Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel

  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel
  • Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel

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The Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel, situated at the Spa of Aedepsus on the Island of Evia, Greece, is a majestic neoclassical building dating from 1897. Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel promises you a different experience of rejuvenation and relaxation and in particular at all seasons of the year. Paying the due respect to the history and the past of the location but also by offering all the luxury services of a 5-star hotel, which are required by demanding travelers, it is not a matter of luck that the Thermeae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel is included among the 10 best Thermal Spas in the world and was voted for the second time in a row by the public to the first place in the category: Best Hotel Spa in Greece. Fine pieces of furniture, unique decoration objects and expensive garments all together create a space, which is far beyond the usual standards of luxury.

This luxury 5 star hotel, which is also called a “thermal palace”, is located in Edipsos, just 2 hours away from Athens and it seems to be the ideal weekend break, especially to those who seek to escape from the stressful everyday routine. Let the power of the thermal spring water take away the tightening, the anxiety and the insomnia and let it fill you with the feelings of calmness and liveliness. The precious therapeutic water, healing from their own spring along with the beauty recipes that are made by herbs from the Greek nature and have been used here since the ancient times, take good care not only of the body and the face, but of the mind as well. Since Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel opened its doors, the Spa world gained a unique and precious member. Its great history and heritage, combined with the modern technology and the high quality services, giving the opportunity to its guests to live an extraordinary experience.

The hotel operating the whole year, has 108 spacious rooms, 6 of which are Suites and 1 presidential suite with unique interior decoration and an incredible view. The accommodation at Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel offers airy and calm living areas with luxury amenities. The hotel’s Standard Rooms look out to the peaceful courtyard and offer a range of facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible, including international satellite television, room service, a mini bar, individually controlled air conditioning, wifi and much more. If you’re looking for extra indulgence, then opt for the Presidential Suite, where you can enjoy a beautiful view to the sea and spacious living areas.

All of the above could only be combined with a nutritious, balanced diet. In their restaurants you can enjoy recipes, prepared by using fine, fresh ingredients and traditional taste secrets, all produced in the hotel-owned farm and based on the roots of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Healthy food, enriched by homemade Greek flavors will excite even the most pretentious guest, as emphasis is given mainly on the quality of the ingredients. Fresh raw materials are used exclusively, along with virgin olive oil produced in Thermae Sylla’s farm and last but not least don’t forget to taste the perfect quality biological wine.

Whether you wish to dine à la carte, eat at the water’s edge or enjoy an intimate room service, the gastronomic experience at Thermae Sylla will not disappoint. Visit one of the hotel’s four on-site restaurants, including Edipsos Restaurant, which serves generous breakfast and lunch buffets; Aithrion Restaurant, which offers fine dining with Greek ingredients; Messogios restaurant by the spa is just perfect after a day of relaxation, wellness and spa treatments; and Gia Psaraki Restaurant, where you can dine al fresco on spectacular seafood fare. Each of the restaurants prides itself on using locally sourced and fresh goods, including those from Thermae Sylla’s private farm.

Thermae Sylla Spa offers real wellness and treatments in an environment of understated luxury, where the spa’s magic water springs contain therapeutic minerals with healing properties. An oasis of relaxation on the sea-front, you will find yourselves in an idyllic spot to spend a romantic getaway with your loved one. No matter what the occasion, you can sit back and relax together in one of the spas, enjoy a candlelit dinner, or take a stroll arm-in-arm to one of the nearby beaches or ruins for a rejuvenating romantic experience. For professionals, they offer congress facilities with a capacity for up to 550 persons equipped with the state of the art technology and most modern existing communication means.

With its onsite Spa and two pools, you will find yourselves swimming, getting a massage and lounging in the Piano bar. You can also sit back, soak up some rays and enjoy the view of the Eubean Gulf on Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel’s private deck. Set at the source of Evia’s Edipsos springs, famed for their healing powers since the 4th century BC, only 2.5 hours far from Athens, at the northern part of the island Evia (Euboea), there are many ancient sites to explore nearby the hotel, in this green mountainous land that pours into the sea, including the Syllas Cave, one of the best preserved sites since the Roman era, the 13th Century Venetian tower dwelling, the Tower of Aidipsos, the ancient acropolis of Oreoi, the Roman Baths of Gialtra, and more.

