Miami Beach

Top 5 in Miami

As the song of Will Smith says: “Miami the bass and the sunset low. Everyday like a mardi gras, everybody party all day. No work all play, okay.” And he’s right: from the discos to the crazy beaches, you cannot get bored here. Miami is one of the most vibrant and trendy cities in America, one of those where the signs of the American myth and the most interesting cities in the world shine for artistic events and exclusive seaside holidays.

However, the first thing to know is that Miami and Miami Beach are two distinct cities in Florida, connected by four bridges (Miami Beach is an island), which have quite different personalities and customs. If Miami Beach is a kilometer-long beach, girls in bikinis, crazy nights, bare-chested youngsters who riding bikes, skateboards or rollerblades…Miami is more “traditional”.

Said that, today I made a Top 5 of what to do in Miami definitely, to avoid being overwhelmed by the busy life of this incredible tourist destination.

Wynwood Art District

This district is formed by an expanse of warehouses, inside them art galleries and private collections that can be visited by appointment. But the particularity of this area are the walls of the sheds, in itself a work of art, entirely covered with street art. Since 2009, every year, once a year, the world best street artists find themselves here and have white paper to renovate these walls.

South beach

The beaches in the United States are very different from those in Europe and they are a must to see. The sand starts from the sidewalk at the side of the road and slowly reaches the ocean. In the middle there are palms, bike path, beach volleyball fields, runners, the famous colored watch towers and the muscular baywatches. Yes, they are not only a TV legend!

Espanola Way

It is a small street in colonial style, on its sides small tables of bars and restaurants and of course several palms, all combined to create a lively and relaxing atmosphere. It is the perfect place for an aperitif with guacamole served in a large lava stone mortar.

Coral Gables

You have to imagine green fields, trees with lianas, palms, villas without fences, golf courses, silence. Here this is the area of Coral Gables, do not be afraid to enter the streets even if they seem private.

Have a parking slot

If you have a car, book an accommodation with parking. In Miami it’s really impossible to park in the street, do not risk out of paid parking, it could happen that you take the car with the tow truck. Trust me, it is not a unlucky situation because trucks are running continuously. So better to spend for parking than for the recovery of the car! The ideal is to have parking in your accommodation, definitely.

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