Guajirú Beach

Some tips why you should visit Guajirú in Brazil

With unique nature, sunny beaches and the hospitality of its cheerful inhabitants, Brazil has been attracting tourists from all over the globe for many years. One of the best brazialian area is definitely the state of Ceará, which is the showcase of kitesurfing in the country. Perfect wind conditions for over six months a year (August – January), vast sandy beaches and a constant air and water temperature of 28°C–32°C combined with abundant activity spots make it a paradise for the lovers of any type of sports.

In this brazialian region, Guajirú is distinguished from other places by an exceptionally friendly atmosphere and safety created by the local residents, most of the time working in the fishing industry. They are cheerful and friendly people in love with their beautiful surroundings. The village has several hotels and small shops. Car traffic is almost non-existent, everything is close by, and the kite spot is actually the entire width of the ocean.

Where to Stay

Zorah Beach Hotel

Zorah Beach Hotel is a paradise of calm waters, white sand and relaxing settings. Located in the Brazil’s northeast coast, totally surrounded by the beauties of this magical area of Brazil, it’s definitely the place where to be if you are looking for a Asian-inspired and relaxing stay in the secluded Guajiru beach. The Zorah Beach Hotel provides 22 different accommodations among villas, bungalows and suites, all spread throughout the gardens and set back from the ocean front swimming pool. They offer privacy, comfortable spaces and all kind of modern facilities that you need for an ideal relaxing vacation.

All accommodations are refined and embellished with several details like a typical décor that has Asian influences which is the main style-philosophie e of Zorah Beach Hotel. Dining at Zorah Beach Hotel will be definitely an important part of your experience here. You will enjoy mainly fresh seafood and local products, main ingredients of its Asian menu which reflects perfectly the philosophy of Zorah Beach Hotel. It is also available a beach bar where to enjoy snacks and cocktails, without forgetting the Tandoor oven, a rare experience in Brazil, in line with the feel of this Brazilian hotel.

Laid back relaxation is a must at Zorah Beach Hotel and the large outdoor swimming pool is the perfect companion to unwind and refill the energy of body and mind. The beach is not usually crowded and the ocean provides several water activities as Guajiru is considered as one of the world’s leading kitesurfing destinations thanks to its own currents. For this reason that the hotel offers an extra service with its own Kite Surf School where each guest can have the opportunity to enjoy this water sport with instructors and equipment rental for all kind of levels.

However, there is a wealth of different places to explore and discover on and around Guajirú:

1 – Driving west of Guajirú you will find the widest beaches in the world, at low tide they are up to 3 km wide!!


2 – If you appreciate to experience Brazil’s local lifestyle, then Itarema is definitely worth a visit. It’s no more than 10 minutes away. Enjoy Itarema’s many coloured houses, the municipality house or the village’s main road, where all Itarema’s activities and shopping takes place.

3 – The village of Acaraú is 20 minutes to the west and offers an opportunity to see a non-tourist effected Brazilian’s way of life. Don’t miss out on the weekly Capoeira sessions, a local fight dance which is truly impressive! You should try it, it’s an amazing workout!

4 – A 40-minute car drive to the beach of Preá will reward with the stunning views from the 5 meter uplevelled sandy beach. Have lunch here in one of the fantastic beachfront restaurants and watch the many kitesurfers flying through the air.

5 – Or drive up to Jericoacoara, about 45 minutes away from Guajirú and check out the sunset from the top of the giant sand dune, watch the spectacle of the sun sinking in the tropical ocean.

6 – Guajirú has a calm and relaxed athmosphere. So you will find a more relaxed outdoor nightlife such as open-air festivities, camp fires, BBQ’s, and dancing on the beach in the moonlight.

Ask the Brazilian locals for special events, everyone is friendly and loves to talk to you, they will let you know what’s going on!


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