Standard Room

Spacious and grandiose with a large marble bathroom, the Standard rooms look out to the quaint town of Aidipsos. Spread over 20-25 meters, the rooms boast a mini bar, hairdryer, satellite TV, telephone, safe, wi-fi access, bath robe, slippers and quality bath amenities.

Executive Room

The spacious Executive Rooms look out to the pool or to the park. Spread over 20-25 square meters, the rooms boast a mini bar, hairdryer, satellite TV, telephone, safe, Wi-Fi access, bathrobe, slippers and bath amenities.

Sea View Room

Looking out to the Eubean Gulf in all its beauty, these airy rooms are a pleasure to stay in and the sea view adds to the sense of serenity to promote rejuvenation. Comforts such as mini bar, satellite TV, safe, wi-fi access, bath robe, bath accessories, and hairdryer are all on offer in these lavish rooms. If you like looking out to the sea, these rooms are a special treat.

Junior Suite

The four Junior Suites at Thermae Sylla extend a more luxurious level of comfort to guests, with each suite spread over 35 sqm. The marble bathrooms boast a bath tub for extra comfort, along with premium bath amenities, bathrobes, and slippers. Ask for your choice of sea view or courtyard/pool view, with one of the latter boasting a balcony.

Executive Suite

The two executive suites are intended for those who desire maximum space. Each suite is spread over 45 sqm with a lavish bathroom that boasts a spacious bathtub. Comforts such as bathrobes, slippers and hair dryer make you feel like you’re really at home. Satellite TV and safe are also available.

Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite at Thermae Sylla has hosted many notable personalities in the past. With a beautiful view to the sea and all the amenities of the suites from safe to satellite TV and wifi internet, this suite spread over 45 sqm offers the epitome of comfort. A Dvd player and sound system add a unique touch to this suite. Lastly, the Presidential suite affords the best view among all the rooms and lies in the most idyllic corner of the historic main building.

Luxury Thermal Spa

The benefits of the most famous thermal water at your disposal. Step into a world of wellness, healing, treatment and relaxation. The Spa’s renowned water springs naturally from the underground at an already hot temperature of 80-85 degrees Celsius, carrying with it minerals like radon, a powerful therapeutic element with healing properties. It is this water that they use in all therapeutic treatments  and products and fill their pools with, after they completely empty and clean them every day. You’ll love the variety of tailored week-long treatments to overcome specific conditions and ailments. The antistress program will relax you completely, the detox program will cleanse your body, the thermal classic cure will combat aches and pains, and lastly weight-loss cure will help you achieve a leaner, healthier body. The best in massages, facials, body wraps, fitness classes and personalized programs are waiting for you.

Thermal Springs

The mineral spring baths was considered to mark the beginning of the third age a few years back. Nowadays this has changed and younger people seek in its rejuvenating properties their body and mind balance for a positive approach to life. The mineral springs of Edipsos have been famous for their healing properties since the 4th century B.C. The Ancient Greek writers and philosophers such as Aristotle, Strabo, Plutarch, make many references to these springs. In Edipsos the mineral spring water springs from natural wells as deep as 3,000 m at temperatures of 75-85ο C.


Part of feeling good and revitalized includes being active. There a pleasantly spacious and private gym that is comfortable to work out in and offers all the equipment you need. The machines were procured from Technogym, one of the leaders in the sector. Let the certified trainer prepare a personally tailored gym program that will keep you fit. For an aerobic boost enjoy the treadmills onsite as well.


Swim in the indoor and outdoor pool, ideals for swimming and sunbathing and with breathtaking views.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the Eubean Gulf on this private deck. Dip into these clean waters which also boast therapeutic properties, as the warm spring water is natural released from the ground and into the sea. Get a healthy dose of sunshine, then have a healthy light lunch or a coffee when the deck is open during the milder months. Lastly, it is worth noting the waters here are always clean and relatively warm all year round.

Thermae Sylla Beach

Step into the clean waters of the Thermae Sylla Beach, easily accessed from the gorgeous deck right in front of the property. Being in a gulf and thanks to the thermal waters gushing into this body of water, the sea here remains warm practically all year round. This beach truly represents a very unique mix of sea and rich thermal waters, rarely found in the world.

