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  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel
  • Heritage Suites Hotel

An elegant and fascinating romantic retreat, where tradition and simplicity are combined with avant-garde influences, which make Heritage Suites Hotel a place where the past and the present combine perfectly and ideally in a mix of colors, spaces and materials. Located in a quiet area in the center of Siem Reap, this romantic retreat is absolutely a charming boutique hotel that fully focuses on the well-being of its guests. The hotel is just 3 minutes by tuk-tuk from the center of Siem Reap and just 10 minutes from the famous Angkor Wat temples.

The Heritage Suites Hotel is sophisticated and charming behind a marvelous French-style colonial façade, totally enveloped and surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Outside it has a clear colonial charm while inside it traditional Asian decorations, in short a classy hotel with clear and visible Cambodian influences, an ideal place to spend a truly special stay.

The Heritage Suites Hotel has 6 deluxe rooms and 20 suites. After a discovering day in the temples of Angkor, you can rest and re-energize in the quiet and authenticity of the splendid hotel rooms. The Bungalow Suites offer private gardens and a large stone bathtub. Or if you want more, you can opt for the Colonial Suites where you can enjoy a large outdoor Jacuzzi or an 8-meter pool next to your private terrace. Obviously this type of suite also has a Turkish bath and a stone bathtub. If you are really looking for a home away from home, you can choose the Residence, a huge space where you have your outdoor jacuzzi, private pool, living room with thatched roof and private garden. Maybe there could be a problem…you will never want to come out.

The hotel restaurant is the Heritage Restaurant and together with the Cocktail Bar and the Lounge, they are all located in a two-story colonial building, with tall windows that illuminate and fill the interiors with light. The Heritage restaurant is located on the top floor and is one of the best restaurants in Siem Reap, thanks also to the refined wine list and an a la carte menu offering Western, Asian and Khmer cuisine. Downstairs is the Cocktail Bar and Lounge, where you can enjoy a cocktail or a drink while relaxing before and after dinner. The pool bar serves drinks and snacks and as a treat, guests also have the possibility to eat outside around the pool which is lit by lanterns for the most romantic of experiences.

Despite its not big size, the facilities in the hotel are excellent. The Heritage Suites Hotel has an own Spa, the Heritage Spa which boasts 3 comfortable treatment rooms (one of which is ideal for couple treatments) and after a day around the area, this wellness place will be perfect to recharge your mind and body. After the treatments, you can relax in the steam baths, in the rain showers or in the whirlpool baths or, alternatively, throw yourself on the salt water pool and let yourself be pampered by the pool bar that will tantalize you with one, two or more refreshing drinks and snacks. The salt water pool is temperature controlled, so when the weather warms up, the water temperature cools down. Surrounded by sunbeds and lush vegetation, this is a lovely place to take time for yourself, both during the day and also at night when the pool is transformed into a magical oasis thanks to lanterns and light effects.

The Heritage Suites Hotel is just minutes from the famous Angkor temples and will give you one of the best experiences in all of Cambodia. The hotel has a special concierge service focused on adventure, which can organize extraordinary experiences, tailor-made trips to Angkor Wat, hot air balloon rides and many other exciting activities. The hotel offers the possibility to use bicycles that can be rented to explore the area easily. Among the other gems offered by the Heritage Suites Hotel, the transfer to the airport in a glamorous and vintage car or be enchanted by the art of tea preparation.


Nestled in lush tropical gardens about 5 minutes drive from the centre of Siem Reap (Cambodia), it is far 15-minute drive from the airport and just 10-minutes from Angkor Wat. The Heritage Suites Hotel is well-placed to discover the charms of Siem Reap and the temple complex it is famous for. What’s more, its location away from the main centre of town, infuses the hotel with a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, creating the feel of a luxurious private sanctuary. It is a 3-minute walk away from the Royal Palace and National Museum of Angkor.


Wat Polangka – Phum Slok Kram
93101 Siem Reap – Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
(+855) 63 969 100
reservation@heritagesuiteshotel.com | heritagesuiteshotel.com

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Weekly Brunch

Enjoy the Sunday Brunch at Heritage Suites Hotel. Click in the image below to find out more:

Jazz Night

Don’t miss the Jazz Night at Heritage Restaurant on first and third week, every month. Learn more clicking in the image below:




Barbeque Time

Enjoy a BBQ on the Pool side with Live Music every second and fourth week of each month. Find out more clicking in the image below:





Foods in Heritage Restaurant that you should not miss to try:

– Beef Carpaccio Asian Style, Australian beef serve with Kompot pepper dressing, created a yummy taste.

– Chicken banana flower salad, with a beautiful presentation of Banana blossom, and delicious Khmer dressing, made the salad the most wanted in Heritage Restaurant.

– Crab and Kompot Pepper, Crab are freshly brought from Kep Province, the ingredients are mixed of Green Kompot pepper, fresh tamarin sauce which surely guarantee that you will be truly satisfied.

– Amok Western Approach, their talented chef created with fusion of Western and Asian flavor, the presentation is unique, instead of putting all items in a banana leave bowl, you will see the items that you are going to eat separately like sauce, dory fish and nutrition brown rice.

– Heritage Khmer Curry, a new creative Khmer curry with the original flavor still remained, but with a much more beautiful presentation and incredible flavor.

– Banana Tempura, putting a new flavor into their popular street dessert snack, with combination of chocolate ice-cream and caramel sauce, it’s unforgettable after a try.

