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  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • G Hotel Gurney

Ideally located in Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia) is the G Hotel Gurney. This 312-room property is situated between two renowned shopping centers, Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon, right next to the famous restaurants of Gurney Drive. From inside the G Hotel Gurney, you will not have the feeling of being in a city but rather in a metropolis. The atmosphere is cosmopolitan and the style is contemporary, the rooms are modern and are certainly more than comfortable.

The lobby at G Hotel Gurney really captures the heart with its warm ambiance and relaxing lighting. Kept spacious and open-spaced, the lobby is kept soft with wooden panelings adoring the walls while housing boutiques, check-in counters and comfortable lounge seatings. Take a moment if you’re there to admire the way naturally light fills up the entire space in the day, yet kept cozy from searing solar rays.

The rooms at the G Hotel Gurney are definitely beautiful. All rooms are perfect to spend a lovely time in Penang. This luxurious hotel is considered one of the best hotels on the island of Penang even for its rooms that are comfortable and stylish with elegant modern interior, relaxed atmosphere, new designer  furniture, big Smart TVs and last but not least free fast Wi-Fi connection. The latter is ideal for all the guests with their own laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Although there are so many culinary options in the hotel area, the Taste Café is without a doubt one of the best. This G Hotel Gurney restaurant is located on the ground floor and offers a variety of culinary options every day, as apart from the delicious breakfast served here daily, a dinner buffet is offered daily which changes evening by evening. Buffet that changes theme daily, passing from Asian to French cuisine, without forgetting the fish barbecue held during the weekend. This culinary variety allows to surprise guests every day, never boring them, even in the case of long stays.

The pool bar has a snack menu with a choice of snacks and drinks. One of the best times to stay at the pool bar is certainly in the evening, as the city lights make the atmosphere even more elegant and lively. If staying in the pool for a drink is not among the activities you like to do, you can definitely choose the G Lounge, located on the ground floor where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere sipping  excellent cocktails.

The third floor of G Hotel Gurney is the place of the outdoor pool deck, which takes up a good part of guests’ stay, as well as the gym and SPA. Last but not least, there’s an hair salon and a new conference center; all to offer an extraordinarily complete package, an exceptional starting point to enjoy Georgetown. The 15th floor of the building houses a cozy and exclusive Executive Lounge for residents of the executive floors and suites. Nicely tucked onto the cozy arm chairs, diners can enjoy light snacks and a plethora of alcoholic beverages while enjoying the view of the Gurney seafront.

Situated in Gurney Drive, a stay at G Hotel offers the chance to easily reach some of Penang’s most popular hotspots, like the Gurney Plaza, the iconic shopping mall of Penang or even the Gurney Paragon, the latest luxury shopping paradise of the city. Thanks to its location, all guests can reach different restaurants and enjoy various street foods, making the G Hotel a perfect place to enjoy the typicality of the place but without getting away from the famous gems of Penang.


Thanks to its location you will have exclusive access to its best restaurants and shops as well as to the city’s financial district. The G Hotel lies at Gurney Drive, which is a popular street at the edge of Georgetown, the capital city of Penang Island. This street is also situated along the strait that divides Penang and the mainland. Across Gurney Drive you will find several bars, plenty of nightlife, numerous diners and a couple of shopping center. A nice side note is that the hotel is located right next to the popular shopping mall Plaza Gurney and it also lies within a few minutes’ walk of Gurney Paragon, another popular mall in Georgetown. Between the mall and the G Hotel you’ll find a Food street, with a diverse range of small restaurants and coffee houses. Within walking distance you will find a large hawker, where you will be able to eat delicious local meals for little money.


Persiaran Gurney 168A
10250 Penang (Malaysia)

+604 238 0000
g4u@ghotel.com.my | ghotel.com.my

Don’t Miss

Grill from the Sea buffet at Taste Café, Ground Floor

You can’t get any fresher than this! Introducing the buffet dinner – Grill from the Sea and expect fresh catch of the day on every Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Highlighting the first ever Lava Stone BBQ in Taste Café, the seasonal fresh fishes along with other seafood morsel such as king prawns, slipper lobsters, squids as well as meats and poultry which will be grilled to perfection, promising a mouth-watering treat.

