A sweet Macaron Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree that looks so delicious you could eat it has popped up inside of The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte. Made of 8.000 colorful French macarons and reaching 8 feet tall, the holiday tree is a whimsical life-size display of sweet proportions. Incredibly, each meringue-based treat was handcrafted over several weeks and assembled during a 58 hour marathon conducted by the hotel’s pastry team.

On display until December 29, the tree is the first ever of its size and type and is accompanied by an all-sugar, candy cane-red showpiece sleigh, pulled by a team of all chocolate reindeer. The six-month planning process headed by Executive Assistant Manager of Food and Beverage and Culinary Jon Farace took place to determine the quantities and ingredients for the macarons. Sweet mini-bites were also added to each treat and nestled into the center of the cookies to form a decorative garland. Overall, the dessert tree required 10,008 egg whites; 57 cups of powdered sugar; 57 cups of sugar; 57 cups of almond flour and 15 cups of water.

While your viewing the sweet display, make sure to stop into Bar Cocoa dessert boutique for some hot chocolate, pastries or join in on a holiday cookie-making class from Bar Cocoa’s Cocoa Lab kitchen.

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