– Banana Fried rolls, looks like a yummy fried spring rolls, but it’s a dessert, egg banana rolled by skin of deep fried spring rolls, serve with Vanilla ice-cream, which makes an outstanding dessert in Heritage Restaurant.

Beverages in Heritage Restaurant that you should not miss to try:

– Cambodian Breeze, you could not find any other creative drinks like you find in their Heritage Restaurant, it is their signature mocktail, it mixed of jasmine tea, lemon grass, Logan, kaffir lime which are the local fruit and herbs make you feel more energizing and it is refreshing after long day temple.

– Moringa Miracle, Moringa plant is beginning to gain more popularity as a new “superfood” for its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties among many other health benefits, our moringa mock-tails is known as a healthy drinks at Heritage Restaurant.

– Clouds of Cambodia, their Signature and new creative cocktail, with a sexy color from black sesame syrup, combine with local herbs smell of kaffir lime like a citrus aromatic smell.

– Tamarind Daiquiri, Tamarin is one of the fruit growing in the tropical country, our talented Food & Beverage Manager has created this special cocktail, by mashing tamarin fruits to make a juice which is a big hard job before becoming the final cocktail, mixed with lime, sugar palm and Georges Rhum

Spa treatments in Heritage Spa that you should not miss to try:

– Heritage Classic: Body oil massage, selection of organic oil aromatherapy – Romantic of Ylang Ylang, Frangipani tea, Toxi cleaner (lemongrass smell), Ginger, refreshing lotus menthol, dream time (peppermint smell) with their professional therapies, whose know very well the technique to cure your tiredness, you will feel calm and relaxing after the massage.

– Swedish Massage: Body oil massage, good for those who need heavy massage to fix your pains, selection of organic oil aromatherapy – Romantic of Ylang Ylang, Frangipani tea, Toxi cleaner (lemongrass smell), Ginger, refreshing lotus menthol, dream time (peppermint smell) with their professional therapies, whose know very well the technique to cure your pains after a long day tours, you will feel more relieve after the massage.

Adventure activities:

– Jeep countryside, from lush countryside to isolated villages a glance at the reality of Khmer rural life. Strikingly view of the rice fields in the villages and visit one of the not-touristic temple.

Value for Money

Double suites are from US$ 200 (Euro 180,00) to US$ 500 (Euro 450,00). These rates are per room and per day and include breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Access for guests with disabilities?

All 20 suites are suitable for people with disabilities.


All suites are family friendly, thanks their size which starts from 80 sqm, they can accommodate up to 2 adults with 2 children.

When to go?

In general, the best time to go to Cambodia is from November through to April, as this is when there is the least rain, although it can start to get very hot from March onwards. The wet season is from May to October. The beginning of the wet season in May and June, and the end in October tend to just see short, heavy showers, whereas rain is more frequent from July to September, particularly in the south of the country. November is a particularly good month to travel, as the country is still lush and green from the rainy season.

Our Special Readings

Our guide to discover the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park

As Cambodia’s top tourist attraction, Angkor Wat Archaeological Park is home to hundreds of ancient temples and religious structures dotted throughout the 400-sq km site. While Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm remain the most popular, attracting thousands of visitors from across the globe daily, there are many more off the beaten track temples worth leaving the well-trodden trail for and investing in a multi-day pass. Nowadays, seeing sunrise at Angkor Wat means jostling the crowds and dodging death by selfie-stick. However, it’s well worth it if you’re lucky enough to catch a beauty, with the sky plunging into a palette of colour as the sun peaks from behind the iconic temple’s spires.

Of course, there is more to the park than just Angkor Wat, with nearby Bayon and Ta Prohm temples and the structures that surround them forming the popular circuit for one-day pass holders. But for those not pushed for time, investing in a three or seven-day pass comes well rewarded, with access to the hundreds of other ancient sites that dot the expansive park. These remote temples are much less visited, meaning often you can explore them alone, and many are in the depths of the jungle, bringing with them Tarzan-esque trips into the heart of the forest. Here are some top tips on how to make the most out of your fascinating journey into Cambodia’s intriguing past.

What is Angkor Wat?

In the early 9th century AD, the British Empire was still a pipe dream, and the Vikings were still the terror of seaside communities. But at this time, a new empire was coalescing amidst the rice fields of present-day Cambodia, one whose buildings still inspire awe today. The Khmer Empire, founded by “king of kings” Jayavarman II in 802 AD and later centered on the capital city of Angkor, lasted about 700 years, and in its heyday ruled over present-day Thailand, Laos, and parts of Vietnam.

Angkor was not the Empire’s first or last capital, but it is the only one that stood the test of time. Its most famous structure, the mega-temple known as Angkor Wat, stands outside the walls of Angkor Thom, the actual metropolis and site of the royal palace. When built, the ancient city extended over 400 kilometres, which makes it the largest pre-industrial city in history. While guesses about the city’s population vary wildly, some prominent historians suggest that the population could have been as high as one million people. Mysteriously, archaeologists are still unsure of what actually happened to this vast empire and its people. Moreover the Angkor Archaeological Park shouldn’t really be conceptualized as a collection of disparate temples and monuments in a jungle. This was a fully functioning, complex city that was well-connected, and these temples were just a part of that burgeoning city.

These, together with several outlying temples in varying states of preservation, now constitute the Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia’s most significant tourist destination. The temples of Angkor stand at the very heart of Cambodian identity. The flag of Cambodia has Angkor Wat at its center; Cambodian nationalists still seethe at the memory of Thailand claiming Angkor as its own. Angkor Park draws about two million foreign visitors a year, racking up to Euro 72 million in tourism revenues a year.

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