Iced Tea in Paris

Top 4 places to drink iced tea in Paris

What’s the best place to drink iced tea in Paris? If you visit the City of Lights during the summer you’ll want to cool off after a long day of sightseeing. A glass of iced tea, or thé glacé as the locals call it, is just the thing to refresh you. Here are some of the best places to drink iced tea in Paris.

Iced Tea at the Mythical Angelina Lounge

While the Angelina Lounge is known for serving one of Paris’ finest hot chocolates, the place also offers a divine ice tea based on China’s Oolong Tea, exotic fruit flavors, pineapple chunks and marigolds.

Iced Tea at Ladurée

Ladurée is another great place that serves up a refreshing ice tea. Throughout the summer, the lounge prepares a tea with citrus, rose, vanilla and cinnamon in an ice-cold version.

Iced Tea Cocktails by Tea by Thé

Tea by tea is surely the address that offers the widest selection of iced teas with non-alcoholic cocktails such as Mojithé (green tea, cane sugar, fresh mint and lime), Piña Colathé (black tea, cream Coconut, pineapple juice and pillaged ice), Pom-Pom Tea (Rooibos red tea, cinnamon and apple juice) or Bubble tea (black tea with milk, bubble gum and pearls).

Iced Tea Time at Mariage Frères

For its part, the Mariage Frères tea shop offers cocktails of fruits with tea such as Green tonic (fresh fruits and vegetables, organic matcha tea from Japan), the Kaori Latte (organic matcha tea from Japan and crushed iced) or the Granizado (a blue iced tea for Paris Bastille Day, a white iced tea called Paris Tea Time or a red iced tea called Midnight in Paris).

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