Hintertuxer Gletscher

Exploring the Hintertuxer Gletscher

Winter holiday? An impartial advice: go head to Hintertux, Austria. The Hintertuxer glacier you will find is wonderful: a natural ice cave that will make you dream, both in winter, but also in summer. The Hintertux ski area (which includes the Hintertuxer Gletscher, Finkenberger-Almbahnen, Rastkogelbahnen and Eggalm-Bahnen ski areas) has been voted one of the best ski areas in the world. It is not enough: it is also the only ski resort in Austria where it is possible to ski all year round. 86 kilometers of slopes in perfect condition in winter and 70 kilometers in spring. Not bad for ski enthusiasts.

Moreover it is one of the most scenic places in the Alps, just look at the photos you can find online or on Instagram. You can take panoramic photos at a height of 3.250 meters, the highest point of the Hintertux glacier, accessible by the Gletscherbus 3 cable car, the highest bicable-car in the world. The only ascent by cable car is in itself a unique and exciting experience, even for non-skiers: just remain suspended at a cable at three thousand meters high offers strong emotions, guaranteed. However at the top, from the panoramic terrace you can admire the three thousand meter peaks of the area (the Dolomites, the Großglockner and the Zugspitze).

An holiday here, in addition to offering the opportunity to ski both in winter and in summer, allows you to visit the famous natural ice cave, with expert guides that will make us discover all the secrets of this wonder. Even the cave is open all year, so it is the perfect destination for both winter holidays and those in the summer months.

It is possible to visit the ice cave with a guide: after having equipped the visitors with a helmet and a belt, it starts the exploration of cave. Firstly you visit the entrance hall, an exciting blue (that of natural ice), which will bring you in the ice palace, which is 15 meters high. Then continue towards the Crystal Chamber: as the name said, in this room you can admire the ice crystals in all their shapes and sizes. From here the walk bring you to the frozen pond, a natural pond that also acts as an entrance to the Blue Room and the Ice Chapel, wrapped in a red light. From here the wonder: the huge Ice Palace inside the cave, which is exactly twenty-five meters deep compared to the ski slopes and whose ceiling reaches a height of fifteen meters.

When you are outside, you can choose to stop in the lodges that offer typical dishes or ski or go down with bobsleds and sleds. In summer, however, you can also choose to follow beautiful hiking tours throughout the glacier area, in which there are many caves to trek through. In Tux there is a summer program with 230 guided and themed hikes to explore and discover the High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps.

From July to September, children can also have a lovely experience: on the glacier, the Gletscherfloh Park is open on the Sommerberg mountain cottage: this is an area dedicated to children with a Tubing trail (a sort of donut-rubber dinghy in the snow) and many games on the snow. There is also a climbing wall (which is so immersed in the beauty of the snowy mountains is even more exciting than usual!), as well as a go-kart track with pedals. Definitely the Top!

Where to Stay

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