Gran Hotel Inglés

  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés
  • Gran Hotel Inglés

The new luxury hotel in Madrid is at the same time one of the oldest in the city, in fact the Gran Hotel Inglés was inaugurated the first time in December 1886 and at the time was the only one in the Spanish Capital to have an lift, a steam heating and a bathroom on each floor. Those services help the hotel to be definitely the preferred place for artists, aristocracy and even bullfighters. Returning to the present day, travelers are pampered by the most modern comforts but by the same atmosphere rich of luxury that you breathe within this property steeped in history.

The Grand Hotel Inglés is located in the Barrio de las Letras, one of the picturesque area of Madrid and was reopened in 2018 after a total renovation by the Rockwell Group architectural firm. The latter has preserved the splendid façade of the 19th century, but has completely revised and redesigned the interiors in order to reflect a more contemporary atmosphere. The Rockwell Group has highlighted various aspects such as the decor of the lobby with a careful selection of velvet armchairs, colored carpets and a leather counter, with the aim of evoking a welcoming but absolutely exclusive atmosphere. The hotel’s library has a selection of over 600 books that all guests of the Gran Hotel Inglés can read in a relaxing and meditative setting.

There are only 48 rooms and suites, all decorated with wooden floors, leather panels and Art Deco decor such as bronze and glass furniture. They are all equipped with king-size beds, embellished with Egyptian cotton sheets and a pillow menu, ideal to meet any needs of each guest. The color palette is mostly neutral, although there are touches of rich colors including silver, ocher and teal that evoke the landscapes of Castile.

All rooms and suites have marble baths, huge walk-in showers with rainfall showerheads and a selection of L’Occitaine products. If the suite is more in your style, the Meller Suite features a private terrace with a hot tub, while the Presidential Suite has an old bar for self-service cocktails.

The restaurant of Gran Hotel Inglés is the Lobo 8, that combines a welcoming atmosphere with that of a private club. Lobo 8 is the old name of the street where the hotel is actually located, and inside there are several references of wolves like the iconography of the menu. The menu of the chef Willy Moya is focused to Spanish classics but totally revisited in a more contemporary point of view, but all with the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients.

LobByto bar is the ideal place to have a beer accompanied by tapas, or for an afternoon coffee or an evening cocktail. The list of wines available at LobByto is mainly Spanish. However, in addition to a list of traditional cocktails, you can taste something original, to give a special touch to your evening.

There’s a small fitness center at disposal to each guest to keep fit during a stay at Gran Hotel Inglés. In addition, for the well-being of its guests, the Gran Hotel Inglés houses the Egoïste Spa. The latter has two treatment rooms and a small and quiet swimming pool always available to all the guest on request. Even if you could be pushed to stay inside the hotel, the Gran Hotel Inglés district is full of trendy bars and several restaurants. The hotel is also a five minute walk from the Puerta del Sol and the elegant Chueca.


Gran Hotel Inglés is in the Barrio de Las Letras, one of the Madrid’s most characterful neighbourhoods. The narrow streets are steeped in history and are lined with tapas bars, restaurants and quirky boutiques. This area is where ramshackle theatres were set up in courtyards at the end of the 16th century and many writers, including Cervantes, Lope de Vega and Quevedo, lived here. It is five minutes’ walk to the Puerta del Sol, the epicentre of the city, and 10 minutes to the Prado museum. Plaza de Cibeles, where the bus from the airport stops, is also a 10-minute walk.


C/Echegaray 8
28014 Madrid (Spain)
+34 91 360 00 01 |

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Égoïste Spa

First signature Spa in Madrid inspired on the sophisticated and provocative elegance of the 20`s with the unique and personal style of Manuel De la Garza. Winner of 6 “Best Luxury Hotel Spa” awards by the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards, merges the last innovations of the exclusive French brand “Anne Semonin Paris” and the charm of the Art Deco in the 20´s. In Égoïste Spa, mind, body and soul become one in the wonderful Gran Hotel Inglés 5*GL in Madrid. A delightful environment of high quality and service. A personal style making this setting and unique experience.

