Sardinia is more than coves, crystal waters and sunbeds

If you’ve never been to Sardinia I’d say it’s time to go there and not necessarily for the coves, the sea and beaches, like the picture on top, because holidays in Sardinia are not just synonymous with holidays on the sunbed. Certainly the enchanting white sandy beaches, bathed by warm and crystalline water are the symbol of this beautiful Italian island but there is much more to do. Be amazed because there is so much to visit and see in Sardinia, beyond the sea.

Natural Landscapes

Sinis Peninsula

The second largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is not only seductive beaches, warm sun and clear crystal waters. Whether it is a romantic getaway or a relaxing holiday, even in the low season, you will always be surrounded by the charm of a place where time has stopped and the imagination is free to fly, immersed in a rich and wonderful nature like that of the Sinis Peninsula.

Archaelogical Sites


The wonders are not limited to nature tourism. Sardinia, in fact, is also famous for its archaeological richness and for being one of the oldest areas in Europe. You have to think that the first human settlement in the region dates back at least 6.000-5.000 BC. Surely, you can diversify your itinerary by alternating the beach experiences with these impressive archaeological sites such as the Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju, the Elephant Rock or the ancient settlement of Tharros.

Panoramic Roads

The summer in Sardinia seems to promise long days under the sun, promises that punctually maintains yet, just move from one stage to another to discover even with a simple drive its many panoramic roads that are magical, thanks to the impressive cliffs , from where the view of the infinite blue horizon becomes incredibly suggestive. If you do not suffer from car sickness, I recommend the famous “Scala Piccada” towards Villanova Monteleone.



Another reason why you do not always have to wait for the summer for your holidays in Sardinia are its small ancient villages, mysterious jewels such as Cabras, Monteleone Rocca Doria and Bosa that are just waiting to be visited. With their silent alleys, colorful murals and the feeling to be into the past, they are a must for those who want to discover the most authentic side of Sardinia, beyond the sea.


Lake of Baratz

Sardinia has about forty lakes including the lake of Baratz, located in the Nurra, is the only natural one. All the other lakes of Sardinia are, in fact, artificial lakes. The most important of Sardinia are Lake Omodeo, Lake Coghinas, Rio Flumineddu, Lake Temo and some of them as Lake Cuga are perfect for a relaxing walk or a picnic away from the beaches.

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