The 10 livable cities in the world

What’s it take to be dubbed a “livable” city? Good public transportation? Cool bars? A lack of ebola? According to the Global Livable Cities Index, the answer appears to be stunning Alpine views and access to awesome skiing. Or, at least, to tasty chocolate and accurate clocks.

Yep, Geneva and Zurich are the top two places in the world to live; or so says the recently released study that assessed 64 countries by their economic worth and peaceable environment (factoring in climate and location) in order to find the cities with the best living standards.

How does the rest of the top 10 shake out? Read all about it…

1: Geneva, Switzerland

Why life is better here: With a world-class economy, luxe SPAs, and clean Alpine air, Genevans have got the work/life balance down. Oh, and they get 20 paid vacation days a year to hit the nearby slopes.

2: Zurich, Switzerland

Why life is better here: Switzerland’s second city may be a financial frontrunner, but it’s also a European party capital. Zurich’s Street Parade is the biggest street party on the continent.

3: Singapore

Why life is better here: Tasty street food, and gorgeous jungles in which to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. Oh, and Singapore (the country) was named Lonely Planet’s best country to visit this year, when it’ll be celebrating 50 years of independence.

4: Copenhagen, Denmark

Why life is better here: The Danish capital’s super-efficient metro system and cleanliness, of course. And because bicycles outnumber cars, the air’s cleaner, too.

5: Helsinki, Finland

Why life is better here: Life’s more relaxed in Helsinki (bumper sticker?), but the quaint oceanside city’s still got a vibrant culture scene and busy nightlife, with plenty of live music, cocktail lounges, and bars. Also, saunas.

6: Luxembourg City

Why life is better here: While the castle-strewn land of Luxembourg looks like something straight out of a fairytale, the country/city is more than just a pretty face; it’s also one of the richest places in the world, and an ideal spot to conduct business. Oh yep, and Belgian beer is oh-so-close.

7: Stockholm, Sweden

Why life is better here: With plenty of museums and boutiques, Stockholm’s residents are effortlessly stylish and hip (although it’s possible we read that in an IKEA catalogue). That said, the Swedish capital is a happening party city, with swanky clubs like the multi-level Sturecompagniet.

8: Berlin, Germany

Why life is better here: This immaculate city’s basically free of litter and its U-Bahn transit system makes hopping between the city’s many bars so easy. Berlin’s also one of the world’s most affordable places for young people, according to this study.

9: Hong Kong, China

Why life is better here: Hong Kong’s soaring skyscrapers (and economy), amazing food, and a ton of museums make this Chinese region a top spot for culture.

10: Auckland, New Zealand

Why life is better here: While Auckland offers the bustle of most major cities, locals here tend to be a little more chill. It’s also a top surfing destination, near popular surf spots like Piha Beach and Maori Bay.

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