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Sculpted into the bare walls of the world famous Santorini Caldera and positioned 300 metres above the water surface, the Sun Rocks Hotel is the ideal retreat for couples wanting to enjoy the spectacular sunsets of the island. Perched above the shimmering waters of the Aegean, carved into the sides of the volcanic cliffs, the Sun Rocks Hotel offers inspired views of the volcanic islets of the caldera basin. The discreet elegance of the resort reflects the luxurious low-key lifestyle that has made the island famous worldwide. This seductive hotel exudes peace and tranquility and allows the vistas to hold center stage. The Cycladic architecture is apparent with elegant white-washed walls, crisp blue trimmings, dramatic vaulted ceilings and large verandas. Inside however, you can expect all the modern comforts associated with luxury living.

The rooms at Sun Rocks are soft and discreet with atmospheric overtones throughout the accommodation in muted earthy colours that make up the exclusive 17 sophisticated rooms and honeymoon suites, amongst the most magical honeymoon suites in Greece. All the rooms are for couples only, featuring comfy beds and the bathrooms feature mosaic tiling, square sinks and hefty rain showers. The dramatic vaulted ceilings, sensual polished concrete floors, the impressive verandas that open up to magnificent views in typical Cycladic architecture complement the furnishings. Double Rooms are compact but comfortable, Junior Suites have a living area and Superior Suites feature a private outdoor Jacuzzi. However all of the hotels rooms feature modern comfort like mini bar, satellite TV/music, iPod & docking station, individually controlled air-conditioning, direct dial phone with voice mail, free Wi.Fi. and a laptop size safe box.

Guests can taste the Greek specialities at the Elea Restaurant. A lovely spot by the pool, with the most dramatic sunset view of the ever changing palette of colors of the Caldera and the azure blue of the waters where you may taste a variety of Aegean inspired delicacies, prepared daily for you during lunch and dinner hours.

Start the day by the pool at the Elea restaurant with an à la carte breakfast including popular freshly-made local delicacies. Then choose a poolside lounger with a view, pick up your book or plug in your music and lie back and lap up the sun’s rays. When you’re thirsty, fresh juices and classic cocktails can be delivered straight to your sunbed. Sunsets in Santorini are some of the best in the world and Sun Rocks provides a spectacular setting to enjoy them. Order a cocktail or glass of Santorini wine, sit back and watch as the sky turns from light pink to a bright burnt orange.

The Greek island of Santorini is the source of many legends. Witness to one of the most destructive volcanic eruptions of antiquity, lore says it is the origin of the Atlantis myth and the destruction of the Minoan civilization. But folk tales apart, what we have is one of the most sought after vacation spots in the world with amazing vistas, care free island lifestyle and the most glorious sunsets in the Mediterranean, the ideal place for a romantic getaway.

Sun Rocks is located in the village of Firostefani, less than 2 km from the island capital of Fira and only 15 minutes from Santorini’s International Airport and Athinios Port. The surrounding landscape is dotted with whitewashed houses against the eternal blue of sky and sea and quaint narrow alleyways lead to rustic churches overlooking the caldera. At night, the twinkling lights cascade to the water and the reflection of the moon over the dark Aegean makes for a magical sensation. The village of Firostefani perched above Fira is ideal for couples that want to spend their holiday in a secluded setting but still have access to the main tourist attractions. The nearby beaches, known for their colorful sands and cobalt-blue waters, offer a variety of water sports, swimming and sunbathing, as well as typical tavernas and bars where to sample the local cuisine and wines. The island is home to ancient archeological sites, charming villages and picturesque wineries.

Double Room

Featuring open plan styled bedrooms with elegantly spacious sitting areas, both purity in theme and the luxury of minimalism is felt in every detail. Ensconced in mood enhancing luxuries, each and every double room induces a hushed sense of romance, privacy and exclusivity. Extraordinary core materials at floor and eye level connect the senses to the overall luxurious simplicity of these spaces and their outdoor awe-inspiring environs. Approximate size: 20 sqm.

Junior Suite

Hushed, muted tones convey an air of serenity and purity of spirit throughout these lavishly well-appointed Junior Suites. Dedicated to both calming and soothing rest and respite from the Santorini sun, they provide havens of peace and tranquility. Deluxe living rooms, modern, yet opulent in theme opening up onto verandas overlooking the magnificent Caldera, adjoin elegantly decorated, minimalist in theme, bedrooms. Junior Suites’ bathrooms are resplendent with mosaic tiling. Approximate size: 30 sqm.

Superior Suite

Reflecting the luxe, yet simple beauty of life in this impossibly beautiful location, the Superior Suites feature private outdoor Jacuzzis. Expansive private verandas offering stupefying views of the Caldera rim and the shimmering waters of the Aegean, bedazzle and inspire. Taking their looks very seriously, expansive, inspiring sleeping and living areas provide sumptuous, magnificent living. Approximate size: 35 sqm.

