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7 Instagram-Friendly European Countries

Spring and then summer are the perfect seasons to be always online on Instagram where to post amazing feeds with stunning pictures of lovely places kissed by the sun and turquiose waters. However, although every place in our planet is amazing thanks to its own beauties, some places are definitely more Instagram-friendly than others. Infact regardless of the beauty inherent in each of these places, these 7 locations in Europe have something more that inspires, fascinates and leaves all those who visit them definitely speechless but also your Instagram followers.


Nestled in the middle of the Aegean Sea, roughly halfway between Athens and Crete, Santorini is one of the most breathtaking places on Earth. The lost city of Atlantis or not, this is the Mediterranean in its most spectacular aspect: cubic houses painted in white that pour over multicolored volcanic cliffs that rise majestically above a caldera. Add to this, brightly colored beaches, sweeping views of the sea from every angle and romantic sunsets, here you have the most Instagram-friendly destination in all of Europe.


If you have even just one day to spend in Sicily, go to Taormina! Even in Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, it is difficult to find a perfect place like this. With the spectacular and still active Mount Etna as a backdrop, this ancient hilltop town on the Ionian coast still attracts visitors as it once did with Goethe, Nietzsche, Wagner or Oscar Wilde. And rightly so, it is a magnificent mix of culture, beaches and natural beauty, with colorful boutique streets and magical landscapes at every corner, but also with a glorious artistic past, memories of intriguing secret societies and historic buildings that breathe art and history through every brick and stone of their large facades.


Although smaller than Mallorca and less popular than Ibiza and Formentera, Menorca is without a doubt one of the most seductive islands of the Balearic archipelago in Spain. Its marvelous beaches and its sandy coves, bathed in sparkling turquoise seas, along with a blissfully unspoiled countryside, dotted with green hills and talaiotic monuments dating back thousands of years, have been declared a Biosphere Reserve since 1993. Even today, when its neighbors are overwhelmed by tourism, Menorca, which has a strong personality and uniqueness of its own, remains delightfully relaxed, serene and authentic. And with so many scenic coastal routes, delicious seaside restaurants and charming rural hotels to choose from, an holiday here is always amazing.


Definitely well positioned in the heart of Portugal’s most famous destination, the Algarve, Faro is the southernmost city of the Portuguese mainland and an ideal base for exploring the country of fado music, colonial cities, marvelous beaches (picture on top) and Cristiano Ronaldo. Although Lagos or Albufeira could be more famous to tourists, Faro is a beautiful city as well with something for everyone, from art and history to fabulous beaches and exciting nightlife. Needless to say, its privileged location in the heart of the Ria Formosa Natural Park offers the opportunity to explore the sand dunes, the islands, the Roman settlements and the lush lagoons with incredibly clear waters and colorful birds. Cidade Velha, known as the Old Town, is a charming mix of Moorish ruins, traditional Portuguese architecture and ancient walls, where graceful cobbled streets are home to majestic museums and monuments, but also chic boutiques and cafes.


Somewhere in the south of Switzerland, in the Canton of Ticino, there is one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in Europe, Ascona. Once a small fishing village, this Italian-style jewel is now one of the nation’s most famous destinations, attracting travelers and artists from all over the world with its beautiful landscapes and the delightful charm of the old world. The picturesque town on the sunny shores of Lake Maggiore, in the Italian part of Switzerland, makes the most of its glorious location and mild Mediterranean climate with a charming lakeside promenade lined with beautiful old buildings, elegant outdoor cafes and bohemian painters looking for reproduce the lyrical beauty of Ascona on canvas. Built around a 16th century basilica, its historic center is a maze of winding streets, colorful squares, art galleries and trendy boutiques, absolutely seductive.


Barcelona is a uninterrupted spectacle, full of life and color, joy and stories, history and art. It is a place where cultures merge, the old and the new mix together and the buildings feel more alive than elsewhere. Here, the dinners are immersed in the Mediterranean light, the fountains dance, and the sun walks every day along the Ramblas, or plays hide and seek in the dark streets of Barri Gotic. The city of Gaudi is full of elegant parks, splendid squares and magnificent architecture that covers everything from the Gothic to the Renaissance up to the imaginative Catalan Art Nouveau. No surprise there is so much to photograph in every corner. And then there is the sea; and the breeze, the beaches, the delicious outdoor dining and the contagious festive atmosphere floating in the air. Definitely stunning!


The metropolitan fervor and tranquility of the small village blend together perfectly in Reykjavik. Located on the south coast of the island, the small capital of Iceland is one of the greenest, strangest and most beautiful cities in Europe: a mixture of colorful Scandinavian houses, cozy cafes and lovely independent shops. This is a city of marvelous and unique contradictions, from the midnight sun to the eternal Aurora borealis. Surrounded by a harsh and ruthless environment, but full of warmth, friendliness and creative energy, this city is deeply rooted in archaic myths, but always in constant evolution.


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