Mini Boutique

Their boutique onsite offers a variety of gifts, swimwear, traditional handicrafts and gourmet products from the region, as well as accessories and souvenirs branded by Thermae Sylla. A choice of carefully chosen items to enjoy at the Thermae Sylla, take home with you or give to someone special will greet you here. Working with small organic producers from Greece, Thermae Sylla has recently introduced a line of olive oil and olive products to its property that are available for its guests to enjoy. These products reflect the healthy cuisine offered onsite and all the benefits they extend. Find them in the mini boutique and take a bit of Greece and Thermae Sylla home with you.


Right across from Evia on the mainland there is an olive grove that belongs to Thermae Sylla. This is where the best olives are carefully gathered to make delicious, healthy organic olive oil of the highest quality for the guests to enjoy. Try their olive oil during mealtimes and sample their nutritious olives. Even some of their Spa treatments feature this golden elixir which is set to offer many health benefits when it comes in contact with the body.

Meetings and Events

As the world changes, businesses are realizing the importance of their human resources, offering more incentives to encourage loyalty and productivity than ever before. Thermae Sylla is ideal for this new age of business, as it enables companies to combine rest, relaxation and entertainment with an unparalleled business venue. Nutritious gastronomic delights are also part of the business equation, helping to promote the concept of ‘a healthy body for a healthy mind. Different conference spaces and options are available at Thermae Sylla. It is the ideal place to build team spirit, launch a new product, brainstorm for next year’s strategy, or impress business colleagues in a professional conference. After all, health, wellbeing and a gorgeous ambiance should definitely be ingredients for business success. There are three halls that are ideal for business events.


Would you like to have your dream wedding on a deck by the sea or would you prefer it to be around a gorgeous pool and garden? Do you like luxurious spaces suites for your wedding night or lavish indoor banquets with five courses in a grand hall? Whether your wedding is about a horse-drawn carriage that takes you to your momentous event or about pre-cocktails at the Piano Bar, Thermae Sylla can offer all of these choices together. The views of the sea and mountain, the historical stone building and the delightfully peaceful ambiance all contribute to making your wedding a fabulous lifetime event. Another important reason for hosting your wedding in this little corner of paradise is the gastronomic excellence that the Thermae Sylla culinary team offers. Fresh seafood, organic wines, local mountain herbs and extra-virgin olive oil will inspire your wedding menu and create memories worth savoring, with a superb wedding cake for the finale. Last but not least, rest assured that both the bride and groom will be at their most relaxed and most beautiful, thanks to the various professional spa and beauty treatments offered before and after the wedding. This is certainly going to be the event of a lifetime.


Certificate of Excellence 2016” – awarded by Trip Advisor
Certification Quality Hotel Spa” – awarded by ESPA European Spa Associations
Greek Breakfast Award” – awarded by Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
Certificate of Excellence 2015” – awarded by Trip Advisor
Certificate of Excellence 2014” – awarded by Trip Advisor
Best Spa in Greece 2007” – awarded by Philoxenia Tourist Awards
Top 10 – The Best in the World Medical/Thermal Spa 2004” – awarded by Condé Nast Traveller


The history of Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel:

The thermal curative waters of Aedepsus have been known ever since an era preceding the 4th Century BC according to the descriptions of ancient Greek philosophers, like Aristotle, Strabo and Plutarch, not to mention Hippocrates, the father of scientific medicine, who was the first to introduce hydrotherapy as a method of curing several diseases in the mid 5th Century BC. Ever since then, Aedepsus has experienced periods of rise and decline, reaching the peak of its glory during the epoch of Roman Empire’s rule, when Roman general Syllas visited this town and was cured of the uric arthritis disease he had been suffering from by emerging in its curative waters. The fame of Aedepsus was also great during the Belle Époque, when renowned Greek and foreign politicians, artists and tycoons, such as El. Venizelos, C. Palamas, M. Callas, Omar Sharif, Greta Garbo, Ar. Onasis and W. Churchill spent pleasant times of recreation, curative relaxation, rejuvenation and entertainment at the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel.