Experience Suite

Providing pure romance within a divinely decadent whole, the sumptuous Sun Rocks Experience Suites, pampering open plan bedrooms, open up into marvellous, inventive living areas. Enticing black, sunken marble Jacuzzis sit beneath floor-to-ceiling windows and bring the incredible views of the Caldera and the Aegean Sea right into the suites themselves. Approximate size: 35 sqm.

Honeymoon Suite

Unrestrained spaciousness and unique, visionary testimonies to indulgence characterize these sumptuous Santorini Honeymoon Suites. Lavishly appointed living rooms lead into romantic Honeymoon Suite type boudoirs embodying dreamy idealistic Santorini honeymoons. Indoor Jacuzzis open out onto quixotic verandas offering superfluous Santorini honeymoon vistas providing picture perfect, fairy tale like living in these most lavish of Suites. Approximate size: 50 sqm.

Sun Rock Suite

A timeless embodiment of luxurious living, opulent living and sleeping areas lead out to the expansive private veranda and private infinity pool that becomes one with the sea as it merges with the cooling, rippling waters of the Aegean below. The Sun Rocks Suite is a glorious celebration of interior design, providing a plethora of luxe facilities in its heavenly environs. Approximate size: 65 sqm.


For a unique holistic spa experience they recommend to each Guest to visit the A.SPA, tucked away, a sanctuary of elegance and serenity, a seductive oasis of luxury for living energetic experiences. Far just 15 min by car, the A.SPA has been created to offer a personalized and professional treatment to select, discerning guests in a harmonious and discrete atmosphere. Each treatment relaxes and refreshes, achieving harmony between skin, body and spirit. This stunning-and-seductive oasis is located in Oia, a pretty village of pastel-tinted houses set into the cliffside of Santorini’s highest peak.


Ideal for swimming and sunbathing and with breathtaking views of the caldera. Choose a poolside lounger with a view, pick up your book or plug in your music and lie back and lap up the sun’s rays.


Weddings are sacrosanct. Evocatively imagine yourself at your own Santorini, Greek islands wedding, overlooking one of the most awe-inspiring views on this planet, radiating in the rose and ambered hues of the most sublime Aegean sunset. The hotel offers dream-like wedding and honeymoon packages brimming with the unquestionable charm of the Cyclades. You can leave all the preparation to the expert wedding planers at Sun Rocks, who will take care of the necessary arrangements. The packages include the décor, flower arrangements, guest transportation and accommodation of the wedding party, opulent catering and unique honeymoon, as well as all the necessary paperwork for the civil ceremony.

Klepsydra Club

The Klepsydra Club welcomes its members to gather exquisite memories from the depths of Santorini and collect authentic moments of high luxury that only the members can experience, safe keep and live again and again. Klepsydra Club is a members’ only luxury lifestyle management and concierge club, catering to Santorini’s most elite clientele, staying at one of the Katikies Boutique Resorts & Villas.


Santorini Island:

There is no other Island like it. In 2006 and 2007, it was voted the No. 1 European Island Destination and one of the Top 10 Islands in the World by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Santorini is the Island where nature reveals its most mystical and extraordinary secrets. It is known all over the world for its stunning sunsets and the most breathtaking views of the unfathomable blue of the Aegean Sea. The Minoan capital of Santorini owes its unique curved shape, famous black-sand beaches, and high, striated black, red, and grey cliffs to the volcano that erupted and created it 3.500 years ago; an event that led Plato to argue that it was the lost city of Atlantis. The Caldera, a seven mile crater enclosed by the two arms of the crescent, serves as the harbor of Santorini and is one of its most defining features. The sunset over the Caldera is a nightly extravaganza accompanied by a festive atmosphere. Santorini is home to no less than ten wineries. Wines of the Region are dry with mineral overtones, with the exception of Vinsanto which is the dessert wine of Santorini which is well known as it is also the wine of the Holy Communion. Arts and crafts thrive on the Island, with many local artists exhibiting across the island.

When to go:

Santorini enjoys the typical Mediterranean climate, which is marked by extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year, warm and dry summers, and mild winters. The best weather on Santorini is from June to September. July and August are the busiest months when hotels are full and restaurants are crowded. If you’re more interested in sightseeing, hiking, and great views then May and October are great months to visit.

Elea Fine Dining Restaurant

For an island famous for its gourmet restaurants and fine dining establishments, this impossibly romantic restaurant proposes some of the most innovative flavors in Santorini. Intrinsically enchanting and amorous in tone, the highly atmospheric Elea Restaurant serves Aegean inspired dishes, using only the finest produce carefully sourced from within Greece and further afield. Amazing dishes indulge the senses, whilst phenomenal sunset views of the Caldera leave lasting impressions in their guests’ memory. Wine lists are extending to renowned vintages, the perfect accompaniment to such stupendous gastronomic delights, soul deepening ambiance and mind defying views.

