The European destinations less traveled

Forget Paris and Rome and have a look of a new list of European destinations that aim to take globetrotters on the road less traveled. Instead of Paris, for example, consider taking a detour to Dijon, the mustard capital of the world. Lecce (Italy) is also described as the “Florence of the South” for offering a Tuscan experience without the crowds. The town is known for its Baroque-style architecture and is also within striking distance of the Adriatic and Ionian seas for beachside lounging.

The high season is coming and have a look at some European travel ideas to take you off the beaten path:

Delphi (Greece): Known as the navel of the world, the archeological site of Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for having served as the religious center of the ancient Greek world. Delphi is just an hour outside Athens.

Rovinj (Croatia): Known as the blue pearl of the Adriatic Sea, Rovinj is located on the northern end of the Adriatic Sea and offers miles of sun-soaked beaches.

Sintra (Portugal): Along with lush green forests and horse-drawn carriage rides up the Portuguese mountains, the major attraction for Sintra includes the Vila Palace, which was used as a summer resort for kings throughout the history of Portugal from the late 14 century.

Cappadocia (Turkey): Known for its stunning, lunar-like landscape with ancient rock formations and caves, Cappadocia is dotted with fairy chimneys and labyrinthine subterranean cities. The best way to take in the region is on a hot air balloon ride tour at sunrise.

Brighton (England): The seaside town of Brighton could be described as London’s version of the Hamptons for New Yorkers.

Seville (Spain): As the birthplace of Flamenco dancing, Seville is the perfect Spanish destination for lovers of music and dance.

Lisse (Netherlands): The best time to visit Lisse, also known as the “Garden of Europe“, is May, when the town erupts in hyacinths, daffodils, orchids and lilies during the annual Flower Parade. Lisse is a short half-hour drive outside Amsterdam.

Sylt (Germany): Visiting Germany and want to get your surf on? Sylt is the place to go, with 40 km of sandy beaches that also offers other water sport activities like sailing, swimming and kite surfing.

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