Finkenberg: your next winter destination

Finkenberg is a charming village, with traditional chalet-style hotels, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Zillertal. In few words, it is a medium-sized Tyrolean village in the beautiful Zillertal Alps with a long tradition of skiing and tourism. Located within the Zillertal nature park, the village has just over 1.500 inhabitants throughout the year, but in this number there’s the Olympic champion Leonhard Stock as well as Professor Peter Habeler, the first to climb Everest without an oxygen mask.

The village is located about three kilometers southwest of Mayrhofen and 200 meters above the river Ziller on a generally sunny and gently sloping terrace in the Tuxertal area. The highest mountain in the Zillertal Alps, the Hochfeiler (3.510 m), is part of the widespread community that extends to the Italian border. In terms of skiing, Finkenberg is located in the center of the Ski and Glacierworld Zillertal 3000 ski area, which starts from the nearby Mayrhofen to the Hintertux Glacier snowfields all year round. Ski and Glacier World Zillertal 3000 is the largest unique ski region in the beautiful Austrian Ziller Valley; even if those staying for more than three days may wish to purchase the entire Zilley Valley skipass covering all the ski areas of the region and is one of the 20 largest ski lifts in the world with in total about 800 km of slopes.

A bit of History


The village has a long history. In ancient times the Reto-Romans drove their cattle herds to the alpine pastures of the Zillergrund and the Tuxertal from the south through the Pfitscher Joch. The church, built in 1721 and dedicated to San Leonhard, contains stucco from the early Baroque. Built in 1876, the Teufelsbrücke or Devil’s Bridge is a clear example of old Tyrolean woodworking. Go through the deep ravine through which the Tuxer Bach passes. The Teufelsbrücke would have got its name when the local farmers, lacking the technical skills to build a footbridge on the deep ravine of the Dornauhof, called the devil to help them. He agreed to do the job if the locals surrendered the first person to cross the bridge after it was built. The astute farmers consented to this, but when the bridge was completed, they first sent a goat. Needless to say, Satan was not happy and went flying with the goat, followed by the laughter of the Finkenberg peasants.

Mountain Paradise

Ski and Glacier World Zillertal 3000

The Ski and Glacier World Zillertal 3000 offers a wide range of skis between 630 and 3.250 meters above sea level. However there are trails up to 12 km from the top of the Tux glacier to the valley. Thanks to state-of-the-art snow-making facilities covering 196 hectares of slopes, ski conditions are guaranteed as long as the temperatures are sufficiently low. The mountains around Finkenberg are ideal for any kind of winter seasons lovers. Enthusiasts can walk through isolated forests and long descents over picturesque mountain huts to the peaks. Then there is the unique feeling of enjoying absolutely virgin slopes. Finkenberg mountain guides can help guests discover the beauty of this place safely. If this sounds too much like hard work, there are mountain inns and après-ski bars in the area, all to visit and enjoy.

Traveling with Family

Finkenberg is a good option for families with children. Here they can do everything, build a snowman and do a snowball fight, until skiing on a special ski slope created especially for them. There are ski jumps, a magic carpet lift, a ski carousel and a baby lift in the village. There are two excellent ski schools offering classes especially for children from the age of four. Cool!

Pure Fun Apres-Ski

There are two excellent pubs and après-ski bars where you can party until late at night. Firstly the Laterndl Pub often does live shows while the Finkennest is like a themed bar with tequila night on Monday, happy hour on Tuesdays, table dances on other evenings and so on. Pure fun!

Where to Stay

The tranquil setting of the 5-star STOCK Resort makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway and the 5.000 sqm Spa contributes to this significantly. It is as unique as it is full of variety; a place that has been completely created for spa lovers & sport enthusiasts, families & lovers, gourmets and foodies as well as high demand solo travelers. First-class comfort, which is defined by a wonderful combination of Tyrol charm and state-of-the-art facilities, sets the tone in the STOCK Resort. Every room has its own story to tell, its own personality and an ambience which is magical; something which can also be experienced in the lovely suites of this luxury place. In the STOCK Spa, guests can experience exceptional luxury. 21 individually designed treatment rooms, among them a romantic bath, Ayurveda rooms and a Shiatsu and singing bowl room. Exclusive treatments using Stock Diamond products, just here you can find them, providing an unforgettable well-being vacation. In the 190 sqm Panorama Fitness Studio the majestic all-encompassing view, high-end equipment and bespoke personal training provided is impressive. For those guests seeking outdoor excursion, the STOCK Resort offers guided hikes and ski tours, as well as mountain bike rental.

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