Faos Poolside Restaurant

The Faos Poolside Restaurant serves a light menu of international delicacies for lunch and dinner, with salads, sandwiches and snacks on the menu. Local classics are well-represented, with a generous Greek salad, fried feta with honey and sesame seeds, and veggie-packed pitta wraps.

Pool Bar

The pool bar serves cocktails all day late evening. There are regular sunset tastings of native Santorini wines.

The Sun Rocks Hotel is conveniently located in the village of Firostefani, less than 2 km from the island’s capital of Fira, the center of Santorini. This picturesque village offers one of the best views of the volcano, the caldera and the blue color of Aegean Sea. A cobblestone path will lead you to Fira if you decide to enjoy the view of the volcano and the sea while talking a walk. Do not miss visiting the remains of the Skaros Venetian castle. Follow the path from Skaros to end up at the lovely church of Theoskepasti, where you can enjoy the amazing view of the volcano.

Visit the Pre-historic city of Akrotiri – Akrotiri is the name of a small Minoan settlement located on the volcanic island of Thera or Santorini in the Aegean Sea. Occupied first in the late Neolithic period during the fourth millennium BC, Akrotiri grew to an important trade center during the middle and late Bronze Age, with an elaborate drainage system and a palace. In the late 17th century BC, a series of earthquakes forced the abandonment of the town and a good thing too: Thera erupted shortly afterward, covering the city in ash and splitting the island in two. Walk around the streets and squares of a pre-historic city of 30.000 inhabitants, admire the elegant mansions and high finesse of the 17th century B.C.

Visit the Gyzi Mansion Museum of Manuscripts – The 17th century Gyzi Mansion (Megaro Gyzi) in Fira is one of the few mansions that survived the 1956 earthquake; its front entrance is decorated by the Gyzi family crest. The ground floor develops around a patio, which is partly covered with a cross-shaped dome. Its permanent exhibition includes collections of authentic engravings, old historical manuscripts, paintings and old photos of Santorini, paintings donated by the Pintos’ couple and Theran strata. Some of the artists whose work is exhibited are Meropi and Paris Prekas, Panagiotis Kravalos, Alexandros Mavroeidis, Leon and Pipitsa Prekas. Every August, it organizes a Cultural Festival that is free for all visitors.

Sailing Tours – Sailing from the Old Port of Fira to the island of Nea Kameni where the volcano of Santorini is. Sailing tours around the Volcano, inside the Caldera, offering a great number of tours either private, or semi-private, with catamaran or sailing boats, offering beverages and snacks on board. Santorini can be a unique boating experience.

Visit the ancient capital of Skaros in Imerovigli – Skaros is a rocky promontory jutting into the sea, located in front of Imerovigli village and it is one of the symbols of Santorini. There used to be a castle that was the main castle of Santorini from medieval times until the early 1800s. During a 19th-century earthquake the castle was destroyed and today only some ruins are visible. There is a trail beginning from the church of Agios Georgios through the isthmus connecting Skaros with Imerovigli and wraps around Skaros reaching after half mile the small chapel of Theoskepasti with a unique panoramic view of the caldera.

Experience the Santorinian Scuba Diving – Only scuba diving lovers can really appreciate the unique experience of the underwater world. In Santorini this feeling will be greater, as you get the chance to see the distinctiveness of the bottom of this sea: the volcanic stones and the bottomless depth of the caldera.

Fira – Firostefani
84700 Santorini, (Cyclades Islands – Greece) |

Santorini among legends, superstitions and trails

On Santorini, the village folk tell stories of ghosts. Old men sipping ouzo in the tavernas say they’ve heard the music of Pan’s pipes and the clicking of little hooves in the branches of the plane trees. There is a feeling that something mysterious lingered behind after the great explosion that destroyed Santorini during the Bronze Age and you can’t question the superstitions of the islanders. There is no adequate description of this remarkable island. The author, Lawrence Durrell said: “The reality is so astonishing that prose and poetry will forever be forced to limp behind.” It is an island steeped in legend and tragedy. Once the centre of a flourishing culture, its destruction in the year 1250 BC was the result of one of the greatest volcanic eruptions ever recorded in history. The aftermath of the explosion, the earth tremors and tidal waves, were responsible for the destruction of the Minoan civilization on nearby Crete.

In ancient times they called the island “Kalliste” (the most beautiful). In fact, there is a theory that this was the legendary “Atlantis” mentioned in Plato’s dialogues. Today it is known as Santorini. It is the farthest island of the Cyclades chain southeast of mainland Greece, some 128 nautical miles from Pireaus. The volcano that destroyed the island was known as “Hephaesto’s Forge”. Now, where the blacksmith god’s forge once steamed and the sloping hills were rich with vineyards and olive groves, there is a deep basin known as the “Caldera” and the five islands shaped in a crescent forming the lips of the basin are all that remains of beautiful Kalliste.

