Colors and secrets of Sithonia

Known for its three peninsulas, Halkidiki is a beach paradise with beautiful sandy shores and crystal clear waters. This northern region is so beautiful that it is a real alternative to the famous Greek islands and some of its landmarks are equally popular with tourists. Like Halkidiki, nowhere! This is a funny phrase, which makes no sense in English, but it is very common in Greece when someone wants to describe this special place that is actually Halkidiki.

As mentioned, it consists of 3 smaller peninsulas, the first is called Kassandra and has many trendy clubs and bars on the beach; the second one, Sithonia, is more family oriented with wonderful beaches, one after the other! And the third, Agios Oros or Holy Mountain, is the most silent and literally could not be quieter than that. It has no bars, clubs, hotels, not even women, which is probably why it’s so quiet! Only monasteries! But joking aside, let’s focus on the second peninsula, which combines incredible beaches with incredible nature!

Sithonia Tips

Sithonia is at the center of the Halkidiki peninsula and was named after Sithonas, son of the sea god Poseidon. It is very popular with travelers who want nature and tranquility. The road infrastructure is not so great and probably does not have the same entertainment scene as those in Kassandra, but it is certainly an exceptional place to fully explore.

People call this peninsula a symphony of green and blue, because these are the colors that surround you all the time. The rich vegetation drops down swirling until it reaches the blue of the Aegean Sea. The beaches are separated by high cliffs forming many small coves and bays, all beautiful and with a crystal clear sea. The beaches are full of life and if you like snorkeling you can enjoy the view of fish passing, small octopuses and sea snails.

Porto Koufo

In any case, pine trees meet sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages that stand out among beautiful bays. Obviously you will have to rent a car and drive along the coast. It could take more than a day to see everything, so organize a long stay in Sithonia to discover all its secrets.

Where to Stay

Danai Beach Resort & Villas

Danai Beach Resort & Villas is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an intimate and exclusive place. Located in Sithonia, this beautiful hotel is surrounded by incredible gardens, pine forests, white sandy beaches and turquoise sea, in short, the best of Greece. It takes its name from the princess of Greek mythology, Danae, and staying here will surely make you feel like a king. The lobby is decorated in bright tones, with a red fire-red Versace sofa and is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the room.

The interior decor is a mix of rococo and Georgian style furniture embellished with magnificent marbles, refined Italian fabrics and some hints of contemporary design that create a timeless and absolutely glamorous atmosphere. The style of Danai Beach Resort & Villas is elegant and sophisticated, with a clear reference to its Greek heritage through large columns and polished floors, all combined with excellent service.

Danai Beach Resort & Villas has 62 suites and private villas scattered around the park and all with original artwork and elegant interiors. All the suites and villas represent the Greek luxury at the top. White and gold furniture, white marble floors and bathrooms, and balconies or terraces with large columns and views of a sparkling blue ocean. Some suites and villas also feature marble fireplaces and private infinity pools. The hotel has four restaurants and a relaxing Spa which offers a wide range of treatments, both western and oriental and that include everything from massage to reflexology to Pilates.

Towns Tips

Neos Marmaras

There are many villages and also big cities for all tastes, such as Neos Marmaras, Gerakini and Sarti among the bigger one while the smaller towns like Psakoudia, Parthenonas, Porto Koufo, Sikia, Vourvourou and Agios Nikolaos.


But the best point of Halkidiki and in particular of Sithonia are its fantastic beaches. Not even in the islands you will find many dream beaches like here, as not to mention Kalamitsi, Armenistis but also the incredible Kavourotripes, Akti Kalogrias, Porto Koufo, Ai Giannis and Karidi.

Secret Tip

A paradise hidden in Chalkidiki is certainly Ammouliani. The only inhabited island of Halkidiki that fascinates every visitor and is connected by a ferry, it lasts only 10 minutes and can be taken from the opposite shore of Tripiti. Its secluded bays are the ideal destination for those seeking peace and relaxation, while in the large sandy beaches you can enjoy water sports.


Most of the beaches are sandy and you can easily reach them on foot or by car, a unique experience on the way to Alikes. After visiting the beaches of Ammouliani, you can take a day trip by boat to the nearby islands of Chrysi, Tigani and Mouse! An extra tip is that, like most of the time, the most beautiful beaches are not accessible by car, but only by boat! So, rent a boat for a day and visit some unique beaches, where you will probably have a whole, beautiful and sandy beach just for you and your company! Not bad, definitely not bad.

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