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9 surreal beauties in the world

No one will ever see the entire world, someone will not see anything else that the meadows around the village where he grew up. Traveling is not critical, as nothing is, but from the era of Gilgamesh, it is the step to do to learn a little more of yourself and become stronger and wiser, more confident that the world is not only what we see with our rules. There are places around the world that nature, in some cases with the help of the man’s hand, made it unique, so as to be almost surreal for a spectator. When you arrive, at a begin will be your emotion, but you will notice that the important thing will be there, how you got there, the people with whom you spoke and the things you did not know and that you have learned.

However you love nature and all its beauties? Always look great destinations and special for your trips? Then you cannot miss any of these fabulous 9 beauties! Incredible places that just seem to come from a science fiction movie. With the difference that they are real. Among lakes with unusual colors, rock formations and spectacular deserts, here is a list of 9 incredible places, all to discover.

Pink Water Salt Lake – Dominican Republic

This island is home to a truly unique lake. It is in fact a mirror of pink water. And the most amazing thing is that this nuance is due entirely to a natural phenomenon, some algae that under certain conditions get  this nuance.

Namib Desert – Namibia

There are so many deserts around the world but the one in Namibia has a special feature: the high temperatures and the very dry climate which has preserved the trunks of trees dead more than 900 years ago, which now stand out from the sand, totally black.

Tsingy de Bemaraha – Madagascar

This Madagascar National Park (pictured above) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What makes this place unique is the way as it is called: a rock forest because it is formed by water erosion.

Yunnan – China

In this case we speak of a place made by man’s own purpose. It is in fact the area of Yunnan in China, where the hills have been turned into hundreds of tanks where the rice is grown.

Danakil Desert – Ethiopia

This desert is located in a depression and its temperature is the hottest place in the world. Added to this the presence of the Dallol Volcano, which has created mineral formations with several red-hot geysers.

Lake Natron – Tanzania

Also in this case we are faced to a lake from unusual coloring, red in this case. As for the pink lake the cause lies in some algae, which feed on the minerals of the nearby volcanoes taking this particular red.

Lencois Maranhenses – Brazil

At first glance this might seem a simple desert but anyone who has visited knows that is not just that. In fact, due to frequent floods below the dunes it is a real system of pools and channels.

Cappadocia – Turkey

In the region of Anatolia, Cappadocia is famous for its spiers and rocky formations created by nature. To  this the hand of man, who has dug into the rock, frescoed churches and homes, making this place really unique.

Bryce Canyon – USA

This canyon is located in the state of Utah and is home of many very unique rock formations that make it truly unique scenario.

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