The Eldorado for freeriding

Enjoy deep alpine powder snow in the Eldorado for freeriding. You can live the dream of freeriding in Lech Zurs am Arlberg. Glistening powder snow, endless deep snow runs, blue sky and the feeling of freedom. When you are first to make tracks in the pristine deep snow, a look behind at the fresh tracks in the snow fills you with contentment and you want to keep on coming back or, even better, to stay right there in the Almhof Schneider Hotel. It has a charming blend of contemporary luxury and traditional alpine chic, making it ideal if you’re looking for a super high end skiing holiday in Lech am Arlberg.

In the ski resorts checklist 2008/2009, Lech Zurs am Arlberg took first place in the “Best Freeride Opportunities” category. 200 kilometeres of deep Alpine powder snow runs speak fro themselves – guaranteed snow until the end of April and the offer of heli-skiing won over the testers. But that’s not surprising, because at a height of 1.720 mt Zurs is the Mecca for off-piste Alpine skiing. Accompanied by the best trained ski guides and with the right equipment, you can experience short ascents and long downhill runs in a unique way. These perfect conditions for freeriding produced their local world-famous freeriding professional Lorraine Huber. Since 2012, she has been an official partner of Lech Zurs am Arlberg and can often be found here in her home resort, the Eldorado of freeriding.

Lech Zurs is the only resort in Austria to offer heli-skiing and heliskiing and heliboarding in the Arlberg is not only a spectacular and elite experience, it is also unique in Austria. You can fly to two peaks starting from the Kriegerhorn and from the Flexen Pass. The “Mehlsack” (2.652m) peak is the ideal destination for experienced freeriders. Particularly in spring, the icy firn snow on the “Schneetali-Orgelscharte” (2.450m) offers the best conditions for skiers of medium ability. Skiing and snowboarding require risk-aware and responsible behavious, first and foremost away from the prepared pistes.


This opens up dream runs for deep snow skiers and, during the spring season, for firn fans. The route in the direction of Älpele is the most popular run. From the bottom of the valley you can walk back to Zug in approx. 20 minutes along a well-kept walking path (there is a local bus connection from Zug to Lech, or you can use the Zug mountain railway (Bergbahn) to reach the ski area). The alternative route to the Spuller Lake (Spullersee), which offers many sunny slopes, is particularly appreciated as a beautiful firn run during late spring.


The airfield is situated below the Orgelscharte, and the run leads into the Schnee Valley (Schneetal) (behind Zug – Älpele). Particularly during the spring season this slope is suitable as a firn run also for skiers of intermediate skiing ability.

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