Dragon Bridge Ljubljana

Ljubljana: why not?!?

A city of culture and cuisine, boutiques, bars and hidden treasures, Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, exudes the confidence of an architecturally beautiful city that has 5.000 years of fascinating history tucked under its belt. The magnificent Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau edifices of its old town centre, and its many charming squares, emanate the atmosphere of a small town; while its lively cultural, scientific, educational and business communities leave no doubt that this is a modern city in tune with the times.

Ljubljana devotes itself mainly to cultural events, with many thousands of these gracing its calendar each year, including the Summer Festival, Jazz Festival and the Druga Godba Festival of Alternative Music. Music is the lifeblood of the city, which boasts one of the oldest established Philharmonic orchestras in the world, not to mention some accomplished street musicians. It is not all classical culture, however. With its large student population Ljubljana knows how to rock, and you are just as likely to hear the throbbing beat of club music emanating from buildings after nightfall, as you are the strains of violins. Food is a big factor in any visit to Ljubljana, where all the best of Eastern European cuisine seems to have merged into a of delights, from delicate Viennese-style pastries to hearty Hungarian goulash.

For your accommodation, the Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa is a luxury hotel, located in an impressive 16th century palatial city residence in the very heart of the centre of Ljubljana, boasting one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. 18 spacious suites and boutique rooms are individually designed with an inviting décor and style that is accompanied by the latest amenities.

However start your time lapse journey through Ljubljana’s beauties thanks the following video by Studio Kairos that introduces us the Dragon City in a really captivating way. Enjoy it!

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