Cocktails and Live Band Performances at G Lounge, Ground Floor

Come unwind and listen to the acoustic live band playing some trendy, classic and sing along repertoire whilst sipping on some in-house curated concoctions and wines complemented by some lip-smacking snacks. Some say the band is the best in town!

Reverse Tap Beer @ Tree Bar, Alfresco, Ground Floor

They are the only bar in Penang serving reverse tap beer for Kronenbourg 1664! What makes it so special? The dispenser fills up the glass from the bottom reducing the exposure to air and creates less bubble making the beer taste much smoother.

Infinity Pool with a View

Have a swim in their infinity pool to relax & unwind with lounge chairs or Dedon beds. Feel nothing but sumptuous unwinding as you quench your thirst with their bar’s selection of cocktails crafted by their bartender accompanied with tantalising snacks. Other well-stocked spirits, liquors, beers and even non-alcoholic beverages are available too.

G Art Gallery

For the art enthusiasts, pay a visit to their art gallery located on Level 1, Link Bridge. Ingeniously located throughout the length of G Hotel’s indoor link bridge, the art gallery has hosted numerous solo exhibitions of photographers and artists. Free entrance and open 24 hours, feel free to drop by anytime. Who knows you may come across a painting that you would like to purchase, and one day it will be worth a fortune.

Value for Money

Early bird promotion and attractive room packages from USD 100 are available on the website when you book direct. Seal the deal and book early to secure the best room rates.

Access for guests with disabilities?

There are handicap/disabled rooms specially designed to be handicap friendly, more accessible, equipped with safety features and yet not compromising on comfort, style and luxury.


Yes, they welcome families. The room can fit one extra bed at additional cost. It has a wading pool for kids to enjoy. Meanwhile, baby cots are available on complimentary. Book early so that you will not be disappointed.

When to go?

Penang is a great place to visit all year round however from november to january is the best time to go to Penang as the weather is very pleasant and conducive for sightseeing. Since this is the onset of Christmas and New Year this is the liveliest time of the year as bars and restaurants are full of people enjoying the festive season. From february to april is a quieter time to visit Penang as many of the tourists have left after the New Year celebrations. This is a best time to enjoy the city minus the crowds of tourists. Take a leisurely stroll down George Town and soak in the local atmosphere. Finally from may to october is the wettest season in Penang and the city witnesses a drop in tourists. Though if it’s a quiet vacation you’re looking for then this is the best time to visit Penang. Since this is not a very busy season you can avail of great discounts on your hotel stay. Though make sure you carry an umbrella or raincoat along as rain showers are frequent.

Sister Hotel – G Hotel Kelawai

G Hotel Kelawai is the sister hotel of the G Hotel Gurney and is just within 5 minutes walking distance away from each other, both located at Gurney Drive area. A brilliant feature of G Hotels is that you can access all the services and privileges of both hotels. The 208-room G-Hotel Kelawai is the place where the iconic design and the avant-garde lifestyle create the conditions for an exclusive and extraordinary stay. The appeal of the hotel is more based on privacy and exclusivity than the G Hotel Gurney. Guests can enjoy the most precious modern luxury, more precisely peace and quiet, even if you are in the lively city of Penang. This is a charming hotel with a modernity suffused in terms of bold and innovative approach and design. Visitors will find designer furniture everywhere, from the lobby to the functional and hotel rooms. G Hotel Kelawai offers 3 on-site dining options, each with a different atmosphere. There’s the Spoon Café, a great all-day dining option that serves a variety of fresh food from all over the world. The 2PM Lounge has an option for outdoor dining, perfect for afternoon tea. At the hotel’s pool bar, you can stop for a nice drink as well as at the Gravity, rooftop bar that spectacular views aside, the real deal here is the myriad of mouthwatering shots prepared by well-trained mixologists. Just enjoy the outdoor pool, 24-hour fitness center, steam bath and pool loungers to complete a great stay in Georgetown. Located on the 24th floor, G Hotel Kelawai Executive Lounge offers incredible views of Georgetown. The space is perfect for business meetings or simply for relaxing with a glass of wine.