The therapeutic power of Aedepsus’s curative waters is of great interest due to the fact that they contain an abundance of metal salts and trace elements (32-45 gr. per litre) consisted mainly of iron, calcium and magnesium at water temperatures ranging from 70o to 85o Celsius as well as to the fact that they spring out from thermometal wells of a 3.000 meter depth. The beneficial results of this spa’s waters have been observed clearly in rheumatologic, arthritic and kinetic diseases, chronic inflammations and general complaints of the musculoskeletal system as well as in gynaecologic diseases.

Today, having been fully renovated and combining modern technologies in terms of curative balneo-laspotherapy, the 5-star Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel provides its guests with curative water of excellent quality both by its own water springs and the other springs of Aedepsus in a friendly luxurious environment priding traditional and modern pioneering application methods catering for every age throughout the year. This hotel is a “cure palace” equipped with a carefully-designed spa and medical wellness facilities combined with high standard services. This precious therapeutic water, the beauty recipes made from herbs that have been applied here since antiquity and the modern therapy techniques applied at the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel will help one regain one’s vigour and liveliness. Special programmes aiming at the care of both the body and the face as well as meeting every guest’s needs for relaxation, hydration, tightening and stress removal for both men and women are worked out in conjunction with medical doctors.

The philosophy of Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel:

For them, wellbeing and healing represent a holistic concept with significant focus on personal attention in a place that offers a reassuring family atmosphere. Each one of their guests is very important to them and they do ourutmost to pamper him or her. They take their time to examine every individual’s health concerns with genuine interest, building long-lasting relationships and friendships along the road to wellness. Their strength as a unique and rejuvenating spa center lies in the thermal water under their property and they work hard to share its blessings with their guests. People who arrive in a very tired state here very often leave with a smile on their face, something which is very rewarding and empowers them to give more. Their aim is for their guests to leave transformed, feeling healthier and livelier than ever. Thermae Sylla Spa is very much a lifetime experience. Once you try it, you will remember it forever and you will be back.

When to go:

Evia is the second largest island in Greece, an ideal and exceptional destination for people of all ages.The island of Evia has only become known as a tourist destination for all seasons within the last several years. It is a land of natural beauty, cultural heritage, local tradition, popular art and a warm welcoming smile of hospitality from its residents who offer delicious and mouth watering traditional Greek cuisine. Weather in Evia is influenced by Interior Mediterranean climate. Mild with dry, hot summer. Warmest month has average temperature more than 22°C. At least four months with average temperatures over 10°C. Frost danger in winter. At least three times as much precipitation during wettest winter months as in the driest summer month. The hottest month is July, when max temperature is about 32° C. Usually second week is the hottest. But be aware of thunderstorm. The coldest month is January. In this month temperature could be even 4° C at night. In first week you should wear the most warmth clothing and be prepared for rain and thunderstorm.

Edipsos Restaurant

Named after the historic spa town where Thermae Sylla was built, the Edipsos restaurant offers generous breakfast and lunch buffets based on fresh ingredients and local flavors. The multitude of choices for breakfast, from the bread table to the warm pies and yogurt varieties will impress, while the lunch buffet with its healthy hot dishes will satisfy those with a hearty appetite.

Aithrion Restaurant

Enter into a world of fine dining with a carefully planned menu that will awaken the palate with the finest dishes inspired by quality Greek ingredients. Fresh seafood, quality meats, robust salads and intriguing vegetarian choices will captivate the appetite. Ask your waiter to suggest one of the delicate organic wines on the menu. The restaurant is open during the winter months.

Messogios Restaurant

Meaning Mediterranean in Greek, the Messogios restaurant by the spa is just perfect after a day of relaxation, wellness and spa treatments. This a-la-carte restaurant remains true to its name, offering a well-chosen variety of Mediterranean and Greek dishes. Herbs from the garden and organic olive oil from the farm enhance the experience. In parallel, the Messogios also offers a spa menu with selections designed to match your spa treatments.

Gia Psaraki Restaurant

Seafood is an important part of the Greek cuisine, and Northern Evia’s crystal waters offer excellent dishes in this respect. Sit outdoors by the Eubean Gulf, right by the gentle ways and on the island’s Riviera and revel in a selection of healthy seafood dishes. A glass of fine ouzo or some organic white wine will add a superb touch to your meal. Open from June to October.

