How to follow the sunshine!

Some people are happy that the autumn is arrived, snatching up sweaters and cardigans, scouring a new line of boots and eagerly awaiting the return of pumpkin. They welcome the ...

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New opening on 2017!

Half the fun of any vacation is the hotel you stay in; and many of today’s properties are so chic that often times, they’re the sole reason for the trip ...

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Valentine’s Day of your dreams

Each year, we round up some of the best over-the-top Valentine’s Day hotel packages from across the globe. With price tags of $10,000 (Euro 9.350,00) and up, this year’s list ...

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Experience for 2017: To be ...

Probably you have already heard about the mermaid workouts as a new fitness craze. The exercise includes donning mermaid tails and swimming around in pools to work on your core, ...

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Are you looking for a special hotel for your next ski-holiday?

Check it out the list of our premium hotels in some of the best Austrian Ski-Resorts featured on 2nd Edition of Most Wanted Ski-Hotels of Austria 2019 by THS.

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