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Top 20 of things to do on your first trip in Penang

Ah, Penang, the Pearl of the Orient. Unless you’ve been living in a cave in the last few years, chances are you’ve already heard of this magnificent city in Malaysia. In fact, in recent times, it has been ranked as one of the best travel destinations not only in the country or in the region, but all over the world! From mouth-watering street food to artistic murals that color the streets, Penang is always different with each visit. That said, I decided to make a list of things to do during a visit to Penang and at the end, trying to limit myself, focus and concentrate on the many things to see, I came to pull down two Top 10! Amazing! Here is my first Top 10 of things to do on your first trip in Penang. Or second. Or third. In fact, no matter how many times you have visited Penang, these activities always seem to fascinate the traveler’s mind at every visit.

1. Street of Harmony

Penang’s Street of Harmony is located along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling and is by far one of the places that best reflect the multicultural uniqueness of Malaysia. The road is full of many places of worship that appeal to different faithful and it is not uncommon to see devotees pouring into a weekend or a religious holiday. Among the most important buildings are the Masjid Kapitan Keling, The Temple of Kuan Yin, the Church of St. George and the Temple of Sri Mahamariamman. The famous Khoo Kongsi building is also situated here.

2. Murals of Penang

I think it was around early 2010, when I found the first posts about the creative murals along the streets of Penang. It has not been too long since the trend of tracing these works of art became a thing to do during a visit to Penang, even for the locals! The streets of Georgetown are literally full of these works of art and is one of the main reasons why there are so many bikes on the road now that about 10 years ago. Considering the large number of artistic murals in the city, get a bicycle to see the most number possible murals is the ideal choice. Trust me!

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Discovering the lively vibes of Penang

Penang, a world-famous tourist destination known once as Pulau Pinang or “Isle of Betel Nut” is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008 and this paradise has no shortage of cultural attractions and natural landscapes. In its heart lies the cosmopolitan Georgetown, the main city of the island of Penang as well as the urban center that offers traditional elements of this part of Asia, from the trishaws pedalling to the Chinese shophouses, to name a few. Even the most modern aspects of Asian culture are visible, especially  in the exceptional art scene and in its funny parties, all fed by a captivating local enthusiasm for the long history of Penang and its kaleidoscope of cultures.

To get to Penang you can fly on the Penang International Airport, formerly known as Bayan Lepas International Airport, which is located in the Bayan Lepas area of ​​Penang. The airport is located 16 kilometers south of Georgetown, the capital of the district of Penang. Passengers arriving or departing from the north direction of the airport can have a fabulous view of Georgetown, Butterworth and the Penang Bridge.

The best time to visit the island and the district of Penang is the relatively dry period between December and March. This is located about 5° north of the equator and is therefore characterized by a warm and humid climate, with frequent downpours especially in spring, summer and autumn. This last season usually sees abundant rainfall with more than a thousand millimeters of rain falling in the mere 3 months of September, October and November. In terms of temperature, the maximum is kept constantly above 30° C throughout the year, with peaks of 32-33° C in spring. The minimums are usually maintained at values ​​above 20-22° C.

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Special City Guide: Penang

Penang gets its name from the Malay word pinang, the areca plant, which grew on the island in abundance. The nut of the tree, commonly called betel, was chewed habitually throughout the East (and in some parts still is). In the 15th century, it was a quiet place populated by small Malay communities, attracting the interest of some southern Indian betel merchants. By the time Francis Light, an agent for the British East India Company, arrived in 1786, the island was already on the maps of European, Indian, and Chinese traders. Light landed on the northeast part of the island, where he began a settlement after an agreement with the sultan of Kedah, on the mainland. He called the town Georgetown, after George III. One story claims that to gain the help of the locals for clearing the site, he shot a cannonload of coins into the jungle.

Georgetown became Britain’s principal post in Malaya, attracting Europeans, Arabs, northern and southern Indians, southern Chinese, and Malays from the mainland and Sumatra to trade and settle. But it was never extremely profitable for England, especially when, in 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles founded a new trading post in Singapore. Penang couldn’t keep up with the new port’s success.

In 1826, Penang, along with Melaka and Singapore, formed a unit called the Straits Settlements, over which Penang was voted the seat of government by a narrow margin. Finally, in 1832, Singapore stole its thunder when authority shifted there. In the late 1800s, Penang got a break. Tin mines and rubber plantations on mainland Malaya were booming, and with the opening of the railway between KL and Butterworth (the town on the mainland just opposite the island), Penang once again thrived. Singapore firms scrambled to open offices in Butterworth.

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