Vila Nova de Cerveira

Vila Nova de Cerveira

Located in northern Portugal, Vila Nova de Cerveira is a historic village, composed of narrow streets which are populated by manors of Minho from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A face framed in a picturesque natural sanctuary, ornamented by green mountains and by the delectable course of the River Minho. Founded in the 14th century by Dom Dinis, on the condition that one hundred residents would be brought together to form the community, the town took the name of Cerveira due to the colony of deer (cervos) that were to be found in the region.

Situated close to the border with Spain on the banks of the River Minho, where there is a ferryboat linking the town to Goyan in Galicia, Vila Nova de Cerveira has a wide variety of monuments, testifying to its rich past. River Minho estuary forms the border between northern Portugal and Galicia. It is a very important ecological, historical and cultural area of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

A frontier town, Vila Nova Cerveira has developed itself within its walls that protected it from Spanish attacks, nestled in a region of great natural beauty. Also called only Cerveira, this northern city, located in the province of Viana do Castelo, along the left margin of the river Minho, border on the north with the municipality of Valença, on the east with the Paredes de Coura and Ponte de Lima, on the south with the municipality of Caminha and on the west with the river Minho and the Spanish Galicia. The highest point of is territory is located in São Pair, 638 meters above sea level, in the hamlet of Loivo.

The numerous palaces, noble homes and the typical Solares of Minho region give it a refined appearance, reflecting the importance and the economic power that this city has played over the centuries, and they enrich the beauty of this village nestled in an idyllic landscape of green mountains and abundant rivers. The gastronomy of this region is strongly linked to the richness of the river, which also offers breathtaking views. Here there’s the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes in really good restaurants of Vila Nova de Cerveira, such as catfish, allis shad or mullet. Vila Nova de Cerveira is a beautiful town in the Minho region in which it is worth stopping to get to know the taste of Northern Portugal.

Since 1978, Vila Nova de Cerveira has been famous for its biennial exhibition of visual arts, an important national event whose fame has now spread to other countries and has begun to attract many international artists.

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