Hong Kong by Night

New trip, new stage, new vibrant soul: Hong Kong

New trip, new stage and always Asia. This time, I am totally focused to learn more about Hong Kong. This stop was an intense and exciting experience, exactly as the city presents itself to its millions of visitors that every year landing on the main island, the peninsula and the various islands that belong to it (Kowloon, the island of Hong Kong and New Territories).

Located in the southeast of China, under the name “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China” the city stands out as one of the most modern and densely populated in the world (over 7 million inhabitants). The city, full of attractions to visit, allows you to go from the typical shopping centers to night markets, passing through the temples and neighborhoods famous for their architecture made by huge skyscrapers. There is no reason to get bored, the city is fun and there is something that goes beyond the typical Asian destination.

Hong Kong is a concentration of Chinese tradition and culture along with a British influence by virtue of its past domination. In my experience I tried to follow a path made up of well-known places also looking for contacts with local people, since in Hong Kong they speak English quite enough.


Tram at Victoria Peak

One of the best ways to enjoy an extraordinary view of this city is Victoria Peak. Through an historic tram it is possible to climb up to the upper part of the island and then admire how incredible Hong Kong is. Island and peninsulas are at your feet. The port with its Avenue of Stars is a typical visit. What I liked is the “Symphony of Lights” night show.


Man Mo Temple

Behind its well-known commercial side, Hong Kong also hides its religious side made up of temples of great charm. In places like the Man Mo Temple and the Wong Tai Sin Temple, time seems to stop while one is fascinated by so much spirituality.

Leaving the island of Hong Kong you can explore another island to admire its immense Buddha. I am talking about the island of Lantau, the largest and most quiet (only 45 thousand inhabitants) where you can visit the great “Tian Tan”. A long path of stairs leading to the imposing front of the Buddha surrounded by six bronze statues known as Offering of the Six Devas.


Nam Shan Estate

The performance of Kung Fu in Kowloon Park represented, in this trip, the passage from the historical religious part to the modern buildings of Hong Kong and the night markets. In fact I left behind me all the religious points and I have discovered the more densely populated urban areas known as “public housing”, due to important measures for population management. Huge buildings with small dimensions to live. These large agglomerations are characterized by their interesting architectural appearance, many of them are even a reason to visit for many instagramers. Among these stands the Nam Shan Estate, a set of dominant green buildings with a park located above a market.

Choi Hung Estate

Among my favorites is the Choi Hung Estate, one of the oldest houses in Hong Kong. A local resident explained to me that its color tone evokes the rainbow so that it can elevate residents’ spirits. From inside the Ping Shek Estate, another large building, you can appreciate an infinite number of floors that perfectly surround a well of light with an impressive view.

Montane Mansion

Montane Mansion is instead popular among photographers for its perfect symmetry that allows you to take very interesting photos. With a simple glance towards the sky, the numerous windows create an almost claustrophobic effect. Another way to experience the island of Hong Kong, its streets and people is to get on a tram. Known locally as “Ding Ding”, these trams have been a form of transportation for over 110 years. Traveling along a line or more, on the island, can be an interesting experience.

24h No-Stop

Temple Street Market

Hong Kong never loses its rhythm, even at night. You can visit many markets at any time. Among the famous the Temple Street Market or the Ladies Market. The latter caught my attention due to the amount of people and street artists. Pure entertainment considering the weird and strange things you can find there.

Ladies Market

Finally, as I said, Hong Kong is a mixture of cultures, people, shops and traditions. A place where East and West give life to a fascinating mix. Very easily, it is possible to pass from ancient traditions to modernity. A city with a powerful and vibrant soul that is worth visiting. A soul that I tried to make mine and transmit to all of you through these words, hoping I was able to push your decision to visit Hong Kong as soon as possible.

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