The undeniable values of Segovia

Spain is certainly one of the most desired destinations by travelers all over the world, thanks to its different facets and traditions, which make it a nation to be discovered. First of all its capital, crowded by millions of tourists all year round, thanks also to the numerous connections from many parts of Europe and of the world. Surely the Spanish capital is definitely popular, certainly for its undeniable value, but it is also true that many tourists are almost totally unknown the beauty of the itineraries around Madrid. In particular I would like to show you a small town that lies beyond the Sierra of Madrid, just 60 km away from the capital. I am talking about Segovia, a scenic and cultural jewel, which knows how to impress the tourist, like few other cities in the world, as soon as you enter in its walls.

Those who go to Segovia will have the impression of finding themselves in an Italian village, so much has been the influence of Italy since the ancient Roman era. Since the entrance of the old city, in fact, there is the imposing Roman Aqueduct of the first century AD, still working, built by Trajan to bring the waters of the Rio Frio to the city. A huge structure that has remained virtually intact over the centuries.

Iglesia de San Martin

Moving towards Calle de Servantes, you can see another Roman gem, the Iglesia de San Martin, which with its arcades full of capitals and numerous figurative statues, make it one of the few jewels in the world of Romanesque architecture still kept intact. In addition to this, there is another less famous church but it is also very important because it is one of the oldest Romanesque churches in Europe, it is the Iglesia de San Juan de los Caballeros, where the influent personalities and the aristocratics are buried, all people who have made the history of the city.

Going to the center of the town, a real glance is given by the Plaza Mayor, where stands the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion y de San Frutos, a huge church in Gothic style that it is gorgeous as well as Notre Dame in Paris. Wanted by Charles V with its many stained glass windows and precious sculptures, follow each other until the beautiful inner cloister that belonged to the previous cathedral and was the only one to be saved in the reconstruction of 1500.

Last but not least you cannot miss a visit to the Castle of Alcazar, famous for being a source of inspiration for Walt Disney and also for being the place where Queen Isabel granted the financing to Christopher Columbus for the expedition of the Americas. Get ready and with a good pair of hiking boots, deal with the rock where the beautiful castle lies, a cliff over 80 meters. I assure you that the effort will be completely repaid!

In addition to the sightseeing points of Segovia, it is also beautiful to walk through its narrow streets, with its characteristic houses and abandoned little churches that pop up everywhere, where artisans and small kiosks delight tourists with their typical products. About cuisine, I suggest you visit the Taberna Rubi, the oldest tavern in the city, where you can taste all sorts of typical delicacies of Segovia, including the delicious tapas with egg and wild boar lard, accompanied by good local wine or the typical “caña”, to feel like a local for a while.

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