The client surrenders to the luxury and seduction of Égoïste Spa where an unparalleled moment of relax, beauty and wellness is created. All at the up most expectations of your desires. A great variety of treatments are available: Facial, Body, Massages, Signature rituals and packs, as well as a relaxing Jacuzzi.Among all the treatments available for those who cherish relaxation, beauty, and wellness, we highly recommend the following:

SIGNATURE PACK “I AM ÉGOÏSTE” – This treatment becomes a unique and personal occasion, a moment created especially for you. This is the essence of Égoïste. The pampering starts with 20 minutes of jacuzzi, followed by our Égoïste Intensive Cryotherapy Facial. Followed by our Signature Égoïste Ritual to revitalize your body, mind and spirit. A journey for your Ego and your senses.

SIGNATURE ÉGOÏSTE RITUAL – Total relaxation achieved thru a message of hot herbal sachets applying special essential oils. This Signature ritual maximizes your senses giving you a total state of wellbeing, leaving your body and soul revitalized, peaceful and balanced. A must…

ÉGOÏSTE MASSAGE – Pamper yourself with this signature healing technique based on the circulation of energy combined with a massage done with an aromatic candle, making this treatment unique. Starting in the abdomen, an area that stores and processes human emotions, this massage focuses on the opening blocked energy paths and releasing negative energies, leaving you completely renewed.

ÉGOÏSTE INTENSIVE CRYOTHERAPY FACIAL – Whim yourself with this intensive eye and neckline facial treatment with Anne Semonin Cryotherapy Ice Cubes. Aromatic intensive complexes and serums absolute skin radiance. It´s a complete and effective remedy for removing the stress affects leaving skin firm, smooth and brilliant as you deserve.

MERVEILLEUSE VINOTHÉRAPHIE – Rejuvenating treatment to regenerate the skin. An invigorating body scrub followed by a nourishing and anti-ageing body wrap. A perfect full body moisturizer and rejuvenating corporal treatment for tired skin.

Value for Money

Double rooms are from just Euro 300,00 in low season; and from Euro 450,00 in high. These rates are per room and per day and include breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Access for guests with disabilities?

There is one room for guests with disabilities, it is located on the first floor, facing a bright and quiet interior courtyard. It is into the Deluxe category of rooms and it has 27 sqm. The hotel also has a special chair for guests that doesn’t want to book the specified access room but need help with it in the bathroom. This chair can be place in all category of rooms. Last but not least, according to Madrid authorities, it is one of the best accessible rooms in the city.


The hotel recommend to book the Echegaray Suite or Bretón Suite which are the same concept but different layout and square meters. The Echegaray Suite has 60sqm and the Breton Suite 57sqm. They are composed with an entry hall that gives you access into two connected rooms that can be arranged with two twin beds and a king size bed or a beautiful room and a spacious living room; they also have two bathrooms.

When to go?

Madrid is a buzzing city all year round, but the rhythm and activities vary from one season to another. It is an appealing destination with something interesting going on no matter when you go. That being said, Madrid is such a diverse and multicultural city that it really depends on your preferences. Whether you like warm temperatures and titillation or fresh air with no crowds, you will enjoy Madrid at any time.

Shoulder season (May-June & September-October)

Late spring and early fall are the best times for visiting Madrid. From late March to late October, Spain benefits from daylight saving time so days are extremely long. To give you an idea, from mid-June to mid-July the sun sets at 10pm, allowing plenty of time to visit the city. Additionally, temperatures are usually mild and it’s a pleasure to walk around the Madrid de los Austrias, the oldest part of town, or the Barrio de Salamanca where you can find the best shops. In June tourism starts to rise so you should expect some crowds at the most popular sights. Nevertheless, it won’t be as bas as in summer and if you still find more people than what you expected there are always tricks to avoid potential hordes. All in all, June and September are definitely the best months to travel to Madrid because of their amazing weather and incredibly long days.

Off-season (November-February)

Winter is the slow season for visiting Madrid, with the exception of Christmas time when the city mutates into a frantic place, outsiders come to admire the street decorations and locals become crazy shopping everywhere. You may have a hard time finding a hotel room or an apartment, especially at the cheaper accommodations. And most sights, especially museums, have generally long lines to access. Besides the end of the year, the off-season is a very attractive time to visit. The number of tourists is significantly lower, the lodging offer is large, and the airfares are more attractive. You can visit most of the places at a relaxing pace and room prices are at its bottom. Probably the only disadvantage to coming in the winter is that all the outdoor cafes are closed. This doesn’t mean you won’t be outside exploring the city during most of the day. While it’s true that the temperatures can be chill, it doesn’t go below freezing often.

