Arraial d’Ajuda

The beauties in and around Arraial

The region around Arraial d’Ajuda is an extraordinary destination for foreign tourists: wonderful landscapes, safe and with an efficient and affordable public transport system, something absolutely uncommon in the Brazilian context. Here are some suggestions on things to do in and around Arraial.

But first, two important warnings on walks along the beaches:

  1. Make sure you make the most of the low tide. When the tide is high, you are forced to walk on soft sand, a tiresome exercise. In some specific spots, the high tide makes it very difficult to continue your path.
  2. The beaches on the region (as well as a sizeable number of beaches along the Northeast coastline) are not ideal for swimming, as there are lots of rocks and reefs near the beach. Rocks and reefs are hidden during the high tide and can cause an accident if you are not extra careful (special attention as there are sea urchins aplenty).


Walk from Arraial to the ponta do Apagafogo: From Arraial, go down to the beach following the main road (estrada do Mucugê). Once you get to the Mucugê beach, turn left (north). A pleasant walk that can be completed in less than two hours will take you through the beaches of Pescadores, Araçaípe and Apagafogo to the point where the Arraial d’Ajuda Eco Resort is located, right next to Porto Seguro. To return, find your way to the main road and take a bus back. There are few bars at the beaches.

Walk from Arraial to the Taípe beach: The beginning of the walk is identical to the previous one. Go down to the Mucugê beach but this time turn right (south). You will walk along the Parracho beach, where natural pools are formed during the low tide. After half an hour, you will reach Pitinga beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. There are several bars there where you can eat or have a drink. As the shore turns right, a beautiful scenery unfolds before your eyes: the cliffs of Taípe beach. From Pitinga to Taípe there’s an hour’s walk right under the cliffs. To go back to Arraial, you can hop in a van near Pitinga beach. 

Trancoso: Do not bother buying and organized trip (a real rip-off), this is a visit you can do on your own for next to nothing. There is a bus from Arraial to Trancoso every 30 minutes (it leaves from the square with the church). The trip lasts approximately 40 minutes. Do find out when you get to Trancoso at what time it leaves the last bus back to Arraial. If you can afford it, stay at least the one night in Trancoso. The Quadrado, the quaint and picturesque square of the village, comes to life after dawn. There is no public lighting and the lights from the shops and the candles from the restaurants give the place a very magic feeling.

Walk to the beaches in Trancoso: Go down the beach following the path that leaves from the Quadrado (right-hand side of the church). When you get to the bottom, you will walk along a wooden path that crosses a mangrove swamp on the way to the beach. Once you reach the beach you have two options: turn right (south) to visit the delightful Coqueiros beach, or turn left (north) to visit the Nativos beach (to go there you will have to cross a river, either swimming or on a boat). A short walk to both beaches.

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