels that look quite mediocre from the exterior but thanks to great service, impressive décor, high quality items and a well-maintained property + room, the experience can simply be delightful.

Which is why investing to make the experience great is a fantastic idea by itself. Here are a few aspects that hotel owners and hopeful hospitality entrepreneurs must keep in mind while allocating different buckets of expenditure for the hotel, resort or BNB.

Smaller aspects that exude a vibe of luxury and refinement is a nice touch, especially when the customer does not expect the same at a particular price point.

Hotel Lobby – Aesthetics are key

Keep in mind

Several hospitality experts agree that one of the most important aspects of a hotel or a hospitality chain is the driveway followed by the hotel’s lobby while resorting to the age-old adage “First impression is the last impression” and to a fair extent, this is true for a hotel. The driveway architecture, the service of the valet followed by the entire experience at the hotel lobby is a crucial one.

For budget hotels that wish to also share part of their value proposition as being “value for money”, the hotel can make some very simple upgrades to achieve that goal. Having a great reception desk is one of these upgrades.

Budget hotels normally go for wooden reception desks or ones made from engineered metal. By identifying innovative suppliers and spending a few extra bucks, these desks can easily be upgraded to be made of quartz, granite or any other marble that imparts a premium feel.

The waiting area of the hotel should also have sofas and couches that are in-line with the theme and décor of the hotel. Using exquisite balloon chairs is also a simple hack to give off a “premium” ambience.

You may visit this page on luxurious hotel lobbies to figure ways to emulate these styles

Choosing a “Theme” for the Décor

Most budget hotels go for a fairly simple and straightforward styling option. One where the theme is not given much attention to and the naturally flowing design is readily accepted by the owners. In order to make the most of a hotel, it is always a great option to understand your customers and bucket them into different segments. Based on their likes and preferences, a theme can be chosen and implemented throughout the hotel to turn them into repeat customers.

This may sound like an expensive proposition but it really is not. Styling cues are almost always quite subtle and simple accessories and showpieces can have a significant impact on the design style. For instance, if you are able to underscore that a bulk of your visiting audience are vacationers who love the outdoors. You may want to go for furniture that is “Coastal” or light in colours in order to appeal to them in the right manner. This post has complied the décor & themes that budget hotels can emulate in a fairly succinct manner.

Furniture, Fittings & Equipment

keep in mind

Probably the most underrated aspect when it comes to making a hotel on a budget. Fixing supplier side constraints in this case is key. Furniture is something that is not extremely expensive and is relatively mobile as well. Which means you can easily enlist the services of a supplier or a manufacturer in Vietnam, India, China etc and get the furniture in your choice of theme and design in order to make your hotel look absolutely stunning.

There is another aspect involved in this. Suppliers, distributors, wholesalers or even manufacturers who are solely engaged in this, do a pretty great job at advising for the installations that you should be opting for. This makes the entire ordeal a whole lot simpler provided the supplier is one that you trust.

In our experience, we have seen that restaurants that source from abroad is able to realize great cost savings and are also able to get their hands on furniture which otherwise would not be available locally.

We recommend the following companies based on the countries they are Headquartered in.

  1. – India Based Supplier/Manufacturer]
  2. – China Based Supplier
  3. – Vietnam Based Supplier


While it may seem rather basic to many, lighting is super important to ensure that the most elegant areas of the hotel are highlighted. This is done in several ways. Chief among which contrasting the lighting depending on the gaudiness of the furniture. Dark furniture generally pairs well with subtler lighting options.

You do not have to go for a fancy chandeliers or expensive lamps. Simple dim lighting located strategically is more than enough to impress your guests.

Hotel lighting companies like StandardPro usually employ multiple tactics for different areas. For instance, conference rooms lighting are usually hidden and are reflected by facing the bulb(s) directly to a lightly colored wall. Hallway lighting arrangements are usually directed towards the floor and are extremely small but potent.

These are a handful of tactics that budget hotels can use in order to ensure that customers will get the most bang for their buck thanks to a delightful experience.

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