Peak season (July-August)

This is not the best time for visiting Madrid. It is during this period when most visitors come to the city for different reasons. The first one is school and work holidays. Bear in mind that not only tourists choose this time of the year to travel, but you also need to know that Spaniards are also on holidays at that time of the year, especially in August. So people from other parts of Spain come to Madrid to visit, and Madrileños go on holiday meaning that many shops, bars and cafés are closed. The second one is the nice summertime weather. Madrid’s weather is particularly dry and there won’t be any rainfall except for a couple of summer storms. Days are extremely sunny, but also very hot with temperatures often breaking 35ºC. Actually, it is advisable to avoid being outside at midday and early afternoon.

The history of Gran Hotel Inglés

Built in 1853 and inaugurated in 1886 by Agustín Ibarra (then owner of the modernist English Café), the Gran Hotel Inglés was the first luxury hotel in the capital and the first to incorporate a restaurant, besides the second building of Madrid in having electric lighting. During its years of maximum splendor, its rooms (the hall, to which the select debates between artists and intellectuals of the mentioned English Café, and its 132 rooms were moved, that little by little were reduced in number after a greater amplitude of each one of them) welcomed all kinds of celebrities of the time and witnessed important milestones. Among its most illustrious guests, it is worth mentioning the musicians Carlos Gardel, Chapí, Bretón, Chueca and Barbier; painters Santiago Rusiñol or Henri Matisse; the literati Clarín, Valle-Inclán, Galdós and Virginia Woolf and politicians such as Pi y Margall, Eduardo Dato and José Canalejas. While among the events that hosted their salons, the banquet celebrated in 1894 in honor of the Filipino painters Juan Luna and Felix Resurrección Hidalgo stands out during which José Rizal gave the speech that laid the foundation for the independence of the Philippines.

Facts about Gran Hotel Inglés

1 – When the Gran Hotel Inglés was first opened on the 16th of December, 1886 the hotel offering in Madrid was limited to the Hotel la Paix (Located in Puerta del Sol), the Hotel de Rusia, the Embajadores hotel, La Fontana de Oro hotel, the Hotel París, and little more.

2 – The street wasn’t always named Echegaray. Up until 1888 it was named Lobo Street (Wolf Street), after a resident hunter who liked to exhibit his stuffed wolf kill on his door.

3 – Due to its distinguished décor, its service and the notoriety of its guests, in 1892 the Gran Hotel Inglés was recognised as a first class establishment. This achievement was published in several newspapers around the world and confirmed the excellent reputation that the hotel had managed to acquire in its first six years of activity.

4 – At the start of the 20th century, the Gran Hotel Inglés’ staff, which included painters, cabinet makers and masons lived in the attic rooms, which have now been converted into elegant suites.

5 – The social elite and ruling classes who visited Madrid during the hunting season used to stay in the Gran Hotel Inglés, who had to accommodate the hunting dogs by building kennels in the basement.

6 – The Gran Hotel Inglés used to offer its guests irresistible offers, for example, in 1929 a room only cost 7 pesetas, and if the guest wanted full board the amount went up to 20. The guests could request cars with personal drivers and of course, transfers to the main train stations in the city.

7 – During the Spanish Civil War the Gran Hotel Inglés was used as a hospital to provide support and shelter to the wounded, while during the Second World War the hotel was named Hotel Imperio with the aim of demonstrating Spanish support of the Axis powers.

8 – Countless international celebrities have stayed at the Gran Hotel Inglés, and the room where Virginia Woolf stayed is one of the most requested by English speaking clientele.

9 – In 2008 the city of Madrid paid homage to the Gran Hotel Inglés by erecting a plaque commemorating the original opening of the hotel. However, there was an error and the inscription of 1853 doesn’t correspond with the opening of the hotel, but instead with its construction.

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10 things to enjoy Madrid

Madrid, capital of Spain, is both the highest capital of Europe (rises 650 meters above sea level), as well as the sunniest, although the climate is still continental: “nueves meses de invierno y tres de infiern”, nine months of winter and three of hell, say the inhabitants of Madrid. It is also one of the most vibrant capitals in Europe, and if you have not gone yet you should really add it in your bucket list, although many will tell you that they prefer Barcelona. In any case, here are 10 things to do in Madrid to enjoy this wonderful city, both day and night.