Santorini is the main island, 72 sq. kilometers; population is 15.500 and that increases during the holiday season when the cruise ships arrive. There are three ports on the island serviced by ferries and cruise ships. Oia, on the northwest tip; Thera, just a few kilometers south along the ridge; and the new port of Athenios, the only anchorage which is connected to the roads serving the villages. Regular boat services connect Santorini with mainland Greece, Crete, and many of the surrounding islands. There is also an airport with daily service to and from Athens. Taxis, buses and private vehicles provide transportation for a modest fee to any part of the island but we believe that the best way to discover more about the myths and the legends of this magical islands is by hiking. Following we suggest our 3 best scenic hiking trails on Santorini Islands. Don’t forget to put in your suitcase a pair of sneakers, after all you can’t wear just flip-flop!

Fira to Oia (via Firostefani and Imerovigli)

There’s a good reason this hike is the most talked about trek in Santorini: it is absolutely incredible and offers a real taste of the Aegean experience. The trail starts in the picturesque port of Fira and follows the rim of the caldera to Oia at the tip of Santorini, passing the historic sights of Firostefani and Imerovigli on the way. The hike includes spectacular, cliff-top walking with the sparkling, azure Aegean sea stretching for miles before your eyes, if you’re going to hike in Santorini, this one is not to be missed.

Start off at the Archeological Centre in Fira and head northwest toward Firostefani and the Church of Saint Gerasimos. While there are often many tourists to start, most stop fairly early and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded only by the splendour of Santorini.  Follow the inland road through the village of Firostefani; you will pass the Covent of Saint Nicholas, a remarkable monument, and continue through Imerovigli, enjoying the astonishing views of the famous Skaros rock (if you’re feeling adventurous, its an exciting climb offering some of the finest views). The Skaros Restaurant in Imerovigli is ideal for a gourmet break. Continue north past the Chapel of Saint Antony and the Chapel of Prophet Elias (both worth a visit and make for a well-deserved break with mesmerising vistas of Thirasia and the Caldera), along a short stretch of road and the dry stone walls until your reach the picturesque sight of Oia.

Nea Kameni volcano & hot springs

This is a hike that combines many of the most exciting elements of Santorini: sailing, the volcano, the hot-springs, the views.

Starting from Fira, take the switch-backing path down the cliff to the Old Port (save taking the cable car for the way back up), a place of beauty and charm where you can hop aboard a boat tour that will take you across the Caldera to the volcano on Nea Kameni. A spectacular hike up over this dormant mountain is moderately challenging but worth the effort for the breathtaking views. It takes at least 20 mins to get up to the edge of the volcano and feel the sulphurous heat from the underground steam vents. The path is rough and ready, so flipflops are best avoided. Back on the boat, you will circle around to the other side of the volcano, where you weary legs will relish a chance to soak in the thermal hot-springs at Palia Kameni before looping back to Fira. The cable car or, if you’re feeling old-fashioned, you can ride a donkey,is a great way to look back at the sunset over the twinkling Mediterranean sea.


For a unique and astonishing look at Santorini and a chance to completely escape the tourist bustle, a hike of Thirassia (picture above) is ideal. Nearly deserted but for a few locals, Santorini’s island neighbour, Thirasia, has all of Santorini’s natural splendour without the crowd.

A ferry running from Oia to Thirassia three times a day makes for an easy island hop. Once on Thirassia, strike out up the hill, the path is hard to miss. It’s steep in places but every time you turn around, the glorious views of Santorini across the deep blue of the Caldera get more and more astonishing. From the ancient monastery at the top, the Aegean seascape spreads out around you in a full 360º panorama that will take your breath away. Remember to pack water and and food for this hike though, as this sparsely populated island has none of Santorini’s many restaurants or supermarkets.

Where to stay

If you want to experience Santorini´s landscape and its traditional lifestyle to the fullest and if you can´t get enough of the views of the Caldera, the sea-front Sun Rocks Hotel is the perfect accommodation for you in Fira. As a deluxe, boutique property, the range of Sun Rocks Hotel services and luxury facilities, is both elegant and bespoke, offering elevated and personalized levels of service on the Island of Santorini, that are truly world class. Sculptured in the Santorini Caldera, 300 meters above the water surface with views to the spectacular sunset that revitalize the senses and calm the spirit. Sun Rocks Hotel is an ideal couples retreat, conveniently located in the village of Firostefani, less than 2 km from the island’s capital of Fira. Vaulted ceilings and 17 whitewashed rooms of contemporary design blended with Cycladic heritage, introduce the guest to the elegant simplicity of native culture yet providing modern day comforts.

Other Hotels