Syllas Bar

Perfect for coffee in the morning or the afternoon throughout the winter season, the Syllas Piano Bar next to the lobby also serves a variety of drinks, cocktails and wines to enjoy against a background of sophisticated music. You can also order light snacks and desserts for more informal dining. A herbal mountain tea, made from the herbs of Mount Pindus in Central Greece, is highly recommended. Representing the hotel’s main bar, the venue also hosts musical evenings every now and then, so keep an eye out for these events.

Dolphin Bar

Having a drink by the seaside bar at sunset is an experience in itself. Highly recommended are Thermae Sylla’s organic wines, fresh fruit juices, exotic cocktails and homemade desserts, offering a leisurely experience and health benefits together.

A place blessed by nature. Located on Evia, the second biggest island of Greece, only 2.5 hours far from Athens, Edipsos is famous for its thermal springs that heal and rejuvenate ever since Antiquity. Hippocrates and Aristotle visited the springs and wrote about its benefits and the rare microclimate they create. The sea is always warm and the sun shines 300 days a year, tempting visitors for a dive even in winter. However the location has more to offer. Day trips to the Acropolis,to Delphi and to Meteora, or a visit to one of the numerous small churches and monasteries will help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Visit the Syllas Cave – Considered one of the best preserved sites since the Roman era, this cave not far from the property and next to the Church of Aghion Anargyron was where the Roman General Syllas cured the arthritis in his legs. There are intriguing ancient Greek inscriptions outside the cave that pay tribute to the Roman leaders of the time.

Explore the Acropolis of Oreoi – While not much are left of the walls and foundations of this acropolis of the ancient city of Oreoi, it might be worth a visit for the view. It lies just outside the little port of the modern town. Crumbling walls and a vague outline of foundations are all that is left of the acropolis of the ancient city of Oreoi. They are located just outside the seaside harbour of Oreoi, representing all remains of this city founded by Pericles.

Discover the Castle of Oreoi – Overlooking the peaceful seaside village of Oreoi, the remains of a once-grand castle stand sentinel. Built up during the period of Frankish rule, the castle was inhabited continuously throughout the Byzantine and medieval periods. Further excavation throughout the area revealed traces of buildings dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries. Today little remains, though the views over Oreoi and the sea make the journey here worthwhile.

Visit the Sanctuary of Artemis Proseioas – Just outside the small village of Pefki on a hill, there are some ruins of an archaic temple that paid tribute to the goddess Artemis. It was probably built during the 3rd or 4th century BC with local inscriptions referring to the dances and rituals that celebrated victory at the naval battle of nearby Artemisio.

Visit the Monastery of Agios Georgios Ilion – This picturesque monastery and church complex sits in a lofty spot between the mountains of Telethrio and Gymno. Built in 1834, the monastery was originally home to monks. This changed in 1970, when it became a women’s monastery. Aside from offering spectacular views out to the mountains and sea beyond, the original structure is believed to have been built in 1259 atop ruins of a temple dedicated to Apollo. Today visitors can walk the catacombs beneath, some of which have never been explored.

Canyoning – The Gorge of Nileas and the river by the same name provide a unique and intriguing landscape for canyoning and hiking enthusiasts. Go on this two-hour journey starting from the long descent into the gorge in the area of Paliovrisi. While the river cuts through the rock of the gorge until it exits at Kriovrisi along the sea, most walkers head northward towards the village of Kerasia. Swimming is unavoidable in some areas and canyoners must cross through narrow passes and caves along the way.

Hiking – Northern Evia’s dense forests and mountain ranges provide walkers with plenty of routes which will take them through some of the island’s most picturesque corners. You can hike from Agios to Prokopi in 6.5 hours, from Drymonas Falls to Mount Ksiron in 3.5 hours and from Mnimeio to Mount Pyksarias in 6.5 hours. Other hiking areas include the Nileas Gorge, Kastaniotissa, Mount Telethrio and many others.

Ciclying – Northern Evia’s thick pine forests and easy-going coastal roads provide cyclists with endless opportunities to enjoy the region from a different angle. The northwestern section of the area is particularly picturesque and bike rental is easy to find around the health-inclined resort of Aidipsos.