If you spend only a few days in a capital, even if we like to be alternative and off the beaten track, the tourist bus is a good idea because it allows you to go around and see the main attractions, without necessarily spending hours between bus and metro. In Madrid, one of the official tourist bus routes is directed to the business buildings, along the Paseo de Recoletos towards and beyond the Bernabéu stadium. If you like architecture, you’re still in the right city. Take a look at the Picasso Tower (designed by Minoru Yamasaki, the same architect of the World Trade Center), the Telefònica building, the Edificio Metropolis on the Gran Vía and the Puerta de Europa or Kio Towers in Plaza de Castilla.


The fact that the 3 main museums are geographically close to each other, is not always a gread advantage because seeing them all in one day is not impossible but really hard, unless you want to walk the corridors on a scooter. If you spend only a few days in the capital, consider if you are ready for the richness of these collections. At the Prado you will enjoy the great names of art, including those of the Italian Renaissance, but also Flemish, Germans and Spaniards. At Reina Sofia you will find above all the Spanish Art of ‘900, including Dali and Picasso. At the Thyssen-Bornemisza you will find a collection of great value, more easily visited than the Prado. So, choose the best one for your needs!

Have fun in Malasaña and Chueca

Whatever age you have and any type of holiday you expect, you cannot stay in the hotel during the evening although you could be tired after a day among museums, shopping and so on. Nightlife is in fact an amazing part of the Madrid experience, and in any case you have to know that you won’t dine before 9pm. A district that is not entirely touristy, even if central, is Malasaña. Here you will find bars, clubs and restaurants for all tastes, even stores open until late. The term movida, was invented here. Chueca, not far away, is the LGBT district. If you think you can’t resist till  9pm to have dinner, you can indulge yourself with tapas at the Mercado san Anton: three floors of building with gastronomic products for delicious tasting experience…it is like half covered market and half an informal restaurant; a bit trendy, a bit authentic.

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Special City Guide: Madrid

The old and the new contrast vividly in Madrid, where narrow cobbled lanes and 17th-century chapels border modern boulevards and gleaming skyscrapers. Such is the diversity of modern Madrid, where locals revel in the centuries-old sport of bullfighting in the afternoon and then feast on sushi in the evening. And if you ask Madrileños about their favorite attractions, they’re just as divided: The masterpieces of the Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums vie with junk-shopping at the Rastro.

Your feet will grow weary before you make your way through the masterpieces of the Prado. The collection rivals that of the Louvre, with works from around the world, but since you’re in Madrid you may as well focus on the rich collection by Spanish masters Goya and Velázquez. When the temperatures rise, Madrileños catch a cool breeze in the Parque del Retiro with 350 acres of shade trees, gardens, fish ponds, and a lake.

For 500 years Madrileños have shopped for deals at the Rastro. On Sundays true bargain-hunters arrive before 7 a.m. for this flea market’s best buys, haggling over gems and oddities: Franco-era furniture, costume jewelry and dusty antiques. If the Gran Via area isn’t the city’s trendiest shopping district, Madrid doesn’t care to hear it. Many prefer the Art Deco shops selling trendy clothing there over any other district in Madrid. Take home the most traditional souvenir, a handbag made from supple Spanish leather.

Although not for everyone, Madrid still loves its bullfights. The city’s largest bullring is the Plaza de Toros at Ventas, where thousands admire the banderillero’s footwork and the bull’s fury. After midnight, Madrid’s young people flock to the lively bars of Chueca and Huertas for drinks. The city’s biggest clubs lie on Calle Arenal.

Follow Madrid’s lead and begin your evening with a tapeo, the Spanish version of a pub crawl. Hop from one tasca, or tapas bar, to the next, sipping Spanish wine and nibbling on chorizo, stuffed peppers and manchego cheese on Ventura de la Vega, Plaza de Santa Ana, or the Plaza de Santa Barbara. After tapas, Madrileños head for dinner, indulging in flavors from across Spain: Andalusian gazpacho, Valencian paella, and Madrid’s own lamb and vegetable stew, called cocido.

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