Lake Como

The historic homes of Lake Como

Between neoclassicism, natural landscapes and timeless places, Lake Como is certainly positioned among the most beautiful and characteristic areas of Italy. His impromptu fascination captures tourists from all over the world. It is a precious stone in the gorgeous Italy, which certainly deserves to be visited at least once in life. And among unspoiled nature and historic homes, Lake Como, also called Lario, offers a stunning scenery along its 45.7 km that leaves you speechless. The ideal mix of history, nature and art. It is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy days of peace and serenity and take a step back in time. Yes, because with its famous historic houses, Lake Como takes you on a journey through time, savoring centuries gone through nineteenth-century living rooms, elegant gardens and walks along breathtaking scenery.

Villa Balbianello

It rises in Tremezzina, on a wooded promontory overlooking the lake, built at the end of the 18th century on the remains of a convent. The villa was bought in the ’70s by Count Guido Monzino, Milanese explorer, who furnished it to his personal taste, blending various styles, oriental and western, of the 1700 and 1800. The villa, which over the centuries has been an important meeting point for men of culture, artists and writers, is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and characteristic, not to be missed if you decide to visit this area. The film-lovers will also remember it for Star Wars and Casino Royale: here George Lucas set the residence of Senator Padmé Amidala in an episode released in 2002, while the agent 007 played by Daniel Craig spent a period of convalescence here. Its lush garden frames a setting in which nature and history blend perfectly. Climbing to the top, the view from the famous balcony preceded by the majestic arches will leave you speechless: it is the emblem of the beauty of this historic dwelling. The villa has been left as a legacy to the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) by Monzino himself, so that it can take care of it and annually carry out the maintenance works that he himself has ordered.

Villa Carcano

An enchanting nineteenth-century residence, located in Anzano del Parco. Its interiors reveal themselves as luxurious and as if they had remained original over time, as if nobody wanted to move anything so as not to upset its gorgeous charm. Imposing columns, portraits of famous people who have owned it over the centuries, a precious library and extraordinary furnishings. Outside a majestic garden overlooking the lake and a path through which to immerse yourself in nature, that of the pristine, coming to a small lake populated by various species of flora and fauna. Even this place, rich of special charm, has brought me a step back in history, totally catapulted into another era.

Villa Carlotta

Set in the mountains and beautiful views of the lake, the villa dates back to the late 1600s. Seventy thousand square meters of pure beauty in the Bellagio peninsula. At the entrance, a classic Italian garden and an imposing fountain to welcome everyone. The importance of the villa is linked not only to the size of its gardens but also to the priceless works of art present in its rooms. It would be a shame not to allow yourself a long and rejuvenating walk in its botanical garden, between oriental and western culture in comparison.

Villa Bagatti Valsecchi

It is the ideal place to enjoy some healthy relaxation. Located between the lake and the mountains in the village of Cardano, it offers a paradisiacal scenery and a memorable view from its garden overlooking the Val Sanagra. Probably built in the early 18th century, it has belonged to the Bagatti Valsecchi family since 1896, who still owns it. Walking through its gardens you can breathe the green in all its nuances. Only the sounds of nature and the pleasant sound of the water that crosses the valley, down into the rock, are the soundtrack. In a place like this one forgets to look at the clock and to have  commitments. It is the right place to free your mind from any thought or negativity. It is one of those places necessary to find peace and tranquility and take those moments of quiet from the ordinary urban bustle.

Villa Melzi d’Eril

Another stop is the famous Villa Melzi in Bellagio. This important residence is not accessible inside but only the splendid gardens are open to everyone because it is a private property by Gallarati Scotti family. A lots of green that it perfectly combined to the blue of the lake to merge into an idyllic setting. From its highest point, climbing through its gardens, it is possible to admire it in all its splendor, with the lake behind it as a frame. Precisely for this reason it is not difficult to understand why the famous French writer Stendhal talks about it in “Rome, Naples, Florence”, or because it is one of the favorite places of the actor Robert De Niro, who after discovering it during the filming of “Once Upon a Time in America”, by Sergio Leone, he decided to return several times.

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