Morocco: why not?!?

Things are not always what they seem and Morocco is a luxurious travel destination that has been branded in a way that doesn’t do it justice. Morocco is always billed as a destination with sand dunes as far as the eye can see and camel rides to dinners in the desert. This little corner of Northern Africa is one of our favourite places to plan in. Why? Because there’s nowhere else in the world quite like Morocco. Here are a few of our top reasons to visit:

1) Get the blues: Pink may be the navy blue of India (as Diana Vreeland, fabled former editor of Vogue, once said), but the joltingly bright Majorelle blue is most certainly the navy blue of Morocco.
2) Man, can they tan: Moroccans still make stuff. Exquisite handicrafts by the hundreds. But most of all they know how to work a piece of leather to perfection.
3) Great for a date: The blazing sun works small miracles on palm trees, delivering heaps of delicious dates.
4) Kings of courtyards: How refreshing it is to experience domestic architecture that keeps its treasures hidden. Modesty can be so magnificent.
5) They never forget a face: Moroccans have an uncanny knack for recognizing a person years after first meeting them. And they’re always keen to catch-up over a glass of mint tea.
6) Roses by the dozen: For the price of a single long-stemmed red rose at a restaurant in New York, you can buy an armful at the market in Marrakech.
7) They make mud houses: And they make them incredibly and intricately well. Play your cards right and you can stay in one of these kasbahs. Otherwise you can stay in one luxury boutique riad as Palais Amani. This latter is the biggest authentic riad in Fez home to 15 luxury suites and bedrooms.  Set with its ancient walls, Palais Amani is an immaculately restored luxury riad with a panoramic roof terrace and mosaic-tiled hammam. There are shaded courtyards fragrant with jasmine and citrus, terraces in which to sip a glass of mint tea or indulge in a massage using Morocco’s famous argan oil.
8) Crazy carpets: Blocks of wild colour and irregular patterns have a way of working themselves into your heart. And often, your home.
9) A knack for theatre: Whether they’re pitching tents in the Sahara, lighting a billion candles for a dinner for two, or simply pouring tea, Moroccans know how to make the mundane marvellous.
10) Scriptly delicious: The swooshing, curving calligraphic lines of Arabic script communicate a beauty beyond words.
11) An Atlas high: Like a dragon’s spine, the majestic High Atlas mountains curl through the country from near head to toe, keeping that big blue sky propped up.
12) Markets & mazes: Virtually all of the large cities and towns have a labyrinth of streets and alleys hiding remarkable local markets. Seek out those souks and enjoy!

If all these tips are not enouth for you…to this end we have an extra invaluable asset: a video! Watch the 6:33 minutes of images by Federico Toraldo to discover a country with a thousand faces and a thousand colors, that in every day and in every place is different from himself. Enjoy!

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