Group or Solo Travel

Solo or Group…Which for you?

Traveling can be both an exciting and stressful endeavor. One way to avoid any unnecessary moments of difficulty is to understand whether your type of travel style is done best with a group, a few individuals or completely solo. In many cases, your choice can depend largely on how you decide to travel. With so many modes of transport available to you, it will be useful to know which ones fit both your personality and your upcoming destination.

A Beach Bum Getaway

This type of travel is generally booked when you want to get away from it all, the stress of work and day-to-day routine. If you’re truly looking for a 5-star experience where you won’t have to worry about a thing, this is likely the type of travel you should do alone or with a very small group of people who are looking for the same relaxing and pampered experience as you. Have a look at some of the best beach resorts around the world to get an idea of what type of location might best suit you and any companions traveling with you.

Reconnecting with Nature

Mt. Everest

You may be an active traveler, searching for a clean break from the connected world of work and the everyday. Reconnecting with nature is doable as a solo venture if you’re really looking for some self-reflection time, but usually better to do in small groups. If you’re into big adventures, some of the most exciting trips out there are in the great outdoors both for beginners and experts. In order to decide what type of outdoor experience is right for you, you need to know what you’re looking for. Trips like hiking Mt. Everest will take both time and preparation with a group. However, there are options out such as bike tours across great destination like Tuscany and Provence, that might better suit the activity level you’re looking for. Either way, it’s best to choose a group of people you know well as your travel partners (e.g. you’ve traveled with them before) to avoid any hang-ups along the way.

A Culinary Excursion

In our opinion, food is best enjoyed in groups of people. So if you’re looking to plan a gourmet tour experience, you’ll probably want to travel in a group. The size of the group depends on what is an optimum dinner party for you. For example, maybe you prefer intimate dining to large group dining. If that’s the case, you’d want to go with 4-6 people and no more. You also want to make sure that your group is in agreement on what part of the culinary world you want to uncover and explore. There are so many great ones to choose from. Happy people, usually mean happy stomachs and vice versa. Keep that in mind.

An Old-Fashioned Road Trip

Perhaps you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and want to venture out on a great road trip. Naturally this is also best done in a group, as driving alone for long distances isn’t the most enjoyable activity. However, before you go out and rent a brand new car for the excursion, you should probably decide which route would be the most appealing to you and your companions. The number of people will also dictate what type of vehicle you’ll want, always searching for optimum levels of comfort and efficiency. Maybe you want to hire a driver, so none of your party needs to worry about being behind the wheel. Ask yourself these questions as you make your list and ask your friends who is in and what they want. No one wants a car full of angry tourists.

For the Vine Enthusiast

Viticulture is more your cup of tea or glass of wine if you will. This type of experience is for individuals or even just one other that shares in your passion and enthusiasm for the vines. Be sure to have an idea of what kind of wine regions might be appealing, old world, new world or locally grown vintages. If you want to go discover wines not yet on your radar, perhaps a jaunt through South America would be both exciting and adventurous. You may also want a more traditional experience like a wine tour through the Mosel region of Germany or the Champagne of France. Whichever part of the world you choose and whomever accompanies you, be sure to know whether you prefer a guided or self-guided tour, this can make all the difference between a mediocre and spectacular experience.

The most important piece of advice to keep in mind as you plan your next adventure, is to really know the types of companions you’ll be traveling with, or if you really want to travel with any at all. If you can recognize your own make or break requirements and those traveling with you, it is likely you’ll avoid any major conflicts or problems during your travel.

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