Tonnara di Scopello

Scopello: a charming little town in Sicily

To have an exclusive holiday in Sicily is worth going to lesser-known, yet luxurious destinations like the town of Scopello. There are plenty destinations where you can have a luxury holiday in Sicily. This Mediterranean island offers unique locations where it is easy to find stunning landscapes, a peculiar nature and many historic sites that encompass remains dated back to the Greek and Roman eras. Not to mention the sunny beaches where locals and tourists love to go to sunbathe, swim and relax during the warmer seasons.

The best way to have a tailor-made Sicilian experience is to choose one of the lesser-known destinations. As a matter of fact, the most famous locations are often assaulted by hordes of tourists during the summer, which, together with spring is the best time of the year to enjoy the island. Therefore, it might be challenging to have some privacy and have some quiet moments. Small villages are the best solution to have a luxurious holiday far from the crowd.

One of the most charming little town in Sicily is Scopello, located few kilometres from Trapani. This small village is known across the peninsula for its beautiful Tonnara, a place where tunas were collected in past times by fishers. Scopello’s Tonnara is of particular importance because it is the oldest of the island. It is an exclusive experience that you can have by staying in this quaint small village. Do not be fooled by the size: Scopello offers a variety of luxury villas where you can relax and ad hoc services that will make your stay a unique and unforgettable one: wonderful villas with amazing sea views and surrounded by thriving mediterranean gardens are waiting for you.

Italians are worldwide famous for their hospitality and sense of style, and you can appreciate these features even more by staying in one of these unique accommodations: everyone will be happy to help you with everything you need! You will realize how every single detail is looked after and how nice it is to be spoiled. Another important thing that makes Scopello a not-to-be-missed destination is its proximity to the Zingaro Nature Reserve. The endemic flora and fauna of the island is preserved thanks to this reserve: eagles, lizards, weasels, etc. have their own safe habitat in this part of Sicily. It is also famous for being one of the places where birds stop when migrating towards Africa: stunning ospreys and peregrine falcons can be admired here. Watch the video by Oren Krimchansky to discover entirely the the first natural reserve that has been set up in Sicily in May 1981. By staying in Scopello, you will be able to feel the quintessence of a holiday in Sicily, while experiencing something not too touristy but definitely worth a trip!

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