Posidonos Str. 2
34300 Edipsos (Evia Island – Greece) |

The Greek Summer on Evia’s top 5 beaches

The heat index has spiked in the past few days all over the country and Greek summer is here including fresh fish, all-day swimming in deep blue seas, watermelon to feel a bit cooler and cocktails all night long. A less famous island, that of Evia, in the Aegean Sea and rather close to Athens attracts many tourists during the summer who relax on its beautiful beaches. Evia is Greece’s second biggest island after Crete and offers many vacation opportunities. Its capital, Chalcis, has more than eight beaches around the city. What’s better or more “summerish” than a city where locals walk with their swimsuits on, carrying their beach towels and head for the closest beach? The stunning landscape and the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the Evoikos Gulf are only few reasons why we could not escape from introducing Evia’s top 5 beaches.

Mourteri Beach

Probably the best beach on Evia. For sure, many other beaches could be our number one but Mourteri totally deserves this place! It is almost 10 kilometres away from the city of Kymi or the “balcony with view to the Aegean Sea” as is called. The water? Deep blue! (picture above) The temperature of the water? Even better, the feeling is as a swimming pool not so cold and of course, not so hot either. But the beach itself is the best! 4.5 kilometres long, no stones, no sand, something different. It has a quite small cobble that calls you to play perfect beach tennis! The only thing that could make you angry on Mourteri is if someone decides to bring their towel closer than 100 metres to you and your company since there’s so much free space for everyone.

Agiocampos Beach

This beach could be our top 5’s first beach as well! Despite the fact that you need a longer drive to reach Agiocampos in northern Evia, the scenery reveals a well-hidden treasure that make you not regret your choice! Agiocampos has crystal clear waters and many different kinds of fish and shellfish. But if you cannot be satisfied with just swimming next to them, you have many taverns, restaurants and hotels to chose from! Take a look at the jewel of the beach Agiocampos Bay! Agiocampos is not a top destination for tourists, however! But for locals or others that have visited it once, it is one of Evia’s best beaches. As for the nightlife, summer is at its best in Agiocampos village with many people joining local bars and clubs. How to reach Agiokampos? You can either drive to the beach (an approximately 2-hour-drive from Chalcis) or by ferry from Glyfa and Arkitsa port.

Rovies Beach

Rovies is the ideal choice for anyone interested in refreshing swimming. It is so quiet that you even forget about the Memorandum! It is almost 105 minutes away from Chalcis on the road to Edipsos. Upon your arrival at Rovies, you may not find the beach at once, so you could ask the friendly locals to show you the way to the beach. Rovies is not so famous and maybe that’s the key to relaxation! Crystal clear water, coffee on the beach and only three sunshades available to choose. No, it is not a tiny beach, though as you may imagine. On the contrary, it is quite long!

Agia Anna Beach

Another extraordinary beach is that of Agia Anna. It is situated in northern Evia, a 1.45-hour-drive away from Chalcis. Agia Anna is a pretty long and wide sandy beach. Its deep blue waters attract hundreds tourists during the summer. There are many souvenir stores and taverns along its perimeter. Moreover, the camping located close to the beach, in the middle of a pine tree forest, is very popular among young people since it offers a cheap vacation.

Hiliadou Beach

Hiliadou is a wonderful shingle beach almost one hour and 15 minutes away from Chalcis. It is situated in central Evia and during summer weekends, both locals and tourists spend much of their time there. Camping lovers have also found one of their paradise locations and as a result, you may find many tents and campers under the thick trees. Of course, camping is forbidden in Greece. And if swimming makes you feel hungry, you may find many traditional fish taverns available.

Evia is an amazing island and the above-mentioned beaches are just a little glimpse of the many more available, surely you will find dozens of other beautiful beaches as well! So, when you decide to visit Evia book as point-base for your discover trip the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel. The hotel is located in Edipsos and it was built in 1890 in the quietest place of Loutropoli above the sea with an extraordinary view to Evoikos Bay surrounded by verdant mountains with aromatic and smelling herbs. From 1996/1999 it was rebuilt and a new wing of rooms, a conference center, a 1850 sqm Spa were constructed offering a classic luxurious environment with thermal springs. The Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel provides 108 rooms and suites, all particularly spacious and calm. It is open all year long and it is one of the 10 best Medical Spas in the world. The cuisine served across the property is based on wholesome, natural ingredients, many of which come from Thermaes Sylla’s private farm.

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