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A Review of Paint Booth Equipment

Paint booth equipment was conceived and created to deal with the problems associated with the automotive painting industry that once used conventional spray painting. They were facing problems like unsatisfactory paint jobs, tedious work hours, limited output, and employees were dangerously exposed to the toxic fumes released during the paint jobs.

Fortunately, these booths proved to be successful in dealing with most of these challenges, and their efficiency has increased considerably over the past few years. Their evolution has been breathtaking and if you happen to look at the paint booth – 2020 review, you will be able to witness what modern paint booth equipment is capable of delivering. In this thread, we have provided you with a detailed review of modern paint booth equipment constructed by some top-notch companies.

Accudraft Paint Booths:

Accudraft has been creating top-notch automotive paint booth equipment for many years, and their newer models are gunning other manufacturers in the market. Let us take a look at their flagship paint booths.

Titan Downdraft Paint Booth: Accudraft’s Titan is the ultimate spray booth that houses state-of-art EnergySmart Technology which is responsible for reducing the energy costs significantly. Moreover, this booth is engineered and optimized to deal with the toxic fumes released by the latest oil and water-based paints.

Italia Downdraft Paint Booth: It is one of the flagship painting booth equipment manufactured by Accudraft, and its reputation has grown enormously over the period of four decades. It is a perfect booth for automotive refinishing and collision repair facilities because it houses a high airflow system and fast curing speeds.

MX Series Paint Booths: Accudraft’s MX series is engineered and designed to provide the most options and flexibility to the customers so that they install the model according to their suitability. They are available in various draft patterns including down-draft, side-draft, and cross-draft. Their skin construction and air handler configurations can also be tailored which enables the customers to get a custom-designed painting booth.

COL-MET Engineered Finishing Solutions:

COL-MET is another company that is famous for producing one of the best painting booth equipment in the market. They do not only provide manufactured booths, but they also offer services like tech support, installation setup, and product training. Their booths can be customized to meet all sorts of needs for your automotive painting business. Be it using a solvent-based coating or water-based paint, COL-MET products can be tailored to meet all operational and functional requirements. Their flagship models include EZ Classic Crossdraft, EZ Modified Downdraft, and EZ Side Downdraft.

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS):

GFS is another stalwart in the paint booth manufacturing industry, and it has considerable expertise in manufacturing large painting booth equipment. GFS’s booths house fantastic lighting and contamination control features, which enable them to produce fantastic paint jobs in the automotive painting industry. Their large painting booths can be customized to paint the mightiest of vehicles including buses, trucks, boats, and trains.

GFS’ painting booths are built to last as the materials used in the construction are incredibly durable. Most of the materials used in the assembly and construction of GFS’s painting booth equipment are built in-house. Therefore, you can always contact them to get fantastic customer support and services, because they know their products inside out.

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