5 things not always so obvious in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world and this is not a secret. It is inside of my personal selection of favorite places where I would live permanently. Said that, today I do not want to talk about the places to see or the most popular itineraries, but we would like to show you 5 things that when I tell them to friends or people I get punctual reactions like “But are you serious?”. After buying your flight to Amsterdam and browsing guides on guides to draw up your personal bucked list of places not to be missed, I suggest you to keep in mind these tips that maybe for someone they will be familiar, but trust me, they are not always so obvious.


When I learnt this thing, by chance chatting with a local person, I could not believe it. Simply because all the flights to Amsterdam that I took, never gave me the impression of taking me to a place located 5 meters below sea level. Among other things, Schipol is currently among the best in the world for controlling CO2 emissions. An excellent goal, I would say!


More typical of New Yorkers, the restaurants serving pancakes in the Dutch capital are scattered almost everywhere. It is one of the most consumed dishes and, without a doubt, one of the most appreciated. There are those who prefer savory, some sweets, some with fruit, some filled with meat. The right place to taste them is Mook Pancakes. A modern place, without frills but at the same time well-kept. Delicious!


It is unbelievable but it is totally true! I realized this thing only during the last trip to Amsterdam. It happened that while we were walking towards the central station, at a certain point I looked up and noticed a row of totally sloped houses. It was then that I asked to my traveling companion “do you see anything strange?”. The most weird aspect is the reason for which this phenomenon. For an old tax that increased or decreased according to the width of the houses, all the buildings were built high and very tiny. This thing, however, made the moves very problematic and therefore the inhabitants of Amsterdam decided to lift the objects from the roofs but, to avoid that the load damaged the façade, they decided directly to incline the whole building. Genius!


Despite the fact that Amsterdam is not, in my opinion, among the most chaotic European capitals, every tourist might feel the need to carve out a moment of peace and silence among visits. Fortunately in the center there’s the Begijnhof, a courtyard that brings back in time and that represents a true oasis of relaxation. Hidden by a door, this was the courtyard of the Beguines, or a brotherhood of women (especially nuns) who retreated into this green space full of typical houses to dedicate their lives to the care of the sick. It is possible to admire the oldest wooden house in the Netherlands and the Begijnhof Chapel, in which the Beguines met clandestinely to pray.


During my last stay I chose the De Pijp district, the bohemian soul of a city that it is full of charm. A stone’s throw away was the De Albert Cuypmarkt, the largest market in Europe. This huge space hosts hundreds of stalls selling everything from vintage clothes to typical food, up to the international one. This should be a stop for all the visitors of the Dutch capital!

Now you just have to buy flights to Amsterdam and open your heart to a perfect city in every season, which will conquer you and leave you with incredible memories. And if you are a party lover, do not miss the Koningsdag (King’s Day), which is held in April and the whole capital is dressed of orange! Totally funny!

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