The nine dragons of Kowloon

Feng Shui is the study of geomancy which literally translates in “wind and water”. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, this delicate balance of nature ensures that all the spirits that run, remain calm. And always beliefs argue that if you do not respect and do not follow Feng Shui, disasters are always around the corner. And these beliefs are combined with the InterContinental Hong Kong ever since the 1980, before its completion when a Feng Shui master was called for a consultation. And if now the InterContinental Hong Kong enjoys a favorable Feng Shui, it owes everything to that consultation. It turned out that in fact the hotel, which is built on Victoria Harbour, boasting a strategic location with a magnificent view of Hong Kong, make it harder to do the daily visit of the nine dragons of Kowloon. Talk out this story, the Chinese legend says that the nine dragons of Kowloon, which come from the mountains, arrive at the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong to have a bath and have a drink (Kowloon means Nine Dragons in Chinese). The site chosen for the hotel blocked the path of the nine dragons, thus creating a negative flow of energy. Therefore the hotel, under the direction of the Feng Shui master has taken the following precautions, which have assured to the hotel and a good luck ever since its opening. They started doing symbolize a pearl in the fountain at the entrance. This pearl, symbol of wealth, attracts the nine dragons towards the hotel entrance. From there they are attracted to enter the hotel through the wall of glass doors, which allow the dragons to enter with ease. Then continue their trip through the lobby that made entirely by glass and allow the nine dragons can always see the port where love bathing and drinking. But before they arrive  into the water, they must stop at the reception desk which is located at the center of the whole lobby. The position of the front desk has its own because, has the target to collect all those wealth that dragons can leave during their passage in the morning.

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