Maldives: why not?!?

What could be more tranquil than a beach surrounded entirely by crystal clear, blue water? Maldives, an island cluster consisting of thousands of tropical isles, is known for its premier diving, coral reefs and bespoke resorts. The water is so clear in fact, that swimmers can see any of the 1.000 species of fish from over 50 mt away. The ideal time to visit is during the dry season from November to April when average temperatures stay between 25-28 degrees Celsius. With nothing but the vast Indian Ocean in the distance, it is the perfect locale for a relaxing, exotic getaway.

The people of Maldives have fought for freedom from the Dutch, British and even leaders they elected themselves. Through all of this, tourism remains Maldives’ largest industry. Travel in Maldives often includes time relaxing on the local beaches. These tropical islands have plenty of sunshine and high temperatures year round, and have islands dedicated strictly to tourists traveling to Maldives. Whether you long for pampered nights in a 5-star resort or fish-filled days some 24 mt underwater, your tropical wishes are sure to come true on one of the 87 resort islands of the Maldives. Straddling the equator, the 1.102 islands that make up the Maldives form 26 atolls, or rings, of coral scattered over an area of land 820 km long and 120 km wide. The air of tranquility enveloping the archipelago makes the Maldives the ideal place to escape from the real world to a palm-fringed haze.

Aerial View of Vivanta By Taj – Coral Reef

In this Paradise, the Vivanta By Taj – Coral Reef, Maldives is a pearl of Maldives. This resort lends its splendor to the scenic island of Hembadhu and provides awe-inspiring views of the sea, along with every modern facility, bringing to you the very best there is to offer. Vivanta By Taj – Coral Reef, Maldives has all the exotic ocean views and dramatic sunsets you need for the perfect tropical holiday. When you step into your villa, find a streamlined, sophisticated take on resort accommodations instead of the usual beach décor. As one of the best luxury resorts in the Maldives, they’ve revamped your resort experience completely. The resort is a diver’s dream, with diving sites and their own reef and shipwreck to explore. For those who prefer to stay on land, the view of the lagoon dotted with water villas is mesmerising. The villas have a rustic-luxe design, with neutral furnishings and natural features such as driftwood art pieces.

There are two types of beach villa: Superior Charm Beach Villas and more spacious Deluxe Delight Beach Villas, while overwater the Premium Indulgence Water Villas follow the curve of one side of the island. For maximum space and privacy, the Two Bedroom Nirvana Beach Suites with Pool are two-storey suites with a plunge pool on the large deck. The Vivanta By Taj – Coral Reef, Maldives offers a variety of excellent amenities, with a mouth-watering selection of dining options, including Open – The Grill, an alfresco dining experience overlooking the lagoon, with an interactive Teppanyaki counter. For those who prefer a little more relaxation, a visit to the Jiva Spa is a must. Here guests can enjoy authentic Indian, royal and holistic experiences.

However, what immediately comes to mind when many of us think of an atoll is a desolate, circular array of coral reefs with white, sandy islands populated by a few lonely, swaying palm trees and perhaps a castaway or two. And watching the video by peterambertravel, it’s true!. Joking apart, don’t miss the chance to enjoy a real Maldivian experience beyond its glitzy resorts and pristine beaches precisely like it is showed on this video.

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