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7 top chefs in the world

Cooking and Food, they don’t need an introduction. We know we can’t live without them. We know we wish we could say no them and maybe fit into our old jeans again, but we just can’t. They tempt us, they satiate us and reveal our weakness. And we thrive in it all. However, while the practice of Eating good Food doesn’t need an intro, the hands behind-the-scenes sure do. Though there are many best chefs in the world, we are have tried listing 7 best out of best chefs. Yes, the Chefs. Those who carve out those scrumptious meals for us go unthanked for all their effort and art. So here’s an attempt to bring the best chefs in the world to the spotlight, to let the Artists once take the throne.

Anthony Bourdain

Based out of New York, an Executive Chef for Brasserie Les Halles, his climb has been gradual, to say the least, having started as a dishwasher two decades ago and then painstakingly rising through the ranks as a line cook, a sous chef, and finally the chef. He believes that all creative people can make good chefs, which might be stretching it, but one thing is certain that all chefs are Creators in their own right. Bourdain even has blog writing, fiction and non-fiction book writing and Cookery show hosting under his wings, how’s that for being multi-dimensional!

Heston Marc Blumenthal

An English Chef who believes in approaching cooking from a Scientific Vantage point, he is the owner of several restaurants, one of the most popular ones being The Fat Duck, which has earned him 3 Michelin stars, along with being hailed as amongst the 50 leading Restaurants in the world. He also came up with the theory and practice of Multi-Sensory Cooking.

Alain Ducasse

The owner of three restaurants, each standing tall with 3 Michelin Stars each, he was first offered the position of a Chef at Hotel de Paris of Monte Carlo, however, he soon took over operations of every restaurant in the property, and that was just the beginning of his illustrious career.

Enrico Crippa

A step forward that may seem modest, but is actually huge if we see it in the context of Alba, a tiny town in the heart of the Langhe area of Piedmont, where the Piazza Duomo was opened just twelve years ago. The 15th place in the 50 World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 list, three Michelin stars and a recently assigned Grand Prix de l’Art de la Cuisine: Crippa has collected these accolades with the same understatement with which he has built up an international curriculum of rare prestige, which started out from the kitchens of Gualtiero Marchesi and took in those of Michel Bras and Ferran Adrià, extending from France to Japan.

Joel Robuchon

He’s been titled the Chef of the Century and owns and runs over a dozen restaurants in all the most food-loving cities around the world. He’s even been awarded the illustrious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award, which stands for France’s Best Craftsman. With all his restaurants combined, he is the proud owner of 25 Michelin Stars, which is the most any Chef in the world has to his name.

Marco Pierre White

One of the first Celebrity Chefs, the Godfather of Modern Cuisine and the youngest person to have ever been awarded 3 Michelin Stars, at the age of 33. Oh, yes, and Mentor to Gordon Ramsay! Those are quite a lot of heavy titles there. Most would consider their lives complete having accomplished about a fraction of that. White has made a vast contribution to International Cuisine, and he’s really set apart by the fact that he believes Cooking is all about sharing and giving.

Gordon James Ramsay

Famous for all the TV appearances, he’s the most famous Celebrity chef out there. You might have seen his eternal frown and infamous temperament in “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare” or Masterchef USA. But did you know he actually wished to be a pro Footballer but his aspirations were squashed when he was injured while playing? It’s hard to determine whether that was a blessing in disguise. He is the only Chef in UK with 14 Michelin Stars, making him find a comfy spot on this List of best chefs in the world.

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